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We now see back at Castle Greyskull.

"What do you mean someone else?" ask Hammer.

"Think about," said Krypto "If this power can make humans, and what ever else lives here asleep, why would Skeletor be amune? Is there someone else just as evil as Him?"

"I don't think so." replied Battlecat "The only other villian who's that powerful is Hordak, and he doesn't even live on Eternia."

"Hey, K-Dog." said Streaky, holding a book "I just found these spell books lying around."

"Those are Orko's books." said Ruby "He must of droped them the last time he was here."

"Who's Orko?" asked Steaky.

"He's King Randor's personal jester," said Stridor "He also knows magic. Sort of."

"Hey, maybe we can use them go home."

"I don't think that's such a good idea." said Hammer "Last time he made me disapeared, I couldn't find myself for days."

"Here's a good one," said Streaky, looking threw the book of spells "Weable wable wable wing, take us out of here make us fling." With that shot strait into the air, til he hit the ceiling and dropped back down. "Okay, maybe this one. Albino beast of alien birth, plant your paws right into the earth." With that, Krypto just got turned into a sunflower.

"Streaky!" shouted Krypto.

"Okay, I can fix this." said Streaky, as he flipped threw the pages and found the right spell "Weable wable weiry one, do what now that has to be undone." With that, Krypto has turned back to normal. "Okay, I think I can find the right spell."

"How bout we focus on changing the Sorceress back, and leave magic to the professionals." said Ruby as she took the book from Streaky.

"Wait Streaky, do you hear something?" said Krypto. Streaky then used his x-ray vision and saw a reptile's tail.

"Yeah," said Streaky "I think it's Ignatius."

"Who?" asked Hammer.

"I'll explain latter." Streaky then dashed over to catch it. He smashed threw the ceiling. He went back down to the floor with the reptile and got a good look at it. It was green, had a long snake-like body, and eight limbs, the front four like arms, and the back four like legs. "Hey how did Iggy get so ugly?" The Reptile then bite Streaky real hard, which made him let go so he can escape. But just then Mecha-Tail lashed out and grabbed him just in time.

"It's Scratch, Kobra Khan's lizard." exclaimed Ruby.

"And Kobra Khan is...?" asked Krypto.

"Another one of Skeletor's henchmen." answered Cuffs.

"So in short, he's a spy." said Streaky, who then turned to Scratch "Come on talk, How is Skeletony doing all this? Or is that Kodak guy?"

"That's Skeletor and Hordak." corrected Ruby.

"Yeah, them too."

"It's not even Skeletor who's doing it," said Scratch "It's Panthor. Oops." He then tried to cover his mouth with all four arms.

"Go on." said Stridor.

"All right, you got me. Panthor got some new technology that puts the people of Eternia to sleep. He got it from some green cyborg cat."

"Mechanikat." Krypto and Streaky said in unison.

"You know who he is?" asked Battlecat.

"Know him," replied Streaky "He's OUR archeneme. By the way, who's Panthor?"

"He's Skeletor's, well, Panther. And if he's working with your enemes, then this is your battle too." Battlecat then turned to Scratch "Where is Panthor?"

"I'm not telling you anything." said Scratch. Then Battlecat let loose a powerful roar. "Okay, okay. He's still at Snake Mountain as always, but he's sending an attack here right now."

"Then we don't have any time to lose. Mecha-Tail, you stay and watch the prisoner. As for the rest of you, we must prepair for battle."