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Summary: No HPB. AU. Harry was kidnapped. Voldemort's body is found. Weeks later Harry turns up. And the downside is…he's insane. Can anyone help him? H/D.

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Ch. 1.

Draco sighed as he scanned the front page of that morning's Daily Prophet.


Hundreds of wizards from around the world gathered at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry yesterday for the memorial service in the honour of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived.

Potter, 16, was kidnapped from the home of his relatives three months ago, at the beginning of August. No trace of him was found until mid September, when his wand and a shoe were discovered in a manor house in Little Hangleton. They were investigating a disturbance reported to the muggle please-men. Potter's wand and shoe were discovered amid devastation, and next to the bodies of seven missing muggles, and the smouldered remains of a human being, which later tests showed, used to be You-Know-Who himself. Potter had disappeared, and the search parties were called off after a further six weeks.

At yesterday's memorial, friends and admirers paid their respects to the lost boy. Many were too distraught to speak, and Hermione Granger, Potter's best friend, had to escorted from the ceremony and sedated.

Farewell Harry Potter, and thank you.

Folding the paper up and dropping it next to his plate, Draco sighed again. Now that Voldemort was gone, he was free. He was still in danger from the Death Eaters, after all, he'd refused the dark mark a week before Harry had gone missing. But still, he wished he could speak to the Gryffindor, and apologise for everything he'd done. Alas, that was never to be.


Later that morning, Draco decided to go for a walk. It was a Hogsmeade weekend, and his house mates were all in the village already, and he would get some solitude. Just what he needed.

As he reached the outskirts of the village, he turned off the path and headed up into the woods surrounding the Shrieking Shack.

It was a decent day for early November. The sun, although weak, was shining, and the cool breeze gave a fresh, crisp feel to the day. A bird chirped somewhere above him, and Draco gave a small smile.

A smile that faltered when he took in the sight before him.

A short, extremely slim boy was wandering towards him. His dirty t-shirt and jeans were ripped and practically hanging off him. Messy black hair fell into startlingly green eyes, and his filthy bare feet picked their way through the tree roots and fallen branches delicately, weaving in an intricate pattern, making it seem as though the pale boy was dancing.

"Potter?" Draco could barely believe his eyes; though it was entirely possible that the boy was there-no body had been found.

The boy-Harry-looked up at him. Reaching out, he hugged the nearest tree, pressing his cheek against the rough bark.

"Look," he said quietly, as though to the tree. "An angel."

Draco frowned and cautiously stepped closer to the other boy.

"Potter?…Harry?" he asked tentatively.

"Sad," came the whispered reply. "So sad. And lonely. Such a sad and lonely angel."

When Draco came in arms reach, Harry left the tree and cupped the blond's face gently.

"Nothing's wrong with me!" he laughed. "The earth is fine, so I am too!"

Draco's eyebrows shot up. He'd been wondering what was wrong with the shorter boy, when it seemed as though the raven boy had read his mind.

"Do you-do you know who you are?" he asked slowly.

Harry's face took on a far away expression, as though he was seeing something that happened a long time ago.

"Far away…a past life…Harry," he muttered. "My name is Harry."

Draco nodded.

"That's right," he said. "Do you know my name."

Soon, Harry's far away expression became confused.

"No," he whispered.

"It's Draco," the Slytherin told him.

"An angel soars upon the wind in the form of a dragon," Harry mumbled.

"I think it's time we went back to the castle," Draco said. "I'm sure Professor Dumbledore would like to see you."

Draco grabbed Harry's arms gently. Feeling something strange underneath his fingers, he glanced down. Spreading his fingers slightly, Draco traced the scars on the soft, not so smooth skin. Frowning, Draco wondered what had caused the boy in front of him to seemingly tear at his own arms.

Leading the emerald eyed boy towards the path, Draco couldn't keep his eyes from wandering continuously towards the quiet being beside him. What had happened to him? How did he kill Voldemort? How did he learn to read minds? How did he lose his mind?

They walked in silence for a few minutes, Harry staring around with wonder filled eyes. Suddenly though, he froze, his eyes wide in horror.

"What's wrong?" Draco asked, catching Harry as his knees buckled.

"They're coming!" he breathed.

Draco was about to ask who was coming when a series of cracks answered his question. Looking around, he saw five Death Eaters approaching them behind Harry.

"Run!" he yelled, grabbing Harry's arm and setting off down the path. Hogwarts was in sight, and Draco just hoped that they could make it through the gates before the Death Eaters got them.

Curses flew by over and around them. Harry stumbled along after him, and Draco tightened his grip, not wanting to lose the boy now that he'd been found.

They raced through the school gates, the wards shielding them, and stopped. Draco glanced back to see the Death Eaters disapparating, defeated. Panting, he looked at Harry. The small boy was staring at him, and seemed to be weaving around slightly.

Concerned, Draco looked the Gryffindor over and saw that he was holding his left foot off the ground, and a red liquid was dripping onto the gravel below. Crouching down, Draco wrapped an arm around the frighteningly small waist to steady Harry, and lifted the dirty foot up so he could look.

A large gash ran along the bottom of Harry's foot, blood pouring out steadily.

"Did you do this when we were running?" he asked.

"Yes, the earth didn't like our feet being so harsh, so it sent a stone to stop us," Harry answered.

Draco focused back on the foot in his hand.

"I don't know any healing spells, so I can't fix this, I'll have to clean it though, it might get infected if I leave it," Draco muttered. "We have to go to Dumbledore before Madame Pomfrey."

Pulling his wand out of his pocket, he pointed it at Harry's foot and whispered, "Scourgify."

The dirt and blood instantly cleared away, but more blood soon oozed out taking it's place. Grabbing his handkerchief, Draco wrapped it around the foot, not caring that the blood would stain the soft material.

Standing up, he realised that Harry still couldn't walk. Making up his mind, Draco swiftly picked up the insane boy, and set off up to the castle.

'Whoa!' he thought. 'Harry is way too light!'

Quickly, he made his way up the countless stairs to Dumbledore's office. Surprisingly, he met no one. He guessed that the older students were still in Hogsmeade, and the younger years were holed up in their common rooms.

Reaching the gargoyle, Draco began to reel off different types of sweets. He had no idea what that year's password was.

"Cockroach clusters, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Blood Lollipops,"

"Chocolate Frogs."

Draco glanced down at Harry while the gargoyle moved aside, but the boy in his arms had already buried his face back in Draco's neck.

Stepping onto the moving staircase, he wondered what Dumbledore's reaction would be when he saw his favourite student alive, and in the arms of his old school rival.

He reached the door, and was about to ask Harry to knock, when the boy reached over, his knuckles connecting with the wood three times.

"Knock, knock, knock!" he giggled quietly.

"Enter!" came the reply from inside the room.

Harry reached for the door handle, still giggling, and turned it, pushing his face back into Draco's neck as the blond gently kicked the door open.

"Professor Dumbledore," he greeted as he saw the man sitting behind his desk, smiling tiredly. "I found someone you might like to see."

With that, he carefully placed Harry down in the squishy armchair facing the headmaster's desk.

Dumbledore's eyes widened when the Slytherin backed off and he properly saw who was sitting in the chair.

"Harry?" he whispered, disbelieving.

Harry's eyes, however, had found Fawkes.

"A fire bird!" he breathed. "Pretty and flames, songs so sweet!"

"I'm afraid, Professor," Draco said. "That Harry isn't quite in his right mind. Whatever they did to him, drove him insane."

Dumbledore nodded and rose from his desk, walking over to Harry who now had Fawkes on his knee, crooning softly to the phoenix.

"Where did you find him?" Dumbledore asked, staring intently at the boy in the armchair.

"In the woods around the Shrieking Shack," Draco answered. "I was just brining him here when some Death Eaters apparated behind us. We had to run for the gates. He cut his foot on a rock, so I cleaned it before I brought him up here. It's why I was carrying him. He seems to know who he is, but not much else."

"I see," Dumbledore replied. "Harry, do you know where you are?"

"A castle, a living castle," was the reply.

"Do you know where you were before you were here?" Dumbledore asked.

"Fields and rivers, woods and mountains, outside," Harry answered.

Dumbledore nodded.

"Well," he said. "He must have left Riddle Manor and wandered north, not knowing why. I believe that it is time to take him down to the Hospital Wing. Draco, if you would carry him again?"

Draco nodded and reached over for Harry again, who easily went with the blond.

They made their way through the corridors, and soon entered the infirmary.

"Poppy!" Dumbledore called. "Your favourite patient has decided to pay you a visit!"

Draco placed Harry down on a bed carefully, as the nurse made her way out of the office.

"Albus, what on earth are you tal-oh my!" she stared at Harry. "Is it really him?"

"Yes," Dumbledore said grimly. "Unfortunately, it appears he has lost his mind. I believe that he is in need of a check up after all these weeks wandering in the wilderness, and he has a cut foot."

Madame Pomfrey immediately began running her wand over Harry's small form, while Dumbledore disappeared into her office and Draco hovered nearby.

Finally, Pomfrey backed off, smiling sadly. Turning to Dumbledore who had just appeared out of her office, she said,

"He's fine. Apart from his foot, I couldn't find any injuries. He's malnourished, but a course of nutrient potions, some food, a hot bath and a cosy bed will do him well."

"That's a relief," Dumbledore smiled.

They all turned to Harry when he spoke. The boy had gotten up off the bed, and pulled back the curtains surrounding the bed Hermione resided in.

"Sleeping Beauty, such a pretty picture," he mumbled. "Now we need the handsome prince to wake her."

At that moment, the infirmary doors banged open, and Ron stumbled in.

"Professor, I came as fast as I could, is it Hermione? Is there a problem?" he panted.

The headmaster opened his mouth to speak, but Harry beat him to it.

"The prince has arrived!" he smiled joyously. "Now kiss her, and wake her up!"

Ron stared.


"Yes, it is him," Dumbledore replied. "I am afraid that he is not himself though. It is probably best to do as he asks."

Harry took the tall red head's arm and steered him to Hermione's bedside.

"Kiss her!"

Ron, confused, bent over, and placed a light kiss on Hermione's lips.

They all watched for a moment, and Draco, unable to stand the sad look on Harry's face when the girl didn't wake, pulled out his wand, and quietly enervated her.

Hermione blinked a few times, and looked up at Ron.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Now she's awake!" Harry cried happily. "The royal wedding can take place!"

He began to twirl around the ward.

"I must be dreaming," Hermione whispered sadly.

"No!" Ron smiled. "It really is him! He's been found! He's just a bit…insane."

At that moment, Professors McGonagall and Snape entered, followed by Molly Weasley. They stopped dead at the sight before them.

"It's true then!" McGonagall whispered, as Molly cried out "Harry!" and ran to give him a hug. The boy returned it shyly, with a confused look on his face.

"Now that we are all here," Dumbledore gained everyone's attention. "I think that we should discuss our next move."

They sat down, Ron pulling Harry onto Hermione's bed.

"Obviously, everyone must be told that Harry is back," Dumbledore started. "But, considering his state of mind, I don't think that we should let him out into the world. I would rather he did not go to St. Mungos either."

"He could come to the Burrow," Molly suggested. "Arthur and I can look after him."

"Perhaps he should stay at the school, in order for a cure to be found," Snape suggested. He was sporting a nasty scar on his face, courtesy of the fight with Death Eaters that ensued when they found out he was a spy.

"Can he be cured?" McGonagall asked.

"I'd certainly like to try," Pomfrey stated. "I think we all would."

The rest nodded.

"Well, that settles it," Dumbledore smiled. "Now we just need to find somewhere for Harry to live within the school."

They were distracted by a moan coming from Harry's direction. They snapped out of their thoughts to stare at him.

Harry was clutching his head and rocking back and forth slightly.

"Too many thoughts!" he cried. "Swirling round and round! Too many voices! In my head! It hurts! It hurts!"

He stood up and stumbled over to Draco, reaching out.

"Help me lonely angel! Help me!" he pleaded.

Draco, not knowing what to do, opened his arms, and let Harry curl up on his lap.

"Well, that settles that!" Dumbledore smiled. "Since Harry has developed an attachment to you, I think you should look after him, Draco. After all, you have your own room."

Draco nodded slowly.


He stood up, cradling Harry against him, and set off for his room. Harry quietened down as they left the hospital wing. They passed a few students on the way down, all of whom stared at Draco Malfoy, defected Ice Prince of Slytherin, carrying someone in the direction of the dungeons.

Reaching his room, several passages away from the Slytherin common room, Draco whispered the password, and strode through his lounge into the bedroom. Surprisingly, there was already a second bed next to his own. Draco realised that Dumbledore must have told the Houselves to install it as soon as he left the infirmary.

Moving into the bathroom, Draco put Harry down on the toilet lid and ran a bath, adding plenty of bubbles. Turning to Harry, he stripped the raven haired boy and lowered him into the water.

Harry sighed.

"You like the water?" Draco asked.

"Foamy," Harry replied.

Carefully, Draco washed Harry and then rinsed him off. Lifting him out of the bath, Draco dried him off with a fluffy towel and wrapped it around his waist. Carrying Harry out into the bedroom and set him on the bed. Rummaging through his wardrobe, he grabbed a pair of soft, warm pyjamas and some boxers, moving back to Harry.

"Can you dress yourself?" he asked.

Harry nodded, so Draco gave him the clothes and left the room for a minute. On his coffee table, he found a box full of potions and a note from Madame Pomfrey.

Mr. Malfoy,

Harry must drink one of these every morning and evening until they run out. For the next two days, avoid giving him anything too rich to eat. After that, it should be fine for him to eat whatever he wants.

The headmaster will send Harry's trunk down tonight. Also, Houselves will come to take your orders for food for this evening.

Thank you for taking care of Harry.

P. Pomfrey.

Turning around, Draco saw Harry standing behind him, the pyjamas ridiculously big on him. Guiding the boy over to the couch, Draco tucked a blanket around his legs. A pop behind him signalled the arrival of the Houself.

Soon, Draco was enjoying a plate of casserole, while Harry picked at his toast. An empty potions bottle stood on the table before them.

"Eat up Harry," Draco encouraged. "You need your food."

When Harry had finally finished, Draco took him back into the bedroom and saw Harry's trunk had arrived. Rifling through it, he found Harry's toiletries, and extracted the toothbrush.

Pulling Harry in the bathroom, he put some toothpaste onto the brush, and handed it to Harry.

"Can you clean your teeth?" he asked.

Harry slowly began to brush, eyeing Draco for approval. The blond nodded smiling, and Harry gained confidence.

Soon, he had rinsed his mouth out, and Draco was guiding him back into the bedroom. He tucked the small boy into his bed, and leaned over to say goodnight.

"You get some sleep," he whispered. "You look like you could do with it."

"Fireflies dance in the air," Harry replied. "Stars in the sky. Night has fallen."

"Goodnight," Draco smiled, confused.

He sat on the edge of the bed, until Harry was asleep, just staring at the raven boy. He felt an undeniable wave of tenderness wash over him as he looked at the peaceful face. He wondered when he'd begun to care for Harry.

After a while, he stood up and made his way to bathroom. After a bath of his own, he went to his own bed, where he fell into a peaceful sleep of his own, only to wake up to the most terrifying thing he'd ever heard.

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