Love and Match-Making in the Mountains

Silvan Arrow: Hey, guess who's back with another story? Yep, it's Silvan Arrow! I've wanted to start this for a while. Here's the sequel to O Sister, Where Art Thou that I promised where we finally get to see Bryan and Tammy get together. Of course, this won't be an easy task. I mean, come on, this is Bryan we're talking about. The Blitzkrieg Boys are gonna need some help, and who better to assist in this endeavor than the Bladebreakers! Oh the horror… Now, in honor of starting a new story, I would like to do something special.

Tammy: Really? What?

Michelle: Oh no… Wait for it…

Silvan Arrow: -points- One of YOU gets to do the disclaimer!


Tammy, Clara, and Amy: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! –run away in a panic-

Silvan Arrow: -pouts- You're mean.


Eri: -suddenly walks in- Hey, where did everybody go?

Silvan Arrow: Well, they had some…uh…stuff to take care of, so that means YOU get to do the disclaimer!

Michelle: -rolls eyes- Smooth, Silvan Arrow. Real smooth…

Silvan Arrow: -glares at Michelle- Shut up.

Eri: Um…okay. Silvan Arrow does not own Beyblade or any of its characters. She just owns her OCs, like me.

Silvan Arrow: Thanks a bunch, Eri! Now, on with the first chappie!

Chapter 1: Trouble at Home



Bit beast mind-chatting with master

'Must…resist…the urge…to kill.'

That was all Eri could think about as she paced around her room restlessly, a hand on her forehead trying to stave off the growing headache. More shouts sounded from the living room. More doors slammed shut. Eri cringed as she heard something shatter. No, she wasn't still trapped in the Abbey. No, she wasn't considering giving in to a life of crime as an ax murderer. And no, she wasn't hiding from Boris's wrath.

This was just an ordinary day at home with her team.

'Please let Tala come home soon. Oh please, PLEASE, let Tala come home soon,' Eri prayed silently as something thudded against the wall in the hall. 'He leaves me in charge for five minutes and all heck breaks loose! I'm gonna be in so much trouble when Tala gets back, but I guess that's better than our current situation.'

Pyrix invaded Eri's panic-stricken thoughts: Don't you think you're overreacting just a little, Eri?

Eri ignored Pyrix and opened her door just slightly. "Hey, stop throwing stuff! That costs money!" she yelled at whoever was out there.

"Ah, quit playing mom!" Amy shouted angrily. Eri quickly ducked back inside as a flower vase came flying at her door and promptly shattered into a million pieces.

Eri locked her door back and leaned back against it wearily. Do you still think I'm overreacting, Pyrix? Eri asked in annoyance.

I…stand corrected, Pyrix replied before cutting off their conversation. Eri listened at the door, and things quieted down after a few minutes. A little too quiet, she had to admit. Then Pyrix said, Tala returns.

THANK GOODNESS! Eri screamed mentally.

Did you have to shout so loudly? Pyrix asked dryly.

Oops…sorry, Eri replied sheepishly. She cracked open the door just slightly and peeked outside. Good, the coast was clear. She crept noiselessly down the stairs and through the kitchen. The place looked like a war zone. Cabinet doors were askew, various foodstuffs littered the floor, and pots and pans were lying about in all the most bizarre places. Oh, and don't forget the food splatters on the walls. 'Ugh…this is gonna take forever to clean up,' Eri thought grimly as she made her way to the front door. She opened it quietly and about fainted in relief at seeing Tala standing there. "Oh, Tala, I'm so glad you're back!" Eri exclaimed as she gave him a big hug and buried her face in the crook of his neck.

"Wow, I didn't think I'd be missed that much," Tala replied with a chuckle as he returned the embrace. He still didn't catch on to Eri's distraught state of mind. "I was only gone a couple of hours."

"Tala, everything's going out of control," Eri murmured in distress.

"What do you mean? What's wrong?" Tala asked, immediately concerned. He tightened his grip on his girlfriend to reassure her.

"We can't talk here. Come with me," she whispered, grabbing his hand and leading him to the entrance of the kitchen. "Watch out for flying objects," she warned as she peeked cautiously around the doorway, making Tala's eyes widen in horror. He didn't even have the courage to ask why the kitchen looked like the aftermath of World War II. (A/N: I find this scenario quite humorous…in a really twisted sort of way.) After making sure the coast was clear, she quickly led him through the kitchen and headed for the stairs.

"I HATE YOU!" a girl's voice screamed, breaking the uneasy silence. Tala recognized that voice as Amy's.

"YEAH, WELL I HATE YOU MORE!" another voice shot back. Clara's voice, to be exact. Tala winced as he heard the sound of glass shattering.

"Oh great, they're throwing dishes at each other again," Eri muttered, placing a hand to her forehead as she felt her headache developing into a migraine. "They've already broken all the vases."

"I swear, if you two don't pipe down, I will sic Umbra on you and raze this entire house to the ground!" Tala sighed. Tammy. Since when had his sister become such a hothead?

"Uh…girls, maybe you should…" they heard Spencer try to intervene.

"SHUT UP, SPENCER!" all three girls screamed.

Eri and Tala made a break for the stairs and found Ian hiding in a corner at the top. "Tala, thank goodness you're…" Ian started, but Eri clamped a hand over his mouth to shut him up, dragged Tala into his room, and locked and barricaded the door with his dresser.

When they were finally alone, Tala asked sternly, "Eri, what is going on here? What happened while I was gone?" He immediately regretted using such a harsh tone of voice with her. He could tell that she was struggling not to break down completely, so he pulled her into his arms and stroked her hair soothingly. "It's okay. You can tell me. I'm not mad at you or anything," he whispered in her ear. He sat on the edge of his bed and pulled Eri into his lap, holding her against his chest. He waited patiently until she was ready to talk.

Once Eri finally managed to compose herself, she started to explain everything that had happened: "Okay, it all started not long after you left. Spencer made another comment about Ian's height, so he started cursing up a storm. Clara complained to Amy about controlling her boyfriend's dirty mouth, and Amy made the comment that at least her boyfriend talks while Spencer is a 'big dumb oaf.' That's when the dishes started flying. Then Tammy started making death threats and threatened to demolish the whole house just to shut them up."

"And where was Bryan while all of this was going on?" Tala asked.

"In his room," Eri replied, rolling her eyes. "He's been so lovesick over Tammy these days that he spends most of his time in his room feeling all depressed because he's too chicken to tell her. You've got to do something, Tala. They wouldn't listen to me; they just threw dishes at me. But they'llobey you without question."

"Ah, don't worry. They'll pipe down once they get tired or hungry," Tala said reassuringly. "Just wait and see."

Two hours later…

"Um…what were you saying about them piping down, Tala?" Eri asked irritably from her seat on the bed, sending her boyfriend a death glare. Tala just laughed nervously from his spot at his desk, where he was working on his laptop. He could feel her eyes boring holes into his back. After hearing more voices shouting, doors slamming, and dishes breaking, Tala finally decided that maybe he should intervene.

"All right, that's enough. Come on, Eri." She followed Tala down the stairs into the living room, where they found Amy, Clara, Tammy, Spencer, and Ian all shouting and arguing. Spencer and Ian were preparing to throw plates at each other while the girls looked like they would start a major catfight any second now.

"SHUT UP, YOU IDIOTS!" Tala yelled at the top of his lungs. Immediately all five bladers shut their traps and froze, turning timid looks to their captain. Spencer and Ian dropped the plates they were holding, breaking the uneasy silence with the sound of shattering glass. "Now, you mind explaining what in heaven's name possessed you guys to cause such a commotion and ransack the entire house?" Tala scolded, his arms crossed across his chest and his foot tapping the floor angrily. The others just looked down at the carpet like guilty children to avoid meeting Tala's angry icy blue death glare. "So...nobody's talking? Fine, then you all can share in the punishment. You guys made this mess, so you're going to clean it up. Every dish, every crumb. I expect all five of you to report to the beydish at five tomorrow morning for four hours of extra training. Is that clear?" The others nodded sheepishly. "Good." Satisfied that he'd made his point, Tala turned on his heel and stalked back upstairs, Eri following closely behind.

Once they were back in Tala's room, Tala let out a weary sigh and sat down heavily on his bed, dropping his head into his hands. "Ugh…what is our team coming to, Eri?"

"What do you mean?" Eri prodded gently, sitting down beside him.

"I mean, ever since we got rid of Boris, it's like everyone wants to rest on their laurels and just forget that Biovolt ever existed. We are still a beyblading team, so we can't afford to get caught up in pointless arguments like this."

"Well, the local tournaments have kept us pretty busy lately. Maybe the team just needs a break to rest and recharge," Eri suggested. Then an idea popped into her head. "And I think I know just who can arrange that."

"Uh-oh…you've got that look in your eyes again," Tala said, catching the playful glint in her emerald orbs.

"Oh? What look?" Eri teased, heading for the door.

Tala stopped her by getting up and wrapping his arms around her waist from behind. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "You're planning something, aren't you?"

"Hmmm…maybe," Eri replied cryptically with a smirk.

"You know it's not nice to keep secrets from your captain," Tala murmured. His warm breath tickled Eri's ear and made her shiver. Now it was Tala who smirked.

"But it's a good secret," Eri protested. "Look, I just need to make a phone call, and then I'll be right back, okay?"

"Fine, but you're staying in here tonight," Tala said. When Eri craned her neck to give him a puzzled expression, he added, "If Tammy barges in here tonight to get revenge on me, I'll need a bodyguard."

"Oh please…" Eri muttered, rolling her eyes. "Well, you're sleeping on the couch." With that, she pried herself loose from his arms and returned to her own room. She retrieved her cell phone and punched in an all-too-familiar speed dial. After a couple of rings, the person she needed to talk to answered. "Hey, Michelle! It's Eri. Listen, I need a small favor…"


Tala woke up a few minutes before five. He had been sleeping on the couch in his room, and right now his neck was screaming in protest. Rubbing the knotted muscles in his neck, Tala sat up and yawned once before getting up to make sure his delinquent teammates were awake and at the beydish for their disciplinary training. He quickly dressed in the adjoining bathroom and found Eri still sound asleep in his bed. Smiling, he kissed her softly on the forehead before leaving the room.

Four hours later…

Tammy, Clara, Amy, Spencer, and Ian collapsed in a heap on the floor of the house's basement, which had been converted into a training center. They were completely exhausted after the workout Tala had put them through. Every muscle in their bodies ached. "I hope you guys learned your lesson," Tala said. They all groaned in response, which Tala took as an affirmative.

Just then Eri burst into the room, followed by a sleepy-looking Bryan. "Hey, guys, guess what?" she asked happily.

"Skip the guessing games and just spit it out," Tammy replied in annoyance.

"Pack your bags, peoples. We're going on a little trip!"

"Uh...where?" Spencer asked.


End chapter 1

Author's Note: And there you have it, folks! Chapter one is now complete! How did you like it? By the way, the characters are older in this story. Eri, Ian, Amy, Clara, and Spencer are all 18, and everyone else is 19. I've wanted to write that whole segment with the people arguing and destroying the house for a while. I think I have an evil side… Anyway, what did you guys think? Please review and give me your opinions! I do need some ideas for humorouspranks the Bladebreakers and the Blitzkrieg Boys can pull to try and get Bryan and Tammy together. PLEASE REVIEW!