The CD drawer popped open with a click, spitting out a plain silver disc. Tommy snatched it up before Jude could get it first, waving it above her petite form and chuckling when she bounced impatiently on her heels.

"Come on Tommy, just let me hold it! It's mine!" Jude whined, fingers brushing against it briefly.

He laughed again, transferring it to his other hand and hiding it behind his back. "No way, girl. I'm your producer, therefore it's allll mine," he teased.

Jude pouted her lips, slinking up to his side and settling her hands on his hips. "Please?" she cooed, lashes batting coyly.

"What are you going to give me if I do?" he purred, still holding the CD out of her reach. "I mean, it's your third album...pretty valuable, I think. There are tons of people who are just waiting to get their hands on-"

She shut him up with a kiss, her hands sliding up to settle on his waist. Just a little higher...

"Ha! Got it!" she cried, breaking the kiss and hopping backwards with the CD in hand. Tommy grinned, not really caring who had the damn thing.

"You DO know that you can't just kiss me every time you want something, right?" he said, shoving his hands into his pockets and widening his smile when he saw how happy she was. He loved nothing more than seeing Jude smile, and the way she looked right now made his world complete.

"Why not?" she said with a laugh, winking. She gathered up her journal and slipped into her jacket, pulling her now-blonde locks out of the collar. "It's worked pretty well for the past year or two. Just admit it,'re whipped."

Tommy rolled his eyes, ducking down to give her a peck on the lips. "Whatever, Harrison. I don't see a ball and chain anywhere," he grinned. "Don't forget to drop that off in Georgia's office on the way out, ok?"

"Sure thing, babe," she replied, heading out the door. "Don't forget to be on time for my pre-release slash 'I'm finally freakin' eighteen' dinner tonight, 'k? Be ready at 9 o'clocksharp!" She blew him a kiss on her way out, disappearing in a flash of blonde and black leather.

Tommy watched her go with a small smile, his fingers brushing against the small velvet jewelry box that was burning a hole in his pocket.

"I'm more ready than you'll ever know, girl."

Thanks for reading, you guys; I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget, "Hide and Seek" should be out and up soon!