He absolutely hated interregional flight. He knew the dangers better than anyone-else he designed this vessel, and new that its stasis field was strong but that didn't stop the pilots from making power-output mistakes or-

"Hon." A voice echoed from his right as he fidgeted with his disheveled hair and was mumbling to himself as he watched the eternal blue of the dimensional-rift pass to their right through a porthole. The woman next to him was beautiful long legs, blonde hair tied back into a pony-tail with curly tendrils hanging to their front. He had seen her before on magazine covers. They had all been seated for most of the journey this vessel was extremely fast, not a luxury liner and she had introduced herself earlier. Her name was Emelia and she was gorgeous. "Are you all right over there Asher?" The supermodel smiled warmly, she had much faith in this piece of machinery he had manufactured. Ash wasn't so proud, unfortunately there were risks you ran when you created a ship capable of jumping from the Frontier back to the central regions, one of which was the fine line you walked between slowing the ship down a fraction enough to cause friction and it to burst into flames, and enough to speed it up until dimensional forces created enough gravity to turn the ship into a marble. Ignorance was bliss. He smiled shaking it off as he closed the view to the porthole and turned to his first-class neighbor.

"No, just thinking about all the work that went into this. I'm just nervous her Maiden voyage and all these people, famous people, have such faith in me." Ash was probably nearing his fifties and it was showing, He was portly and out of shape, years of sitting behind a desk with his pencil and calculator did that to a man. Equations and good Italian food had turned him into a rolly-polly. He chuckled a little bit before Emelia smiled at him again.

"I have complete faith in you, besides you guys ran all sorts of test with and without human pilots and you never saw one lick of trouble. Besides the flights only ten-minutes long, from Baccarat to Koorong in ten minutes. You're a genius Asher, your just not allowing yourself to see it, we'll be coming out of I-R space soon anyway right." He looked at his watch, with all of his pondering of their certain demise they had only thirty seconds left. The captains voice rang carefully overhead. Her pretty blue eyes looked over at the top of the cabin as his visage appeared in a hologram smiling. "We are now entering Koorong regional space" there were oohs and ahhs from all the cabins as Asher coolly leaned back and took a drink from something very strong." He looked out the window once more pulled up the blinder, he saw the blue slowly fade… then turn hot-white. His eyes widened as something was going wrong…He turned to look over to Emelia but all he could see what the burning hot white of nothingness.

I've encountered an Anomaly.

"That's not my voice" he said aloud before the white around him slowly began to change. He was startled but he knew something very odd had happened, even if they had begun to hit friction they could drop out of I-R Space and use his stasis field to protect all the passengers. This sort of thing didn't happen. He found himself reclining still though there was no chair about him.

This will be painful. However it is necessary.

His body wretched and he twisted in his chair as blood slowly tinkled out of his nose and there was a pulsing in his mind that felt as if something was being shoved through the back of his head. His blood pressure rose and his eyes went bloodshot as blood-vessels popped. His heart… it had gone out on him before. His fingernails dug into the chair that really wasn't there, he could feel the wood and hear it crack underneath the pressure he exerted and for moment he swore he heard Emelia screaming for someone to help him. Then there was black.