Disclamier: I do not own Supernatural or its characters but I do own Sophia, Ryder, Colby and the kids. The characters have actors protray them--Sophia (Sophia Bush), Colby (Hilarie Burton), Ryder (John Schneider--John Kent from Smallville) I don't mind if you borrow my characters but give me credit or at least let me read your fic.

AN: This is somewhat AU, John has a best friend Ryder a hunter of the Supernatural who hunted by John's side after Mary died and Sam and Colby are best friends.

Dean Winchester walked around the downtown bay area. He had to think about his life, he was 29 years old with 2 children under the age of three. He was the last person who thought he would find love let alone with his brother's best friend.

Nicole Davis or more commonly known to friends and family as Colby would end up Mrs. Dean Winchester. She had hunted by his side numerous occasions. His father's best friend's daughter would end up falling for himself was a shock to Dean. Colby was amazingly beautiful to him, with her golden dirty blonde hair and those green eyes that were filled with tears the night Sam left for college. Dean had known that he had to protect her from getting hurt once again. Once Sam had left and John had let Dean go on hunting trips by himself, John and Colby's dad Ryder Davis or RD had made Dean take her along. In one of those trips in the 2 year absent of Sam, Dean did something unthinkable he fell in love.

Of course at first Colby was just another one night or one hunt stand but after his father and Ryder went missing and Sam joined the two on the search. Dean had come to the conclusion that he wanted to be with Colby the rest of his life. Thought when she did the unthinkable to save the guys from the demon that killed their mother. Dean knew what he wanted to do.

He wanted to be the only guy for Colby. He, Dean Winchester, started to fall in love. Falling in love to Dean was okay for Sam or his father to do but he never thought anyone would be important to him than he was to them.

Next up we meet Colby. Each Chapter is about a person in the Winchester Family. I love to hear what you guys think.