To Stare At Nothing

By Krylancelo

Chapter 1: Nalcon Injection

Seimei's strong voice was the first thing Soubi Agasuma heard as he slowly woke into the world. Bright sunlight momentarily forced the man's piercing blue eyes to close once again, and his strong hand lifted to shield his face from the harsh light. The man sighed since he knew it was futile to try and stay in bed this morning. He had either two choices, get up in a timely manner or be forced to either listen to the fierce anger of Seimei in private or the soft rebuttal of Ritsuka later in the day. All choices seemed somewhat appealing in their own way though the non-choice of staying in all day was the most tempting to the still slightly disoriented artist.

More words could be heard coming from the kitchen area and Soubi smiled contently for a moment before lifting his long form out of the bed and sitting up to stare at the cracked door. Wearing only long, black pants and an open, button up grey nightshirt, the 22 year old man systematically stretched to get all the kinks out from his tired body.
The battle last night had ended with Seimei being injured and Soubi gaining a few cuts and bruises as well. As the fighter though back to it, he frowned and pushed his pace to dress in a timely manner. Very soon, he stood in a light, blue shirt with grey pants that nearly covered up his socked feet. He stretched his arms once more over his head then relaxed his posture so he would not upset his sacrifice.

Walking out of the room and into the hall, he paused to admire a picture that was taken recently. Soubi shook his head as he marveled at how things had changed in the past two years that he had known Ritsuka.

The young sacrifice had grown a bit and now nearly reached his mid chest. Ritsuka's face still had that strong, desiring look that scared both Soubi and Seimei to be very protective of the boy. Sweet looking cat ears and a tail still graced the younger Ayogi's features, but Ritsuka seemed stronger and more sure of himself since he had stopped living with his mother.

The other person in the picture, Seimei, had both hands wrapped protectively against his little brother's shoulders. Seimei had come back nearly a year ago, and though no one really understood what was going on in the elder Ayogi's head at all times. It wasn't hard to just accept him as he was and learn to put the past behind them. Ritsuka had given up asking what had happened months ago and Soubi didn't have the courage to disobey his master once the order to shut up had been given. The topic, while closed, still was always in the back of his head whenever he dealt with his once missing counterpart.

Longer hair, cat ears and tail suspiciously missing, and a determined spirit to keep his little brother safe from harm, seemed to be the most noticeable changes when it came to Seimei's strong demeanor. The 22 year old, while not having attended any college, had become quite adapt at the piano and played at a level most people longed for. He had a part time job at a small club that wasn't too far from Ritsuka's school, which allowed him to walk his little brother home every once and a while.

It had been a bit of a strain to see Seimei again, especially since Soubi had been one of the few to have 'seen' his death. Nothing really made sense to him, but he wasn't complaining.

Soubi's smile quickly faded as he made his way into the kitchen. He lazily leaned against a countertop and spoke.

"Your going to be late if you keep talking." He said amusedly with a rich voice that made Ritsuka turn to face him.Surprised violet eyes widened then narrowed as Soubi noticed the boy's tail flare up slightly.

"You could have told me that earlier!" Ritsuka retorted back, then stood up from the kitchen table and winced at the time on the clock.

"More like are late." Seimei said with a sigh before he ruffled Ritsuka's hair in a swift movement of his hand. He then lowered his hand to his brother's mid back and gave a small push towards the door.

"See you later, and don't get lost in conversation on the way back, I need Soubi too!" Seimei said good naturedly, and smirked when he saw his little brother stumble forward. Soubi easily steadied the flustered boy with one hand, then nodded toward the door.

Ritsuka sighed then walked out the front door to start his trek to the school. He was an eight grader in middle school and he despised how nearly everyone still babied him.

Once Ritsuka had left the modest house and was out of earshot, Soubi sighed then pulled a chair up to sit in.

"He's going to get caught up in another detention if he's late, again." He said knowingly, then turned his head to stare at Seimei.

"Your chuckling… Seimei?" He asked, quite perplexed as to what got the usually stern Seimei to crack a laugh.

"Oh, just you. Acting like a mother hen, I think you've been a good influence on my little brother. Or something. He just can't seem to get out of bed in the morning's either." Seimei said sarcastically, and Soubi felt his face heat up.

He quickly turned his head to look at the clock and to try and drown out Seimei's merry mockings.

The time was 8:15, Ritsuka really was late. A fleeting wish that he would be able to walk Ritsuka home today slowly broke down as he remembered his new job needed his body for the afternoon. He didn't like working at the gallery but it was good pay and an easy job. Now if he could only get away long enough in the afternoons. All he did was give tours, but really, couldn't they give him a lousy 15 minutes break? For a moment he felt depressed and sighed once more.

Today was going to be long.

Ritsuka glared at nothing in particular as his history teacher droned on about something or other that held no interest to the young boy. Dark cat ears flicked this way and that, easily showing off his boredom. He turned to his left for a moment and saw Yuiko wink at him then point to the clock. Ritsuka suppressed a smile which quickly turned into a frown. He'd been late again and the teacher, Mrs. Nowasaki, had easily given him detention. Their first period was almost over, and Ritsuka knew Yukio was anxious to get to her next class. Crafts, go figure, he though, then sunk further into his chair.

By lunch time Ritsuka had already finished all of his early classes homework, including the abysmal reading he had been assigned from history. Yuiko and Yayoi both gave the dark haired boy worried glances as Ritsuka put his book back into his bag.

"Ne, ne, Ritsuka-kun. You haven't eaten, you should, really!" Yuiko said, and Ritsuka felt guilty to see real concern etched onto her face.

"I'm not hungry, and I had a lot of homework to do. I'll eat dinner tonight, don't worry." He said, feeling guilty once again when his two friends gave him looks that said they didn't quite believe him.

As lunch time ended, Yayoi noticed that Ritsuka really hadn't touched his food for the day. The lunch had been thrown into the trash can by the end of the meal time, and the long haired boy had followed Ritsuka to their next class, gym. Both boys changed silently in the locker rooms, but each had the same goal.

There was no way they were going to look dumb in front of Yuiko in gym.

Ritsuka had more reason than just wanting to impress his best friend. He also knew that she was worried and by looking good in fitness class she would be more inclined to think he was fine. Yayoi just wanted her for his girlfriend.

The gym teacher said "run." and Ritsuka ran, hard. The teacher said do push ups, pull ups, and sit ups, and Ritsuka did it without complaint. After nearly an hour of working out, class was finally over and Ritsuka made sure to be last into the bathroom. His heart was racing, but he decided that he was going to be fine. He made it to his last class of the day late, and Yayoi wondered what had kept him.

Ritsuka ran out to the restroom right after school ended. He knew Soubi wasn't coming to get him and his older brother had a performance to do. No one would notice if he was a little late to something like detention. Well, at least he hoped they wouldn't.

Mrs. Nawosaki rapped her knuckles on the table as she waited and waited for her tardy student to show. After 15 minutes of being late her dark eyes swiveled to the door that hesitantly opened to reveal the thin, panting boy named Ritsuka Ayogi.

"Sorry, I got caught up with some friends, and forgot. Sorry." Ritsuka panted out as he walked in and sat down at the desk. He looked around the room and blushed when he saw he was the only one who had detention with this teacher today.

His tail curled around the leg of his chair as he fought to keep his cool in front of the teacher.

"For being late today and also for missing half of this afternoon's detention, you will serve detention under me for the next week. Starting an hour and a half before school. Do you understand, Ayogi-san?" The teacher asked, frustrated with her student's inability to come on time.

Ritsuka balled his hands into fist on his desk and lowered his simmering, violet eyes. His tail was curled painfully tight around the chair and his back was tense.

"Yes." He gritted out, knowing that Seimei was going to be furious. The teacher smiled as she looked at her student's rigid posture.

"Good, go home then. I'll see you in the morning before it's even bright."

Soubi let his muscles' relax as he sat languid in the bathtub. He could hear the ensuing argument increasing in heat in the other room and had no interest in being part of it. He would chastise Ritsuka later for whatever sort of trouble he had gotten into later tonight. The long haired man looked at his reflection in the clear water and frowned when he remembered.

Two hours ago, around six that day, he had gotten off from work and met up with Seimei. He noticed he was being followed since that morning when he had gone off to work, but hoped that with Seimei's help he could figure out exactly who it was. A figure with a strong from and decked out in a gray and white ensemble of clothes stood before the two men. Soubi remembered that he had seen him before, the one who had attacked them only on night previous.

"I wonder if Seven Moons has forgiven it's traitors? And really, was all that sacrifice worth anything?" The black haired man wondered out loud, his tone and careless way of speaking affecting Soubi greatly.

The Fighter had to stop himself from declaring a battle. His blood was starting to boil, who was this man to say such things?

The man noticed Soubi's agitation and let a smirk mar his face. Cold, harsh lines of gauntly bone structure made a stark contrast to his long form. "Mother is only interested in one. We'll be done with your kind before long."

Soubi brushed the dizzying memories aside and got out and dressed quickly. He walked out of the small bathroom to see a slightly annoyed Ritsuka waiting by the door with his bath things.

"What took you so long?" The young man asked, purple eyes boring into Soubi's.

Soubi just shook his head and walked past the slightly miffed boy. The light haired Fighter sighed as he walked into the living room and sat bonelessly on the couch. Beside him, Seimei noticed his discomfort and lightly poked him in the side.

"What's got you off in dream land? The fight earlier? The wounds aren't bad, so that can't be it. We aren't sure about his parting words, so my guess would be that your worried about, otherwise you wouldn't have taken an hour bath." Seimei deducted, glaring slightly at the man.

Soubi sighed and leaned further into the couch's cushions. "Sometimes you read me a bit too easily. I think, we need…"

"To ask Seven Moons exactly who that guy was?" Seimei finished with a smirk, that quickly changed to a more neutral expression.

"It'll take a few days and I have no interest in bringing Ritsuka. It'll have to wait, he's only just become comfortable with everything. I know he has plenty of questions just burning in the back of his brain, but right now I can't answer them. I can't leave until he feels safer here." The older brother said with a small scowl on his face.

"I promised him I'd take care of him and that's what I'll do, without fail."

Soubi nodded in agreement and the two discussed their plan late into the night, only being interrupted by Ritsuka's quiet "Good night" in their direction before he went off to bed. Seimei and Soubi both echoed it back then continued to discuss their new dilemma. Though at least one thing was certain, the Zero boys would have to play nice when it comes to Ritsuka later on.


I usually never write this much for a first chapter and truthfully... this is about half of what I originally planned for the first chapter. So I guess chapter 2 will finish that off, and so far I have 5 long chapter's planned out and it's still not finished in my head. I'm going to keep writing on this, though reviews would be encouraging. I'm slightly worried about Seimei's age, since I'm not too sure. The anime and the manga have discrepancies, or at least the english manga seems too. Not a big deal though. As you can tell this is AU since I do know a little bit about the newest manga in Japan and I have seen the whole anime series.

I hope everyone like this a bit, and it will be a crossover in the future. The chapter name is a indication of that, and if anyone can guess then you might have a clue of what direction this story will be going in. Thanks for reading To Stare At Nothing chapter 1! Hopefully it'll interest you to try out the next one once I finish it!