Ch 17 Work To Do

He just said goodbye to his cousin and opened the door. "Baby you home?" He walks further into the apartment and sees a plate of cookies with a note saying Missed you I love you baby on it. He picks up a cookie and takes a bite. He walks into his bedroom and hears the shower running. He throws his bag down and lies down on the bed closing his eyes. Blood drips on his head as he opens his eyes. A brunette dead on the ceiling. "No!" he screams as his cousin rushes in. "Ry!" Lucas states as he runs to his cousin's side. "Kate!" Ryan screams as Lucas pulls Ryan out of the burning room.

Minutes later fire trucks and police cars are everywhere. Ryan is in the trunk of the impala. The weapons box is open as Ryan loads a rifle. Lucas walks up to Ryan who looks like he had tears in his eyes. Ryan sighs and nods his head then tosses the rifle back into the trunk. "We got work to do."

The End