First and Only Chapter

"Go it," whispered Gengar from behind the bushes. Morty looked nervous as he rang the doorbell. In a few minutes, he was standing face to face with Jasmine, leader of the Olivine City gym.

" you...I you" Gengar slapped his forehead. "I mean..." then Morty blurted out, "Do you smoke weed?" Jasmine looked shocked.

"Well, of all the..." She whacked Morty on the head with her toilet plunger and closed the door.

"And the toilet plunger had just been freshly used too, pity," said Gengar.

The next day...

"How are you ever gonna get Jasmine to go out with you if you can't even ask her?" said Gengar. "Now, take a deep breath. ...Good. Now ring her doorbell." Morty did so, and once again Jasmine appeared.

"Uh...I was wondering if...uhh...that is...umm...if you" Gengar slapped his forehead. "...cooties," Morty blurted out. Jasmine fetched her cootie-cleaning shampoo and sprayed Morty in the eyes with it. Then she shut the door.

The next day...

"Third time's a charm, you know," said Gengar. Morty knocked. Jasmine opened.

"You again?" she said. "What do you want to know this time?"

"Umm...I was thinking...that is...uh...about you...and...uh...err...I was wondering..." Gengar slapped his forehead. "...if you ever had diarrhea before," the poor gym leader blurted out.

"No, but my Steelix has," said Jasmine, and she dumped a souvenir of Steelix's illness on Morty's head.

The next day...

"I write about this in my LiveJournal, and boy, the comments I get..." said Gengar. Morty knocked. Jasmine opened.

"I know what you're going to say, and the answer is no," she said before Morty could say anything.

"What is he going to ask then?" asked Gengar.

"If I listen to Christmas carols in the bathroom," said Jasmine.

"No," Morty quickly defended himself. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out with me."

"Oh..." said Jasmine. "Well, I never did say 'no' was my final answer, did I?"

Then Steelix came out and began farting the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" theme music.

The End