Ten years. It had been ten long years. And now just when he thought she could help it all came crashing down around him. Walking into the room and sitting himself down in front of the screen he found himself unable to think, unable to figure out why, why now? Why when he needed her again, needed her the most did it have to end up this way?

After years of work, years of protecting others he found himself stumbling across an old friend. One that he had many encounters with years before when she was on the run trying to protect herself.

It was his fault it had happened, and she reminded him constantly after they had first met face to face. Before then he had hidden himself, only watching, directing her to the next place, sending her to help others that were in danger.

It was his fault she had to run, his fault they had caught her, his fault when she was hurt, but every time he would help her, every time he would arrange for someone to be there to help her.

When she was in danger it was then that he had revealed his identity. It had taken a lot for him to do that, a lot for him to present himself in person knowing that she wouldn't believe it was him, knowing that she wouldn't believe a kid. But she did and they became close, working together to stop disasters, working together to protect the country.

Sometimes they couldn't help, sometimes they were too late and good people, and people who they knew were killed because of what they knew, because of who they knew.

Once they had brought the organisation down they knew it was time to move on, she had been offered a position within a government security agency whilst he decided to remain anonymous and continue with his life that he had.

"We'll keep in touch" she had said as she was leaving

"No doubt" he replied

"I'll see you around"

"That you shall" he paused as she climbed into her car "I'll be following your footprints" he yelled as she drove away

And now she was gone, they had finally succeeded in what they always aimed for.

And now they were back and he needed to find someone able enough to take her place.