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No-One Knows Her Better Than Him

Chapter 8

The sun dawned early the next morning over the hills and mountains of Scotland. The majority of the 6th and 7th years throughout all for houses, and the rest of the Slytherin house, woke up to blazing headaches as dormitories could be heard complaining of it's occupants being 'run over by the Hogwarts Express'. All of the lower years, and a few older students, however, woke up that morning immensely happy the outcome of last night's events. In particular, 5 students woke up with large smiles plastered on their faces, whilst their companion, however, remained unhappy as he had been since the previous night.


Harry woke up pleasantly surprised, despite the bright streams of sunlight through the bedroom window, when he felt that his quilt was breathing lightly over his chest. He smiled brightly when he looked down and saw that, it was quite obviously not his quilt that was letting out soft even breaths across his chest, but in fact it was none other than the Head Girl. Still slightly dazed with sleep, Harry silently crept out of bed, in order not to wake up the sleeping form of Hermione, and wandered into the bathroom with his favourite Christmas present in his hands.

Placing the iPod and docking station on the floor, after setting the music to a low level, Harry stepped into the shower, allowing the cool water to pound on his head, back and shoulders lightly, relieving some of the pain from the after effects of the spiked drinks served at the dance the previous night. Once showered and cleaned, the green eyed teenager wrapped a fluffy white towel around his waist and proceeded downstairs to the small private common room attached to the Head Boy's and Girl's bedrooms, along with a small kitchenette. The iPod station floated behind the coal-haired boy as he sang along to the tune emitted from the speakers.

"So paranoid

I've been hiding from the sun,

I'm tired of being afraid of everything and everyone,

I'm so tired!

No one cares

No one listens

Screaming words that you fake hearing

No one cares

No one listens anymore" (No One Cares, by Atreyu)

Harry heard distant footsteps behind him, indicating someone was coming down the stairs. Expecting it to be Hermione, Harry turned around to say good morning, however, when he turned around he saw an unanticipated face. Draco Malfoy stood there, bare chest and dark green silk pyjama bottoms on, his blond chair ruffled from sleep.

"Morning Draco. You end up crashing her for the night?" Harry exclaimed whilst handing Draco a mug of hot chocolate and then taking on for him self.

"Yeah I gather so considering just I woke up in Hermione's bed." Draco smiled although he rubbed his forehead in pain. "I don't really remember much from last night. Oh by the way, Ginny is still in Hermione's bed, and Ron and Lavender are crashed on the floor in that bedroom as well."

"Here." Harry passed the blonde boy a fluorescent green potion and Draco swallowed it in one go. "It'll help with the headache. Oh and thanks for the head's up."

"That's okay, but Harry…"


"No more singing this early in the morning. Please!" Draco whinged. Harry just chuckled at Draco and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his bedroom to get dressed. Harry walked through the bedroom and into the adjoining bathroom, after ensuring that Hermione was still sleeping soundly. He closed the door to the bathroom and started to get dressed.

"Teenagers scare the living s out of me,

They could cares less,

As long as someone will bleed.

So darken your clothes,

Or strike a violent pose,

Maybe they'll leave you alone

But not me!" (Teenagers, by My Chemical Romance)

"Now is that what all teenagers are like? Because I could have sworn there were some expectations, don't you think?" said a voice from behind him.

"Merlin Hermione! Are you trying to give me heart attack?" Harry, who was now fully dressed, chuckled and went over to Hermione who stood in the doorway between the bathroom and Harry's bedroom. Harry kissed her briefly on the tip of her nose, before pulling her into a hug. "Did I wake you?"

"No Harry you didn't. I heard you singing through the door – wonderfully may I add – and thought I should have a live show." Hermione said softly, laughter dancing in her chocolate coloured eyes. "How's your head this morning? All of you boys were pretty drunk last night." The Head Girl giggled slightly which caused Harry to as well.

"Was I now?! So I guess that explains why we had four guests sleeping in your bedroom. My head is fine though thank you, all thanks to your amazing potion skills. Dray should be sobering up as we speak as I gave him a potion before I came back up here. Although I was half tempted to leave him and his muttering about there being something wrong with my singing this early in the morning."

"Well at least you're okay. I reckon, after last night, Ron is going to be unbearable today. Although, that is dependant on if he ever gets up and out of my room." Yet again Hermione giggled, although Harry looked slightly confused.

"Why would that be?" Harry questioned.

"Because, after Ron discovered the spell that you and Draco placed on his shirt – don't give me that look, I know you had something to do with it – he decided that her would get really, really drunk in order to forget the whole night." Hermione sighed, "Put it this way, Ron probably feels like he got run over by at least 15 trains."

"That bad huh?! Come on. Let's go walk round the grounds whilst people are still in bed."


Passing through the Entrance Hall, and the doors leading to the grounds outside, the couple couldn't help but notice the lack of students wondering around. Although they expected very few people to be up and around at that time, they thought that at least some of the young first year students would be up. But it seemed as though they were the ones well enough to be up at that time in the morning. The outside grounds were sprinkled with a light layer of white pearlescent snow – and if it had to be described in one word, picturesque. Walking over to their favourite spot, overlooking the lake and the inferior valley below, Harry wrapped his arms around Hermione's waist from behind and pressed her back into his chest.

"Thank you Harry. For everything this Christmas. It was really the best one I have ever had." Said Hermione quietly.

"I'm glad I could make you so happy. You have no idea what this has meant to me. I love you Hermione. Don't ever forget that!" Harry said softly and kissed the top of Hermione's head.

"I love you too Harry. I just wish that Christmas didn't have to end." Hermione sighed and twisted her body round in Harry's arms so that she faced him.

"Well, there is always New Year's and Valentine's Day." Harry exclaimed with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Yes there is!"