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"Ngghnn...," Takaya clinging to the sturdy back and neck above him felt the thick organ currently driving into his body leak with each thrust. From what he could make out, one of his legs was up in the air held there by a large palm, while his other leg was wrapped around the lower back of the man above him.

Curling his toes and fingers, Takaya continued to clutch helplessly as the hardness of the man between his thighs pounded into his prostate. His blunt fingernails gripping his slick skin and leaving angry, red, crescent-shaped marks on his shoulders, which should have been a sure sign (scream) to slow him down, but undaunted he just fucked Takaya harder. And as on one especially deep thrust buried his head in between the boy's neck and shoulders, sloppily kissing the sweaty skin of his throat.

He groaned low and guttural as he came, suddenly stilling inside the body of Takaya, hot spurts of cum shooting into and running down the teen's leg that was wrapped around the man's lower back...

"Naoe!" Waking abruptly from the dream, Takaya nearly fell ungraciously from the small bed he was currently in as he panted awake. Luckily catching himself on the edge, one hand firmly fisted in the white linen sheets and the other coming up to shakily cover his eyes, the teen with an exhaled breath tried to coax his heartbeat down, his sweaty skin making the breaths against his wrist, hot and stuffy. He could suddenly hear footsteps approaching from outside the doorway and as if on cue, a tall shadow crossed the threshold and silently moved towards the bed.

"Takaya, is something wrong?" Naoe's deep and concerned voice penetrated the still darkness of the bedroom, and Takaya still preoccupied with controlling his breathing jumped from the unexpected voice.

"Son of a bitch," laying his head back down on the pillow, Takaya tried to relax from both the shock of the dream and the shock of Naoe's voice on his nerves.

Coming over and sitting at the foot of the bed, Naoe stared at the teen that was presently in his bed. They had come back from another mission, an especially tiring exorcism and Takaya not up for the long drive back to his house had opted to stay in Naoe's hotel room, and the man not wanting the teen to be too uncomfortable had offered him his bed.

"You scared the hell out of me." Takaya, turning to address the older man could feel his muscles again being lulled back into the soothing embrace of sleep. He felt himself go lax against the soft mattress, his head still turned to face Naoe, the perspiration on the side of his neck fully exposed to the muggy air.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to. I just heard you call out." Naoe, watching the graceful curve of Takaya's neck, as it fully leaned into the soft down of the pillow found himself in a trance of rapture. He hadn't realized that he was staring, until he imperceptibly found himself leaning forward.

Takaya, upon hearing what he had just said went red in the face, and playing it off as nothing but the humidity, kicked out of the covers that had stubbornly wrapped around his feet.

He hadn't realized how loud he had spoken upon waking; it had felt like nothing but a whisper to him, a keening moan that had lodged itself into the dream Takaya's throat, and then upon his waking sailed like a breeze from his parched lips.


"I'm jus' tired." Takaya, feeling this wasn't a good enough excuse for him calling out to Naoe fell back on his agitation to keep the ever-perceptive man from being suspicions of anything, "and it's so frickin' hot in here."

Takaya suddenly turning on his side and facing away from Naoe made a frustrated noise in the back of his throat, and the older man taking this as his cue went to the window and opened it to pacify the boy.

He hadn't been lying when he'd said it was hot. It was now summer. School had been let out for a couple of weeks already and the muggy weather had descended on the inhabitants of Japan, feasting on their irritation and short fuses like a swarm of locust on crops.

"Is this better?" Turning to look the boy in the face for confirmation, Naoe's breath hitched as Takaya, his eyes having just closed was drifting off into sleep. His usual stern and agitated features softened in rest making his handsome face now beautiful in its calmness. Naoe felt gravity and destiny pulling him towards the slumbering Lord.

Takaya shifted a little, he had just nodded off for a bit there.

"Yeah...I guess," and without even batting an eyelash, the teen waved nonchalantly at where he assumed Naoe to be. He was hovering on the brink of sleep and couldn't fully delve in if Naoe was still in the room. There was just something about the older man that always had him on edge, always had him on alert. He knew about Naoe's undying devotion to Lord Kagetora, had remembered on the pier, while the sun set in a blaze of orange light, Naoe's confession and even later on, his obsession and assault. That had never gone too well with him, but he was a professional now, working for the greater good and all that crap. So as a professional, he could overlook those instances in time and simply go on living his life. He knew that he and Naoe would continue to complete missions, exorcize ghosts, maybe one day even stop the Feudal Underworld and shit like that. He wasn't going to focus on Naoe's romantic bullcrap. He didn't have time to and…he was a professional, dammit!

"Good night," Naoe's voice, forceful and disquieting when used in chanting and battle took on the gentle undercurrents of a flowing and warm stream. Takaya felt his head and body go lighter, his heart however seemed to speed up at the sway of each syllable.

He panicked.

"Yeah...g'night," and as Naoe shut the door behind him, the scenes from his previous dream blossomed in his mind's eye at the reverberation of Naoe's calm voice. Frustrated at this turn of events, Takaya sitting up again put his hands on his head and closing his eyes tightly tried to calm his thoughts.

It seemed that sleep didn't want to have anything to do with him tonight.

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