AN: ok, I should be working on Hardships and Heartbreaks, but come on! I had to write some Alias story after watching the season finale. I really don't want Alias to end!

So yah, here it is, it's a one shot.

Still Falling For Her Tricks

I ran to where my mother laid on the glass window seconds before. I couldn't look down, I knew deep down she didn't survive. After everything she did, she never died. And now, the thing she was working for all her life was the death of her. She chose him over me.

My mother would rather have the horizon then her daughter.

I felt tears flow down my face, but I didn't remember when my first tear fell. I took a breath and looked down.

There was my mother lying there, eyes open, staring back at me. But I know she was dead. The spirit of her body isn't in her anymore. I'm guessing she's going to hell, but I'm not God, I don't know his plan. If there is a God. What if there isn't? And she's just dead. She's just gone, like a flame on a candle being snuffed out.

The way her head was positioned, it looked like she was hoping I would look down as she fell so she could see me one last time. Her eyes looked like they were pleading for forgiveness. That she was sorry. But maybe that was just me. Hoping that there was some Laura Bristow left inside of her.

I guess I never understood how she could truly be one of the bad guys. No matter what she did, the first thought that came to me was, 'She's my mother.' She once told me in the ice rink before my missing years that she never wanted to betray me. How stupid was I to fall for her tricks.

After I found out my mother wasn't dead, my father shot a double, I felt hope. And on the plane, she looked so... innocent. I wondered then if that too, was part of the plot. To bring my guard down around her.

An after all she's done; I'm still falling for it. There I was, standing on the roof of a building staring down at my mother, trying to figure her out. I wondered what dad would think...

Dad! My father! I left him lying on the ground bleeding to his death. He had to be ok. He is a strong man; he will come back to me! I really don't know what I would do without him. He has helped me take care of Isabelle so much.

He has to live, even though there only few times when we were close, I still love him. I want Isabelle to know him. She brings out the gentle side of him. He loves her so much.

Suddenly I hear the scuffle of shoes on concrete coming toward me. But I wasn't scare. I knew it was Vaughn. I turned around and I saw his face full of love and concern. He rushed toward me. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. He kept whispering how glad he was that I was alive.

I felt like I was in shock. I was numb, I couldn't feel anything. I was barely aware of the pain I felt. Vaughn was pressing the small pieces of glass farther into my skin and my clothing. Glass chips were still there when, when Irina Derevko and I fell through the window.

Then it came to me. After all of these years, Vaughn's father's death was finally avenged. After all Vaughn and I want through, getting over what my mother did, there was finally justice.

I opened my mouth to tell him the news, but news sound came out. I wanted to tell him that I killed her. She's dead. My mother, Irina Derevko, alias, Laura Bristow, is no longer living, she took her last breath, dead.

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