Hello, I'm Wolf Winchester, I have two brothers, Dean and Sam. I was born a year after Dean, and Sam was born three years after me. Our mother, Mary, and our father John, lived a very happy marriage until one summer night at out home in Lawrence, Kansas, tragedy struck. It was a quiet night, just like any other, and as I slept in the room with Dean, I heard horrible noises. Dean was four at the time, I was three, and Sam was only 2 months old. The noises were coming from Sam's nursery. I woke Dean up and told him that it was his turn to check on the snot box. Suddenly I heard mom screaming Sam's name, and I saw fire. Dad ran into our room, and tried to block me from getting past him, but I slipped by. Dad handed Sam off to Dean.

Dad- "Dean take your brother outside as fast as you can. Go Dean! GO!"

I ran in the nursery, and looked at the ceiling, I gasped in horror. Mom was on the ceiling, bleeding, as the whole ceiling caught on fire.

Wolf-"Mommy! Daddy!"

I heard somebody call my name, and that was the last thing I remembered.

(20 years later)

Now I'm lying on top of the hood of Dean's black, 1967 Chevy Impala, as he is inside of a bar playing pool to make us some money. I was just lying here thinking about things. After mom died we were never the same, dad was determined to find out what killed mom, and it was slowly driving him crazy. When Sam was 18 he left for collage at Stanford, and I stayed with Dean and dad. We started hunting things, things you wouldn't believe, but it wasn't good enough for dad. He up and left Dean and I a month ago, and now were heading to Stanford to get Sam, and continue our search for dad. Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't told you anything about us yet. I'm Wolf Mary Winchester, female, I'm 25, I'm very independent, sarcastic, quick minded, and stable. I have brown hair that is short and choppy, green eyes, and a fair completion. Dean Winchester, is 26, male, very sarcastic, arrogant, cocky, and a liar when it comes to getting information from someone.

He has brownish-blond hair, which is always spiked with gel, green eyes, and a medium built body. Last but not least is Samuel John Winchester or Sam for short, but being family we call him Sammy. He is intelligent, generous, stubborn, and the only one to escape from dad's crazy grip. He is 22, male, he has dark brown hair that is somewhat long, and brown eyes. Now back to the real story.

Good lord! Dean has been in there forever. I thought as I lied on top of the car, looking at a newspaper. I flipped rapidly through the pages, and stopped suddenly when an article caught my eye.

"Five killed. Murder claims witch did it!"

I had just enough time to skim the article before Dean came out of the bar with a nice wad of cash in his hand. He slipped the money in his brown, leather jacket, and came over to the car.

Dean-"So do we have a new job or what?"

By job he means, 'something new and interesting to hunt.'

Wolf-"Yep I think so."

I threw the paper at him and it hit him in the chest. He gave me a, 'scratch the hood of my car and I'll kill you, even if you are my sister' look. I smiled, playing with him.

Wolf- "Page A-5. Five people were skinned alive in Salem, Massachusetts. All of them were friends, good kids, and not trouble makers. Until one night the daredevil of the group, Chris Thomas, was dared to stay overnight in the jail that was used for the killing of women thought to be witches back in the 1800's."

Dean-"Are you meaning the Salem Witch trails?"

I nodded.

Wolf-"Yes, but when the kids went inside to see if Chris was actually doing what he said he would, only one came back out, Chris. Here's the odd part. Chris said he was possessed by a witch, named…….. I forget."

Dean rolled his eyes, and turned the pages in the newspaper as I got off the car.

Dean-"Countess Marguerite Isobel Thorough. You know what this means don't you?"

Wolf-"Yep. We have to go to Massachusetts and torch the old hag's bones."

Dean-"Lets get on the road then, but first we have to stop and get Sam."

Wolf-"The Winchester trio back together again. I like the sound of that because the one I got stuck with can be a real pain in the a……..?"

I stopped mid-sentence because four biker looking uglies cam our way. I punched Dean in the back of the shoulder and said,

Wolf-"What the hell have you gotten me into now?"

It's not that I was scared, because I wasn't. I hardly ever get scared after that horrible night 20 years ago. It's also not that I can't fight. I fight better than anyone I know, even Dean. Dad had taught is all to fight, but he had taught me differently. He taught me judo, kung-fu, kick boxing. I learned how to hit, and hit hard. It came in handy when I was on hunting trips with dad. I walked around the side of the car following Dean. Dean walked up to the four tattooed men.

Dean-"Can I help you men?"

Man 1-"We want our money back and…(He looked at the car)..I like your car, I want that too."

Dean-"Sorry boys all sales are final, and the car is mine."

Dean smiled, taunting them. The tattoo guy wasn't smiling. He picked Dean off of the ground by his shirt collar, and he smiled.

Wolf-"Put him down!"

Man 1-"What are going to do about it. You're just a girl."

Wolf-"Oh Bite me!"

I kicked him in the ribs with my boot, and he made a funny squawking noise and went down on the ground. I punched him in the jaw to knock him out, but when I punched him I heard a sudden crack, and I'm pretty sure I dislocated his jaw. Dean looked at me in amazement.


Dean-"Dude that guy was three times your size."

Wolf-"Dad told me that size doesn't matter. The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Dean-"Twisted logic there Wolf."

Dean said in a weird voice. I laughed softly. Dean was like that, kind-a random, stubborn, and not the sharpest tool in the shed. I realized that I forgot about the other three men. I turned around and they were gone, Cowards. I thought.

Dean-"Ready to leave this town?"


I opened the car door, and slid into the leather passenger seat. Dean always drives, and there's no arguing with him about it. Anyways, he started the car and the sudden sound of the rumbling engine made me smile. I've always loved the powerful sound of a muscle car when it starts its engine. I slowly drifted off into a dream filled sleep.


Mom, Mom! She was burning, screaming, dying, and I couldn't move. All I could do was watch in horror as she was on the ceiling, bleeding, just like that horrible night.


I jerked awake with a ragged gasp, my heart feeling like it was going to burst from my chest, and Dean, who was resting his head on his left hand, looked over at me.

Dean-"Still having those nightmares?"

I rubbed my face with my hands.

Wolf-"Ya. Where are we?"

Dean-"Okay topic changer, we're about a mile away from Stanford. Care to tell me what your nightmares are about?"

Wolf-"It's nothing don't worry about it. I'm fine Dean."

Dean-"Sure you're fine when you've been waking up every night with these nightmares that you have. We're going to have to talk about this sooner or later."

I went silent. I knew he was right, and I should tell him about them, he is my brother and all, but part of me wanted to keep them to myself. Dean turned his eyes back to the road and didn't say anything else until we reached Stanford. We pulled into the parking lot and went to Sam's dormitory. Dean knocked on the door. I heard some yelling, some cursing, and some running towards the door. The door flew open, and Dean and I were greeted by a huge ape looking man.

Dean-"Hello. We're here for Sam Winchester."


Both Dean and I winced at the volume of him voice. Dean put his hand up to his ear and rubbed, making sure it was still attached. I heard someone coming down the stairs, and turn the corner. There was my baby brother who I haven't seen for two years. He walked quickly down the hall with a grin on his face. He pulled me into a nice hug, and let me go. He smiled widely at Dean.

Sam-"What are you guys doing here?"

Dean-"Dad's on a hunting trip and he hasn't been back for a while."

Sam's face became more serious, and he invited us into the main room. Dean and I sat down on the couch.


I heard a girl's voice call from another room.

Sam-"What is it Jess?"

Jessica-"You told me you were going to fix my car tonight."

Sam-"Um, I'm kind-of busy right now."

Jessica-"But Sam I'm going back to Iowa tonight."

Wolf-"I'll fix your car for you. What kind-of car do you have?"

Jessica-"A 1967 Mustang, GT 350."

Wolf-"I'll be right back. Play nice you two."

I followed her out the back and to the parking lot where her car was parked.

(Dean's conversation)

Dean watched his younger sister go out the back door, and turned back towards Sam.

Dean-"I'm really worried about her bro."

Sam-"Why? What happened?"

Dean-"Nothing big really, but she's been having nightmares a lot lately, and she seems more distant."

It was the Winchester family trait to have nightmares, Dean had them, Sam had them, and even dad had them. All of the dreams involved mom's death which made them unbearable to go through. Mary's death was a touchy subject with all of them, and it normally wasn't brought up.

Sam-"Well have you tried to talk to her?"

Dean-"Yep, but she just shuts me out. Sometimes she can be more stubborn than me when it comes to something she doesn't want you to know."

Sam-"That's hard to believe."

Sam shook his head back and forth.

Sam-"What happened to dad?"

Dean-"He left about a month a ago. He said he was just going on a simple job, and I haven't heard anything from him since."

Sam knew when his dad went on 'jobs' or 'hunting trips', it wasn't a normal, kill a dear type of trip. We hunted the paranormal. Ghosts, werewolves, skin walkers, doppelgangers, demons, and so many others. That stuff is out there, you may not believe it, but we've all seen it.

Sam-"Why are you all the way out here?"

Dean-"Witch hunt in Salem. A kid clamed he was possessed and killed his friends. Wolf and I need your help Sam. We can't do this alone."

Sam-"I can't help you. What good would I do you two? You and Wolf have been with dad longer than I have."

Dean stood up to get to Sam's level. Sam was pissing him off, and Dean wasn't going to tolerate it.

Dean-"Fine! Turn your back on your family just like you did when you left for collage."

Sam-"I didn't turn my back on my family Dean. I rebelled against dad's orders, and he threw me out."

Dean-"You see, that attitude is why I always got the extra cookie."

Sam-"Okay Dean. I'll help you with this just this once."

Dean-"That's my boy."