Tears came to Dean's eyes from the pain as his fingers gripped the carpet tightly. Isobel continued to wave her hand over his stomach in a circle and the more she waved her hand the more Dean felt like he was going to rip in half.

Isobel-"How much more can your body take Dean? Just say the word and I'll end it now so you can be with your precious sister and mommy."

Dean closed his eyes, tears of pain slipping out from under his closed lids. He wasn't going to give Isobel the pleasure of hearing him scream, even though he wanted to more than anything in the world. Dean grabbed the sides of his stomach but suddenly pulled his hands away as blood covered his finger tips, no, his entire hand. He opened his eyes and looked down at his stomach. Isobel now had her hand inside of it, ripping into him like he was an over stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving.

Isobel-"Oh where Oh where is my child at? I've got to get some of these un-needed things out of the way first."

Dean didn't have the strength to say anything back to her. He felt his mind slipping, but suddenly he heard a voice that let him know everything was going to be okay. Even if he died, everything was going to be okay. Dean, don't worry. I'm not going to let anything happen to you. Dean coughed, blood now coming up into his mouth. Isobel smiled at him, her clothing splattered with his blood as she began rip him open like he was a tin can. Dean's grip on the carpet began to loosen as he felt his strength leaving him and his mind slowly slipping into darkness. All Dean felt was pain and he just wanted it all to stop. He couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly Dean felt a large tear as Isobel ripped his stomach muscles clean open and pulled her child out of him. Isobel held her blood soaked child in her arms and looked down at Dean with a smile on her face. It was a smile that Dean wanted to see so badly in his lifetime, it was a smile of pure happiness of having a child.

Isobel-"You've done well for a man Dean, but it's too bad you have to die now."

Isobel muttered something in Latin that Dean didn't understand before snapping her fingers over his body. Dean gave a finial agonizing scream before going limp on the floor, his head rolling to the side, and his eyes slowly closing. His fists unclamped from the carpet, and after a few moments Dean's chest stopped rising and falling. He was dead, finally in peace, but someone had other plans. Isobel cradled her child gently in her arms, pulling the bed sheet away from the mattress and cleaning her child off with it. She smiled down at the baby girl.

Isobel-"Isn't that right Lillian? Daddy was a bad boy."

Isobel laughed hard and kicked Dean's ribs for her own pleasure. She turned to leave when suddenly she came face to face with Wolf. Isobel let out a gasp and moved backwards, away from the figure that stood before her. Wolf's eyes were blazing with hatred and anger. She wasn't a ghost or a spirit, Wolf was an Angelic soul looking for a body to inhabit and Isobel's child was the one she was taking.

Isobel-"No it can't be. You were killed…"

Wolf smiled, her green eyes cutting holes through Isobel like lazar beams. She was here for two things and two things only. To bring her brother back and to kill the bitch that tortured him for nine months. Wolf walked towards Isobel and Isobel kept backing away.

Wolf-"I gave you a warning. I told you to never lay another hand on my family, and you didn't listen bitch. Now you're going to pay with your life. So you can go to hell along with your damn demon baby."

Golden angel wings unfolded from Wolf's back and she had Isobel within her grasp in seconds. Lillian fell from Isobel's hands and landed softly onto the bed, now starting to cry. Wolf grabbed Isobel around the throat and looked her straight into the eyes.

Wolf-"If you ever come back again I will not let you rest another day in your life! I will hunt you down and murder you like you murdered me. You are scum and even scum needs to be destroyed."

Suddenly both Isobel and Wolf were engulfed in a blinding light. Isobel screamed and began to catch fire while Wolf just laughed. Wolf kicked Isobel into the wall and she exploded on impact, sending ashes and particles everywhere. With Isobel gone Wolf turned back towards Dean's body in the floor. She quickly ran over to him and placed her hands on his stomach. Her strength was diminishing quickly but she still needed to save her brother. Wolf closed her eyes and felt a power coming from within her. She felt electricity coursing through her veins, all the way to her finger tips and back. Wolf pushed down on Dean's chest and Dean's body jumped as if it had received an electric shock, but his heart didn't start. She felt her body charging again and she slammed her hands down onto his chest harder. A blue light traveled through his entire body and Dean suddenly gasped for air, his heart now pounding madly. Wolf smiled, now out of breath and weak. She put her head on his chest and made sure his heart was still going.

Wolf-"I love you Dean, and please take care of me."

She stumbled over to Isobel's child that was lying on the bed and opened her arms. Wolf turned into a ball of light that floated into the baby's body. Wolf felt her old self fading away and her new life just beginning as Dean's daughter.


Author's note- I am in the process of writing a sequal to this story so it the first chapter should be up in a little bit. Thanks to all who read it and reviewed.