White Lines

A/N: Like most of my one-shots this one just came to me while listening to a song. I've always wanted to write one of those a character leaves, returns and has a romantic reunion fics. So when I heard Alexz Johnson's 'White Lines', I couldn't resist. It was the perfect song and perfect inspiration. I want to include the lyrics but am worried my story will be pulled. However if you can download it I fully recommend listening to it while reading this.

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She was coming back. After a year away from home, away from her friends, away from him she was coming back. She was coming home. She hoped that they would be home when she got there. She didn't relish the idea of returning to an empty Tower. She was actually looking forward to a big reunion. My, how she had changed.

She told them she needed a break. Told them that the whole ordeal with the Brotherhood had been too much for her. Told Robin that she just couldn't take another end of the world crisis. She just needed sometime to regroup, to gather herself again. She was falling apart. He told her to take her time. That they all needed to get away sometimes, they all needed to forget. That they all needed to clear their heads from time to time, that her place would be safe while she was away.

She knew he told Cyborg and Star that same story she'd told him. The same story she'd tried to tell Gar. Unfortunately those animal senses of his could sniff out a lie twenty feet away. He wanted the truth. She told him. She needed to get away from him. She needed some space. Needed to put some distance between the two of them and their burgeoning relationship. She needed distance between her heart and her head, since neither seemed to be listening to her anymore. She told him that they were playing with fate, that they were too close to the edge of something big, trying to build something that couldn't last, wouldn't survive. He had smiled at her then. It was a smile that lit up her soul. Told her that if she felt they were moving to fast and she needed space then she should go. Go and make sure she knew what she wanted. He'd still be here when she returned.

She left early in the morning. She didn't want a huge amount of hoop-lah on her last day. Instead she simply grabbed her bags, her bus ticket, and left. No good-byes, no tears, no nothing. Just a swish of her cloak and whoosh of the door, and she was gone.

She chose the bus on purpose. She knew that since the ticket destination was on the other side of the border there'd be many stops in between. Many places to lose her self and to forget what she was leaving. She planned on getting off at a random town and disappearing for as long as it took for her to regain control. Regain control of herself, her emotions, her head, and her heart.

She stayed on the bus for hours. Ignoring the looks of the passengers around who were obviously wondering what in world she was wearing a cape for in this heat. She watched the ground as the bus drove onward. Watched the white lines on the rode as they rolled underneath the tires. She tried counting them for a while, to see how many it took for her to stop missing them. How many it took to stop missing him. She was at 89,624 when she finally could count no more.

She didn't know where she was when she finally got off. Mexico was unfamiliar to her and that made her uncomfortable. As did the seemingly oppressive heat that was bearing down on her. Her first move was changing her clothes. After she found a place to stay that is. She hoped that the dusty little town she was in would at least have a hotel. She wasn't good at getting strangers to trust her and had no other back up plan. She was for once playing it by ear. She was for once completely on her own.

She managed. For a whole year she managed to survive. Learning the language was easy enough, and after that it was a small leap to getting a job. Her apartment was small, quiet, and completely hers. She was doing okay. By day that is. It was at night that she struggled. She dreamed of them. Dreamed of him. She held him when she slept. They took journeys and traveled through space in her dreams. They rode the stars together. She kissed him when she slept. In her dreams the kisses made the stars glow brighter, the sun shined harder. In her dreams she could let go, she could lose control. She could do anything in her dreams.

It was the dreams that drove her back home. The dreams that persuaded her to buy a ticket this time going in the opposite direction of where she was. She once again left without a goodbye. Gathered her sparse belongings and boarded the bus. Let it lead her back home. She watched the ground again; watched the white lines and the headlights that toiled on by. Counted the lines wondering how many it would take to bring her home. She was at 856,973 when the bus finally pulled into Jump City. When the white lines finally brought her back home.

A/N:This isn't the end. I have at least two more chapters planned. The next on is from Beastboy's pov. I hope you all liked this. And please, if I write the next chapter and find out that multi-part stories aren't my thing, don't kill me for trying something new.