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To Stare At Nothing

Chapter 7: PPEC

Natsuo groaned as he slowly awoke from his forced slumber. He wasn't in pain. He knew that much. He didn't have the capacity to feel pain, but it didn't mean he felt healthy. It was like something had tried to rip the skin off his bones and hadn't quite succeeded, but it had scrapped him up pretty badly. The purple haired boy looked up from his futon to see Yoji napping off to the side of him.

His green haired sacrifice had been up all night and late into the morning tending to Natsuo. Soubi had received a quick call asking for assistance at 3:15 am, which hadn't done much to put the strong fighter in a good mood. Though the blonde had still come to make sure the pair was doing alright. Little did they know that across town another fight had come to a nearly heartbreaking end.

Yamato had been quickly taken to the hospital for serious burns, whilst Kyouya stood anxiously by her side. The dark haired high school girl didn't fully understand what her sacrifice was going through. She still couldn't feel pain like Yamato could, but it didn't stop her from worrying about the closest person in the world to her. She vowed that whoever had hurt Yamato was going to regret it.

Agatsuma Soubi stood outside on the small balcony overlooking the street. He was back at Seimei's home feeling worst for wear. After a few hours of tending to the hurt Zero pair and also of worrying about Ritsuka's health Soubi was feeling drained. He sighed, and then lit up a cigarette with shaking hands. His piercing, blue eyes surveyed the road below him with disinterest. He couldn't stop himself from worrying about his other master. His little sacrifice that was laid up in bed still down from the pain and pain medicine that had been given to him earlier.

The older man slowly blew out smoke and then crushed the cigarette into the nearby ashtray. He used his long arm to sweep back some loose strands of hair from his face, then pivoted on his heel to return to the inside of the house. He let out a small sigh as he noticed the bed sheets were now empty and his small sacrifice was nowhere to been seen.

About ten minutes earlier, Ayogi Ritsuka had awoken and was quick to stumble out of bed. His wounds were still causing high levels of discomfort, but Ritsuka was no stranger to pain. He took it all without any thought to the fact that he technically should still be resting. He only knew that he'd had some strange dream. Someone was calling for him. Someone who was so far away that it hurt for him to think about it, but also, that person was so close it felt like he'd be crushed by its weight.

Ritsuka's dark cat ears flattened on his head as he walked down the steps to the first floor of the house. The fourteen year old boy knew he had worried a lot of people for the last few days. He didn't want to worry anyone anymore, especially his beloved brother. For a moment though, Ritsuka swayed on his feet as images started to assault his head.

Mother will take good care of you.

Mother loves you! Mother needs you! Join with her and be free of the tyranny!

Ritsuka feebly clutched his aching head. It felt like it was going to explode! He needed the pain to stop. That crushing weight was descending quicker than before. It was so much stronger now. The boy let out a groan as he staggered to his knees as more images took a hold of him. The voices growing louder with each passing second and his head throbbed as he nearly blacked out.

All the humans are dead! All the humans are dead!

Mother will be pleased, this one can stay. All the humans are dead, no one left to dread!

Mother wants to take them back, back to her safety. Mother wants to take them back!

Only the few can join her! Are you few enough? Do you submit? Give mother back!

For a long moment, Ristuka felt like throwing up. He vaguely noticed that his head was on the floor and there was something wet on his human and cat ears. Something wet was there. Painful flashes were dominating his head. He felt beads of sweat on his body, and he barely noticed the strong hands that grabbed his lithe waist to quickly pull his head up to rest against a strong chest. Glazed purple eyes slowly looked up to stare into blue ones darkened with concern.

"Ritsuka! Can you hear me? Ritsuka!" Soubi cried out, his voice now horse from all the screaming he had done trying to get Ritsuka to respond. He quickly cradled Ritsuka's limp head to his chest, and wished that he had a clue of what was going on with the boy.

"C'mon now. Look at me! I need you to look at me!" Soubi pleaded. He could tell that Ritsuka wasn't really seeing him. Not with that glazed look in his eyes. The purple haired cat boy was still limp in Soubi's arms. Soubi's eyes widened when he noticed that Ritsuka was bleeding from his ears. The blood was starting to slide down the boy's face onto Soubi's shirt. The older male slowly reached a hand up to wipe some of it away from the darker haired boy's face.

"Ritsuka." He whispered, and then he quickly gathered the boy into his arms to lift him.

He needed to get in touch with Seimei.

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