Summary: Sakura tries to fill the void in her life caused by the absence of her comrades. In her search she finds herself facing grave danger, new love, and difficult choices. SakuraTenten YURI.

A/N: Well it's time for my second fanfic, if you haven't read the other one, than… well, you really aren't missing much. This one is Sakura X Tenten, with the focus on Sakura. This pairing isn't as interesting to me as Hinata X Temari, so I'm going to make this one have more drama and action and stuff instead of being just pure romance (though that's still in there too). Hopefully I'll also fix some of the flaws the last fic had. Also, If you are really slow and haven't noticed yet, this is a yuri (girl/girl) fanfic, and eventually it will get quite graphic, so yeah I hope you enjoy it.

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The pink haired kunoichi known as Sakura Haruno stared blankly across the vast, open scenery. The young girl was lonely. With all the stresses of her studying, Sakura hadn't realized this simple fact before. Now, as her skill as a medical ninja had improved, and her lessons with Tsunade were coming to take up less and less of her life, this fact was excruciatingly obvious. It had been somewhere around two years since that bastard, Sauske, had betrayed her and left to train with that other bastard Orochimaru. Naruto had also left to undergo some private training with Jiraiya. As her mastery of her skills improved, and her free time grew, Sakura realized how much she really missed these two. She missed Sauske. True, he was a bastard, and a traitor and he didn't seem to care about Sakura in the least, at least not in the way Sakura desired, but the girl couldn't help but feel the same hopeful longing for him that she did whilst he was still here; only now this feeling had been intensified by his absence in her life. She also missed Naruto. Sure, he was loud, and he was annoying, and as dense as a fence post, but she knew that he had a pure heart was unyielding in his will; she didn't like to admit it but she really admired him and what he did. Now they were gone, and Sakura was alone, and sometimes amidst loneliness you find out who you really are.

"My dearest Sakura may I have a word with you." A familiar voice echoed from behind the young girl.

"What! Oh, it's you Lee." Sakura turned, surprised at the sound, but finished with a sigh upon seeing the figure of Rock Lee behind her. "So what do you want today, Lee."

"Sakura, today you shall become my girlfriend!" Rock Lee gave an odd, enthusiastic smile as he spoke.

"Uh… not more of this crap, Lee. I've told you a thousand times before that I'm not interest-…" Sakura cut herself off abruptly. She thought for a moment. Hadn't she just spent like a whole freakin' hour miserably contemplating her loneliness? Why shouldn't she go out with Lee, Naruto and Sauske likely wouldn't be back soon, and she had seen in the past that Lee was a good person despite his obvious quirks.

"Actually, I think I might be interested in going out with you, Lee." Sakura said with an overdone fake smile.

"R-Really? You really said yes." Lee had a look of shock about his face.


"Very well then, I shall show you a truly romantic time, my sweet, sweet Sakura." Lee spoke with new enthusiasm.

Sakura gave a reluctant sigh; this was sure to be an interesting night.

The date went less than ideally. Sakura could tell that Lee was trying hard, infinitely harder than necessary. He would constantly read her poetry, all of which she was the subject of, and all of which was quite terrible. The dinner was nice, but that was only because, Lee had sprung for one of the nicest restaurants in Konoha village. She really kind of felt sorry for Lee; sure he was a nice guy, and sure he tried harder than anyone Sakura had ever met before, but those features were beginning to seem like faults more than strengths over the course of the evening. As the evening came to a close, Lee had offered to walk Sakura home and she had accepted.

"So did you have a good time tonight, my dear, sweet Sakura." Lee spoke with his usual bizarre energy.

"I-I… Lee, I'm sorry, but I don't think its going to work out between us. You are a wonderful person, and a good friend but I don't think I'm ready to enter this sort of relationship with you." Sakura spoke warmly, trying not to hurt Lee.

"If that is how you feel, Sakura, then I understand. I shall withdraw for now, but my love for you will continue to burn with al of its intensity and passion and someday you shall be mine." Lee said, not losing any of his enthusiasm as he left Sakura to herself.

Rather than continue home Sakura decided to once more venture to the open hill she had visited that morning. She needed to think. Sauske… Naruto, was that all she could think about? Was falling in love impossible for her? Sure, Rock Lee wasn't a very good representation of a normal man, but Sakura had felt absolutely nothing from the supposedly romantic experience. Sakura somehow doubted she had ever truly felt feelings like that, even with Sauske or Naruto. She was fifteen years old now; she had supposedly reached full maturity of her body and mind. Other girls her age had been discovering love left and right. She knew that Ino had moved on from Sauske, and had seen many loves since then. Why couldn't she do the same? Was she even envious of Ino's broken love life? Sakura laughed at how pathetic she was.

"Hey, Sakura, what are you doing out here so late." A female voice came from behind her.

"Oh. Tenten, how long have you been there?" Sakura nodded at the other girl.

"Long enough to see that something's really bugging you." Tenten replied with a concerned look.

"I-its nothing… I just have a lot more time to think about things now." Sakura sighed and frowned with her words.

"So you began to realize how lonely you are with your teamates gone, that's why you decide to actually go out with Lee today."

"Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I somehow doubt I'll ever find what I want." Sakura sighed.

"I know Lee's kind of weird, but he is actually a pretty nice guy if you give him a chance…" Tenten started.

"You think I don't know that, Lee is a wonderful guy, he's kind, he's determined, he's honest to himself and others, and would gladly do anything for anyone, but somehow I felt nothing in front of him. Don't you see it's not him it's me who is the weird one, as much as I want to I can't feel anything." Sakura panted under her breath, as she finished her rant, tears streamed down her cheek.

"It's okay, Sakura, there will be someone for you eventually, you just haven't found them yet. You know you're still young and plenty of time to find love. You should probably go home and get some sleep; you'll feel better in the morning, Okay." Tenten gave a friendly smile and put her hand on Sakura's shoulder as she spoke.

"Thank you, Tenten, at least I'm not lost when it comes to finding good friends." Sakura replied with an equally kind smile.

As the two girls concluded their conversation a harsh, chilling wind blew through the night sky; suddenly the two young women were no longer alone. A heavily cloaked figure emerged from the shadow of the forest's edge. Soon Tenten had noticed the swiftly approaching figure.

"Who's there?" Tenten yelled as she faced the oddly cloaked figure with a battle ready look.

The figure soon came into focus, but that did anything but make its identity clear. This person, if it was a person, wore a long black cloak that covered every inch of its large frame from head to toe. The women could sense that this figure had an unfamiliar and uncomfortably high chakra about it.

"My, my, isn't it a little late for the two of you to be out." A dark, male tone came from the figure, a certain malicious purpose lingered in the words.

"Who are you?" Tenten yelled clutching a scroll at her side.

"Hmmm…. You sure are a lovely specimen, yes truly beautiful; I shall enjoy adding your beauty to my collection." Though the man's face was impossible to see through the cloak, Sakura knew that he spoke of her.

"You better not lay a finger on her! Or you'll regret it!" Tenten activated the seal on her scroll calling forth a rather large katana from her arsenal of weapons.

"You on the other hand are the type that truly tests my patience, I see no use for you." The man spoke of Tenten this time as the girl forcefully launched the sword at him. The blade moved cleanly on its track, and found its way deep inside the cloaked figure which made no effort to block it. The sword passed straight through its target, and fell to the floor as if he wasn't eventhere.

"What is he an illusion?" Sakura looked on in fear.

"I don't know... No! he can't be. No illusion has this much chakra." Tenten responded equally as fearfully.

"You are going to learn, poor girl, that attacking me is not the best of ideas." The man spoke in an angry tone at the older chunin. He charged Tenten at incredible speed, before forcefully slapping the girl to the ground with his hand. Tenten fell to the ground in incredible pain, this man had incredible strength, far greater than her own. Still running was not an option, she had just witnessed this man's speed, there was no escape, she would be forced to fight to protect Sakura and herself.

"Is that all you got, a weak little slap, It'll take more than that to take me out, you bastard." Tenten spoke with incredible strength and passion, though her words did not hide her pain. She was bleeding from the lip, a vicious bruise across her face, her trademark hairstyle had been jostled out of place by the incredible force, and her hair now flowed freely down her back. There against the moonlight she stood strong and proud as she prepared several more weapons. Sakura couldn't help but notice how strong a person Tenten was, and how all of this was on her account, and how the gentle shine of the moonlight accentuated Tenten's beauty against the pitch black sky. Now innumerable weapons encircled this girl, the original katana she held clenched in her hands.

"I will not let you harm my friend! It is time for you to die!" Tenten shouted fiercely as she began to assault the strange man with her weapons. A warm feeling encircled Sakura as she heard her friend's words and watched her struggle. The weapons flew at the man one after another;he only moved slightly as he was assaulted by the barrage; Sakura watched in terror as every weapon passed straight through the man. As her barrage neared its end, Tenten leapt forward at the man, sword in hand, and slashed straight through the cloaked figure. Though her blade passed freely through the man, she noticed it was met with some resistance, as if she was passing through some sort of liquid or dense gas. Tenten caught her balance and wasted no time inleaping once more,now from behind at the man with her sword in hand once more.

"Don't you see that it is futile? My shadow cloak makes damaging me impossible. Give up; there is nothing you can do to defeat me." The man spoke in a mocking tone, making no movement to avoid the incoming attack. At the height of her jump, rather than see the slash through, Tenten launched the sword, as well as a volley of three shuriken at their opponent, and did a back flip to the ground. The odd man caught the sword in his hand and let the three shuriken pass straight through him.

"I've grown tired of this pathetic display. Now lucky for you I am not in the position where it would be wise for me to kill you." The man once more charged forward at incredible speed, and delivered an even fiercer slap to Tenten, sending her flying a few feet onto the ground. The man had now returned to Sakura's side, and put a hand to her shoulder.

"Get away from me you freak. I'm a shinobi too; don't think you can just kidnap me without a fight." Sakura spoke with a scared, upset look on her face as she brandished a kunai with a shaky hand.

"Well now, I was under the impression that you weren't in the right mood to fight, or that you were smart enough to realize that it is hopeless. Come, I have lost my patience for such things, let us go." The man clenched Sakura by her hand forcefully, making her drop the knife; with his other hand he did a series of ninja signs. Tenten watched on in fear as the pink haired girl and the evil man disappeared into a misty black shadow.

A/N: So yeah, that's chapter one. Unlike my other fanfic, this one doesn't start with a random lemon. I'm gonna try harder with the story on this one, so a lemon in the first chapter didn't seem like a good idea. This fanfic will be seven chapters when finished. Now, you're probably wondering why I decided on this pairing, actually you are probably not, but I'm going to tell yo anyway. The simple reason is that I already did Hinata X Temari and didn't want to use either one of them again just yet. I also didn't want to get away from the younger kunoichi yet, so that pretty much left me with Sakura, Ino, and Tenten, and Sakura X Tenten just seemed to stand out of all the possible pairings. I also am sort of trying for a sort of joint point of view thing with Sakura and Tenten, although I don't know how it will work out. You also might of noticed that I decided to flip the character names to the Americanized style (Sakura Haruno rather than Haruno Sakura) I really don't know why though, just something random I did I guess. Well this concludes my long first chapter ending note, please review this chapter and keep reading. Peace out.