Chapter 5

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'We need your help.' Booth said to the woman that stood at the desk.

Brennan still stood frozen behind him as she eyed the woman that was wearing her labcoat. The woman wasn't facing them. But when she studied the woman's back better she didn't need a face to see who that was. Her mouth fell open in shock and her breathing hitched instantly.

It was her.

The slightly older Dr. Brennan turned around shortly so Brennan could see the changes in her face. She still had the same hairdo, although the older version of her was getting greyer. The older version looked even paler then she ever was. She looked as if she hadn't seen the sunlight for ages.

Brennan got another shock when Old Brennan's eyes went to Booth. Her eyes... Brennan swallowed...They looked so...So very cold...And...Hard...And her face looked like stone...As if she had never once laughed in her whole life.

'What do you want?' Old Brennan snapped at Booth.

Brennan swallowed. The voice sounded so...Harsh...Feelingless and cold...

'That's kind of a frightening image isn't it?' A soft voice suddenly said behind her.

Brennan didn't need to turn around to know that it was Angela.

'I don't know what the meaning of this is,' Brennan began shocked as she stepped away from Angela and from the whole scene that was going on in front of her.

'But that...' Brennan raised her finger to the other Brennan as if it was a robot or an alien. That was definitely not her!

'That isn't me!' She exclaimed with a pain filled voice.

Angela had a very solemn and casual look on her face as she looked from Brennan to the others. 'It is you,' She said simply.

'No it is not!' Brennan snapped angrily. ' I am not like that!'

She could almost cry! She knew that she had problems with people, that she could be hard, and maybe sometimes a bit cold because she didn't care what others thought about her. But that had changed already right? She was changing a bit, and she had friends! Angela, Zack, Hodgins and Booth, they were her friends. They understood her! They didn't think like that about her.

Brennan walked to the door that was closed now. She almost bumped into it when she tried to open it quickly but it didn't budge.

'O this is great!' Brennan shouted at fake Angela. A fake smile appeared on Brennan's face as she turned towards Angela. 'Are you going to tell me now that I can't get out anymore !' She asked sarcastically. First it took her ages to get in, and now she was actually locked in!

Angela didn't answer.

'What do you want from me ?!' Brennan snapped at Angela, almost feeling desperate. She was careful to avoid looking at her old self, at the cold and lifeless shell that she had become. And at Booth, how he acted towards her like that. One of her best friends...That hurt her immensely. The two of them were still talking to each other. They didn't seem to notice the other two women in the room. It was like they weren't even there. It seemed like she was watching a movie. Brennan's pain stricken face went from Booth back to Angela.

'Why is Booth acting like that? Why is—' How should she call herself? 'That woman that is supposed to be me, acting like that ?!'

'You keep asking me questions which I can not answer. It's you who has to find the answers to the questions. I am just here to...Well, let's just say, to guide you.'

'I'll tell you something you failed-Angela-copy. You are doing a bad job at pretending to be Angela, and so are they!' She snapped angrily as she pointed at Booth and at the other Brennan. 'You should have hired better actors!'

Angela smiled. Which made her receive another angry glare from Brennan. But that didn't bother her.

'It's good to see that you care. Care about what these people think about you. That's a good sign, Brennan.'

'They would never be like that to me! I can assure you that. If you just let me talk to them, I'll show you,' Brennan said. Her voice sounded very sure of that.

Angela thought for a moment and then nodded. 'Okay, if that is what you want. You are free to go anywhere you want from now on. Under one condition.'

'And that is?' Brennan asked as she felt hope well up in her chest, there seemed to be a way out of this!

'That you talk to both Angela and Booth.'

Brennan frowned. She didn't understand why Angela wanted that condition. But then again, it didn't really matter. She was able to talk to them now. That would change everything!

'Good.' Brennan said quickly as she turned her back towards Angela.

'You can still go back Brennan. Is this really what you want?' She heard Angela ask at her back.

But Brennan ignored her. She had things to do.

The door opened easily this time and Brennan walked fast through the hallway to the one person she knew would understand her, would listen to her; to the real Angela.


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