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Breakfast Chat

Ron was sitting at breakfast when Ginny strolled downstairs, dressed and showered with her hair in a swishy ponytail. She hummed a song and brushed past Ron as if he was not there. He looked up at her with his mouth full of food as she headed towards the cabinet and took out a box of cereal. Ginny sat down with the box and a bowl and poured the cereal into the bowl. Ron took a bite of his cereal and saw that Ginny was wearing a faint smirk.

"Have you seen Harry, Ginny?" Ron asked his sister, "I couldn't find him this morning. Or last night, for that matter."

Ginny didn't look up, so Ron didn't see a small blush creep up her face. She tapped her bowl and it filled with milk, and she waited until the heat left her face before looking up.

"Yup," Ginny said, "Upstairs just now, actually. I think he was headed for the shower; he had a towel."

"Oh," Ron replied, and continued eating.

Ginny continued to hum to herself as she munched her cereal, smirking all the while. Ron took notice of this and suddenly felt uneasy.

"You look awfully chipper this morning… I'd figure you'd be moping around, seeing as we're leaving tomorrow." Ron said, raising an eyebrow at Ginny.

"Well," She said, "I guess I just have to accept that you guys are going, but I told Harry he's not just going to desert me – that he was being stupid."

"You're not coming with us!"

"I know I'm not," Ginny snapped, "I just told him that if – when­ he gets back, we're picking up right where we left off."

"Where you left off?" Ron said, "What do you mean?"

Ginny shrugged, a lose strand of hair falling into her face.

"You know, I didn't think you'd be able to persuade him; I thought he was determined not to… be with you." Ron forced out through bites of cereal.

Ginny grinned sweetly at him and stood, picking up her bowl. She crossed the room and placed the bowl in the sink, then headed towards the exit. On her way past the table, she stopped in front of Ron and placed her hands down on the table. Ginny smirked mischievously.

"He was," Ginny replied, "But you'd be amazed at how persuasive I can be."

She winked at her brother and strode out of the kitchen, calling, "Thanks for the chat!" over her shoulder and humming that same song. Ron's eyes grew wide and he gagged on his cereal in terror and realization; Ginny had been humming something that sounded a little too much like Madonna's Like A Virgin


A/N: Heh, that song gets me every time.

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