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Takara Haruno's birth was a very speacial occasion. The baby girl was of average weight and size and it was obvious to all arround that Tenten's jutsu had been quite succesfull. As it was the baby child looked near identical to her "father," save for her odd pink hair. The friends of the two were greatly confused at Takara's birth, and the nature of Sakura and Tenten's relationship (which to them seemingly appeared from no where), Sakura really didn't care what they thought, though she did tire of having to explain the whole story. No matter the origins, what the two of them had now was something truly great. Honestly Sakura couldn't help but be surprised athough wonderful her life now was. Sure she was engaged in a relationship that a lot of people looked down upon, sure she wasn't even sixteen years of age and was already a mother, but she was truly, truly happy.

Naruto Uzamaki, Sakura's teammate and friend, had returned to the village in the latter months of her preagnancy. She had yet to really spend much time catching up with him, considering her situation. A week since Takara's birth Sakura had set aside some time to do so. She had made arrangements for Tenten to look after the child that day as she went into the village.

"Hey Sakura!" An obnoxious yet familliarvoice called out to the pink haired ninja from a short distance.

"Naruto! It's been so long since we really talked." Sakura stated in an oddly enthusiatic manner, considering she was talking to Naruto.

"Actually I don't remember you ever really talking to me that much, espeacially not on purpose, that's why I thought it was odd, when you set up this meeting." Naruto said with a low laugh.

"Well... I missed you. You were gone for what seemed like forever. So you want to get some ramen or something." Sakura smiled as she spoke.

"Um... O-kay, that... sounds nice." Naruto said hesitantly, not believing the words from his teammates mouth, as the two of them left for the ramen shop.

"So did the training go well?" Sakura said softly as she ate her ramen slowly.

"Uh.. yeah. It was... great. I'm real strong... now. How 'bout... you?" Naruto spoke hastily, refusing to remove his face from the ramen bowl.

"Yeah I've gotten a lot better too. Tsunade says I'm pretty much a fullfledged medical ninja now, and I've also gotten a lot stronger. I say I'll be ready when it's time to get Sauske back." Sakura spoke with a soft grin; Naruto finally raised himself from the ramen at the sound of Sauske's name.

"You mean you are still gonna do all that. I would have thought that after all that happened to you, you would want something different now." Naruto said in a serious tone.

"Just because I found someone speacial to me, and just because I'm a mother now, doesen't mean I can go back on the promises I made to myself. I'm still a ninja, and as a ninja, I have an obligation, to fight for the sake of those I care about. I won't give up on bringing Sauske back, defeating Orochimaru, or any of that stuff. I guess somethings never change no matter what happens." Sakura spoke with a certain vibrancy.

"That is where you wrong, Sakura. it's like you changed itno a completely different person. The old Sakura wasn't this strong. The old Sakura would of given up, if she had an easy way out." Naruto said cooly.

"I guess I really have changed. It's only been two and a half years, and I don't even remember the person I was back then..." Sakura shook her head as she spoke.

"Well I suppose things are bound to change so much with all you been through." Naruto said with a smile.

"Yeah I have gone through a lot, haven't I?" Sakura laughed.

"Yep. When you first told me your story, I din't even believe you. I mean you getting kidnapped, and raped, and finding your sexuality, and falling in love, and finding out your pregnant, and having baby. I mean I have trouble keeping it all straight." Naruto said simply.

"I guess it is a rather complex story." Sakura gave a embarrased laugh.

"Well maybe you could recount certain parts of it to me again, maybe this time with more detail." Naruto gave a slight smirk to the girl.

"Sure, what parts?" The young mother spoke with a grin.

"How about the part when... you were kidnapped, and that woman raped you before setting you free... or maybe the time when you and Tenten first got together... yeah that's probably a good part." Naruto gave a hard laugh at the reaction on the kunoichi's face.

"Now, why would you want a more detailed description of those parts, Naruto? And Why do you think I would actually give you one?" Sakura said with a malicious look in her eye.

"Um... well... Maybe you could istead, give me some like videotapes of you two or something?" The young shinobi replied jokingly.

"Do you think we actually would videotape ourselves?" Sakura yelled angrily.

"Well if you did, you could make a lot of money ya know. Well, how about photos?" Naruto continued, his smirk widening greatly until it was disturbed by Sakura's fist to his face.

"I suppose some people never change, and here for a moment I thought you had actually become more mature." Sakura said indignatly. The two continued to laugh and talk for a while, before the two left the ramen shop and parted ways. Sakura soon found her way back to the new appartment which her and Tenten shared.

"Ah you're home, so did you have a nice day, Sakura." Tenten said with a loving smile.

"Yeah, Naruto's the same as always." Sakura smiled back.

"Is that neccesarily a good thing?" Tenten laughed.

"Well, to tell the truth, if someone like him were to change all that much, I wouldn't know what to do." Sakura gave an energetic laugh.

"Yeah. I see your point. There are some things in life you just have to take for granted." Tenten said sighingly.

"So how was your day, Tenten?" Sakura asked cheerfully.

"Good. It's hard work taking care of a baby like this." Tenten said softly.

"Well you better enjoy it, 'cause I somehow doubt we'll be having another one." Sakura said simply.

"Ha, you're right. Unless you want to get raped again." Tenten replied jokingly.

"Yeah... I think I'll be skipping that. So where's Takara now?" The pink haired girl asked inquisitavely.

"She just fell asleep right before you got here." Tenten said with a sensual smile about her lips.

"Oh really... I suppose this would be the ideal time then." Sakura gave a sigh as she gently closed in toward her lover.

"My thoughts exactly." Tenten moaned as she moved in to press her lips to those of her beloved. The two lingered in a loving kiss, pressing their tongues vibrantly against each other. Tenten moved her hand through Sakura's hair before resting at the side of her face, while Sakura began to feel the contours of the other girl's back as she pulled her in closer, forcing their warm bodies to press against each other. Tenten finished the kiss with some hard and sexual gnashes of her teeth againt the girl's mouth before pulling back to remove Sakura's shirt.

Sakura had been working hard to get rid of her excess weight, and had been largely succesful, though her breasts had become noticeably swollen from the weight of child, much to Tenten's delight. Tenten rubbed her hands gently down the younger girl's body carefully massaging her neck and shoulders, before reaching for her chest. She gave a soft lick across her lover's frame, gently encircling the girls swollen nipple with her tongue before attatching her mouth to it in a soft suck, eliciting a pleasant moan from the pink haired ninja. Tenten moved her hand slowly to pull at the remaing garments adorning the other, which Sakura quickly removed. Tenten removed her self from Sakura's breast, and went in to kiss the other girl yet again; Sakura could taste the smooth warmth of her mother's milk upon Tenten's lips as the girl passionately moved her tounge through the insides of her mouth.

Tenten undressed quickly, throwing her clothes to the floor. Sakura ran a line of kisses down her lover's neck along the sensual contours of here body then toward the soft flesh of her breast, which she licked and bit at for a while, before running her hands down the other's body, splitting her legs gently. Without a moment's hesitation Sakura pressed her mouth to the young girl's most sensitive area. Passionately, she moved her tongue up against the inside of the core of Tenten's pussy, focusing intently on bringing pleasure to her lovers clit. The pink haired girl moved her hands sensually across Tenten's body as she bathed her tongue in the warm sexual fluids and took pleasure in the sound of the girl's passionate moans growing harder and harder under the intense undulating motion of her licks. Tenten gave a gasp and grasped visciously at the fabric of the bed which she sat upon as she felt the varying degrees of pressure against her clitoris. All the while she looked on lovingly at the soft pink hair pressed in between her legs. A deep moan rang out and the younger girl was soon greeted by a fierce burst of climactic juices, which she in an instant struggled to lick up.

Sakura raised herself to Tenten's level upon the bed, and the brunette wasted little time in greeting the other with a deep kiss, all the while rubbing the gentle outline of her soft frame. After a moment of passion Tenten moved to obtain an object from the side of their bed, a short section of an old, broken staff, it was relatively thick, made of a hard wood, carefully finished, and decorated by many raised characters. The sixteen year old then kneeled in front of her lover, gave a short series of deeply passionate licks to her sex spot, before inserting the ornate staff deep inside the other girl. Sakura gave a high moan as she felt the hard ridges of the staff etch against her insides, under Tenten's soft, but deeply pleasuring touch. The pink haired girl watched the careful motion of her lover's wrist as she moved her own hand to the girl's face, pulling it toward her so as to look into the other's beautiful brown eyes, the same eyes that now belonged to her daughter.

Sakura moans became higher and longer, signifyng she was close to climax. Tenten took careful notice of this and as was usual, increased her intensity with the staff several fold, before removing it all together to finish Sakura off with her tongue. An instant after pressing her tongue into the girl's core Tenten found herself licking the pleasant result of her lover's orgasm off of her face. The two met once more in a hard kiss Tenten atop Sakura, their bodies pressed together as their tongues fought within their mouths. Tenten soon pulled away a trail of a mixture of sexual fluid and spit still connecting her to the other as she sat up.

"You know you're amazing. You just keep getting better and better." Tenten said softly.

"It's just that you're still not use to me being my normal size again." Sakura smiled back sensually.

"You're probably right... Well, I think I'll go check to see if Takara's awake yet." Tenten spoke smoothly.

"You do that." Sakura cooed back lovingly. as she crawled into the bed still reveling in Tenten's lovely taste upon her lips.

As she lay there, Sakura thought to herself. She had been through a lot. She was someone different then she was before. No more a sad girl plagued by unrecieved desires, impractical dreams, unrealized emotion, and unwanted loneliness. Yes, for the first time in her young life, Sakura Haruno was happy. She had found someone to love, some one to treasure. Though Sakura realized it was otherwise, she couldn't help but think that this current life was absolutely perfect. In the very least, the young girl knew that she would never be alone again.

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