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Chopped Liver

Summary: Companion story to One Cupcake Over the Line, Catlady. Must read it to understand this one. This is Goldberg's view of the situation after he figures out what is going on.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Julie had ran out of the cafeteria quickly after dinner. She had been doing that a lot over the previous few months. I know the saying goes curiosity kills that cat, but in my case, it was curiosity about the cat. I let it get the best of me and I followed her one evening.

I felt relieved when I saw that she had went back to her dorm. I figured that meant that everything was okay and there was nothing to worry about. How wrong I had been. I had been about to leave when I heard the gagging sound coming from inside Julie's room. I knocked softly, but there had been no answer. I slowly creaked the door open and stepped inside. Julie was nowhere to be seen and I reasoned that she was in the bathroom. The bathroom door was only half closed. I peeked inside and what I saw horrified me. I've yet to be able to shake the image of Julie, standing over the toilet, her finger stuck down her throat, gagging herself. I heard her say six words, "One cupcake over the line, Catlady."

I wanted to stop her, but I froze. My stomach churned as I walked out of the room. I didn't tell anyone what I saw. I knew exactly why I didn't tell them, but I didn't want to admit the reason. Besides, who would have believed me anyway?

Realization hit me later that night. The truth was undeniable. Julie was bulimic and of course, like always, it was my fault. It was my jealousy of her that brought me to do what I did and it was the reason I didn't tell anyone what I saw. I tried my damnedest to blame Averman, it was him who gave me the idea, but no matter how hard I tried, it always came back to me. I had bought her the tray of goodies, I had presented them to her as a congratulatory gift, and I had offered to be her nutritional advisor. Then I had done the worst thing ever, I had mocked her. I drove Julie to do what she did. "One cupcake over the line, Catlady." It wasn't Averman's words that she had repeated. They were mine. Julie was doing this because I didn't want to admit that, compared to her, I was "chopped liver."

That incident had been nearly a year ago. I knew it was wrong, but I kept what I saw to myself. None of the other Ducks figured it out, at least not until last week. I still felt the guilt, but somehow, it didn't bother me. I was actually feeling glad about it.

I glanced down at Julie, lying peacefully in her coffin. "Sorry Catlady, but I can't be chopped liver."

The End.

Wow. That didn't turn out the way I meant for it to. Goldberg wasn't meant to be like that, but that was where my musings took me. Oh well, I think it worked out better this way. Please review and give me your input.