Jinx enters Kid Flash's quarters in her usual purple, indigo and black goth garb. Robin, still a german shepherd, hides behind the large chair in the corner of the half darkened room. As she approaches the bed, he climbs onto the chair, slipping underneath some of Kid Flash's giant sized pants and shirts that he'd worn in the past to protect his secret identity. He sees her stop at the edge of the bed looking down at her naked unconscious boyfriend. He had stirred slightly at her entrance but lay motionless, face down again, only his back rising slightly with each breath.

"Fucking Wallace . ..", she muttered angrily and shook her head. From off to her side, Robin could see her eyes glow pink with anger. But it was an anger that she held in check. She kicked off her shoes and then slowly tossed off all her other clothes, a black lace dress landed on the chair and hung over Robin's canine head like a sagging bed canopy. He watches Jinx sit down on the bed beside Kid Flash, her eyes still colored with anger. She gently stroked the calf of his right leg.

"Did whoever the fuck it was you were wiping yourself out for have any appreciation for who the hell was saving their asses? Did they?" she snapped and then let out a long sigh. She ran her hand up his thigh and patted his rear, leaving her hand there.

"Just fucking tell me, Wally!" she whispered through more shakes of the head. "Don't leave me sitting here passively wondering what the fuck's happening to you. You know I'm not the passive type." She shook her head some more and then ran her hand along his back, enjoying the feel of his skin and his V-shaped back. Slowly she rubbed harder and he started to stir.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . "

She grabbed a handful of tangled orange hair. Her eyes glowed pink again. Robin wasn't sure what she would do. Kid Flash let out a few fatigued moans and slowly rolled onto his back. Robin had seen all sides of him before in the Combat Simulations room showers but was surprised that Jinx could be so casual about Wally lying their in the with his equipment right there.

"Hey babe," he whispered.

"What was it this time that you couldn't tell me about it."

He blinked and took a second to collect his thoughts, obviously still out of it. "My dad called."

Jinx sighed. It was hard to reproach him for helping the man who was finally giving some paternal influence to his life. "You had to be there? Why don't any of the others have to be somewhere for someone else. Doom Patrol doesn't call for Beast Boy. Robin doesn't have to jump and go help Batman. Why the hell do you still have to do that shit?"

"Robin works like a dog doing all sorts of leadership things that none of the rest of us do. He brings a lot of value to the rest of us that way."

Jinx got up with an angry expression and went to where Kid Flash's uniform lay on the floor. "He couldn't carry your jock," she said picking his up from the floor and tossing it aside.

"No! Not here!" Robin pleaded to himself, but Kid Flash's sole undergarment sailed through the air and then landed, with exquisite bad luck for Robin, right across his muzzle, the waistband wrapped around his ears. The canine boy wonder held his breath. He tried to shake his head and get the damn thing off him but only succeeded in affixing it more securely. Finally. Ugh. He had to breath and found himself taking every breath through his pal Kid Flash's scarlet dance belt. Ugh. Robin wondered to himself if the curse of the ring wasn't to also suffer every humiliation possible. Robin gritted his canine teeth with all his might. What's next? Alright, it didn't smell as bad as he thought it would. Thank god Wally was fairly clean.

"Jinx. That's not fair. Robin does a lot of stuff that he doesn't talk about."

"Well, what were you doing?"

"My dad called me on my ring. It was Gorilla Grodd."

"Look. I know he's real dangerous. But why the fuck do you have to get called?"

"It's a special case. I . . . he does this-this brain blast thing," He mimicked how Grodd did it, raising one hand to his temple and rolling his eyes up into his head so not much but the whites showed. "It-it wipes Flash out. It's like a super migraine, an instantaneoud super migraiin. That's what Flash says it's like for him. But it-it doesn't do much of anything to me. When he tries to do that to me, I just hear some mild sound like static on a radio turned down low."

"Another29th century boy thing?"

"Yeah, probably. We don't know. But yeah, probably 'cuz I'm genetically 90 percent a 29th century Thawne."

Jinx sighed. "Allright. I . . I accept that maybe there was a good reason for you to get the call. But fucking TELL ME! Fer chrissakes! Tell me. I love you and care for you and I will even accept that I will worry about you. But I can't be a wimpy, passive sort of girl sitting around waiting for her guy to call or send a message or show up. You've gotta meet me half fucking way. Let me go on missions more and fucking TELL ME when you're going. You can hustle your buns up from Com Sims in a fricking millisecond. Do it!"

He sat up and pulled her to him and rubbed his nose on hers. "I'm sorry. I was wrong. I-I get so caught up in responding to the call sometimes that I forget everything else. You're right. Just let me square things away. I don't have any relationship experience at all before this, so sometimes I'm going to make dumb mistakes."

He raised one eyebrow. Okay?

She nodded and rubbed the end of her nose in a circle around the end of his. Both smiled.

"Did you at least get a hug from Flash out of it?"

He laughed. "Of course. He's my dad now. He hugs me when I get homework done."

She laughed. "Perfect for you, skinny mr. touchy."

His response was to grin, nod and then hug her tight. But that was only the beginning. They french kissed, heads turned to one side and then to the other.Then, she leaned back, heldup comfortably by his arms as he kissedthe soft skin of her neck and then worked his way down.

Robin had never seen a pornographic movie in his life. They'd had such things around the circus, but the workers there would never have let the Graysons' 11 year old son see one. Then, living with Batman, there was about as much chance of seeing a pornographic movie as there was of seeing Batman pal around with the Joker. But this didn't really seem like one, to Robin, anyway. Weren't those just about cheap, dirty sex? KF loved her. He truly loved her. It was in his eyes, the way he looked at her and enjoyed it so much when he drove her around the bend. And she was the same. The pride in her eyes when she looked at him was unmistakeable. Her guy. Completely committed to her guy. In a way, Robin felt worse about watching them, as fascinating as it was, because their affection was so strong. It was supposed to be just theirs. There wasn't supposed to be a teammate of his watching them froma chair in the darkest corner of the room. But he couldn't stop watching. He knew he should just close his now brown eyes but he couldn't. Him on top. Her on top. Against the wall right beside him. Him pleasuring her down there. Her doing the same for him. It was all as . . athletic as making love could be, actually more than Robin thought it could be. What was the deal with him vibrating his thing? And super speeed tongue! Robin had joked with Gar about Kid Flash, the fastest boy alive and what that would mean in . . certain situations. But he and Jinx made love for hours while Robin waited and watched in fascination.

And when they finished, KF held her in front of him as the two of them dozed off, spooning atop the covers. At last, Jinx got up to get food for both of them and Robin the german shepherd snuck out the door behind her. Where to? With some trepidation he decided to go to the next door down. Raven's room, hoping that she was through her extended meditation. He frantically scratched at the door with his dog paws and alternately let out dog whimpers and called her name in human voice.

"Raven . . . Raven . . . Raven!". He can hear chanting from within. But finally it ends and an exasperated Raven threw the door, towering over him.

"Cut the crap! I'm not gonna pet you and end up with my hand on your little green ass, again, so just . . oh . . . wait . . you're not green."

"No I'm not," said Robin's voice from the pointy muzzle of the german shepherd in front of her causing one eyebrow to raise. "Whatever jokes you want to make are fine with me. But it's me, Robin and I think I might be stuck like this?"

Raven let him into her room with a raised eyebrow then closed the door. The interior was dimly lit. Robin took a good sniff. "Oh god, brimstone! It's overpowering!"

"Should I really get criticism from someone who eats his dinner out of dish on the floor?" she said looking down at her mysteriously canine teammate.

"Alright, alright. This new sense of smell is just so sensitive. I notice everything."

"Did you notice how this happened to you?"

"Of course I did! Do you think this happens to me all the time?"

"Well, you were a monkey once before, too."

The german shepherd sighed angrily. "Look. It's like this. KF and I stopped Red X from robbing the Jump City Museum of Antiquities yesterday morning. Toward the end of the fight, KF smacked Red X but good and all the stuff Red X had swiped went up into the air. So, the fight's over and we're putting everything back when I realize that I've got something caught between my collar and my cape. I pick it out and it's this ring. I-I just read the inscription, out of curiosity and wham! I start changing into a dog. Before I'm visibly canine, Kid Flash gets a call from Flash and takes off. I'm left there with my body turned into this!"

Raven petted him. "You're really a beautiful dog."

"Please don't do that," pleaded Robin. "It's distracting. It-it feels really good. Anyway. I talked to a professor at the museum-"

"Talked . . . as a . . . dog?"

Robin sighed angrily. "Yes.Anyway. He wasn't even surprised. He said I was a-was a natural born shape shifter and that this ring is-is just my thing."

"Your thing?"

"The-the spell I'm susceptible to. It turns me randomly into a dog with intermittent periods of being human again. Or at least it would except Speedy's got the damn ring now and he's pissed at me so he just keeps reading the inscription. That turns me into a dog, too. And he keeps reading it so it makes me stay a dog."

She petted his head. He first whimpered with delight then backed away.

"Please! I asked you not to do that. It's all I can do to not give in to all my new dog instincts. I still feel an instinct to sniff your butt."


"I'm a dog, fer chrissakes. My mind is human but all my senses, all my instincts are canine. It's like getting a feeling that's the equivalent of someone saying, 'hey, sniff her butt!' 'Lick KF's face!' 'Sniff KF's ass'. And I couldn't resist some of the time."

"Oooooookaaaaaaay again. Let's uh let's skip to the part about what we should do."

"Good. I-I don't want to talk about being trapped in KF's room when he and Jinx . . ." He sighed. ". . over and over and over . . . sometimes him over her, sometimes her over him. Sometimes . . ," he stopped at the sight of her expression. "Um,well, anyway, how do I get out of this? Do you think you can reverse the spell?"

"Possibly. But I need to see that ring. I need to know what its origins are and where the supernatural energies it taps to do this to you are from. Where's Speedy right now?"

"I don't know. I've been hiding from him. He put this collar on me and was going to leash me, too."

"Not very comradely behavior."

"No, that son of a bitch!"

"Um, should you really be calling anyone that in your present condition?"

Meanwhile, staring out the windows of the great room, well, half staring out and half staring at his own handsome reflection in it, Speedy held the ring in his closed hand just below his chin. He chuckled to himself. Robin! Ha! He stared down at the ring, smiling mischievously while repeating over and over.

"IncaniscorporetransmutoIncaniscorporetransmutoIncaniscorporetransmutoIncaniscoroporetransmutoIncaniscorporetransmutoIncaniscorporetransmutoIncaniscorporetransmutoIncaniscorporetransmuto . . "

Suddenly, Speedy stopped smirking.

"What the hell . . ?" he muttered. All of a sudden, he felt a sensation on both his ears like they were being used as pin cushions for a hundred pins. And there it was on his biceps, like a ring around each bicep, a feeling like hundreds of needles were being stuck in him or like he was getting one of those stripe on your bicep tattoos. Except heroes couldn't get tattoos. Distinguishing marks were a no no. Now, holy shit, there it was all over his ass. He reached back there with both hands looking around the room. Was anyone watching? No? Good. He scratched feverishly at the tight red rear of his uniform but it didn't change. And now, just like his arms, a ring of this same feeling around each thigh.

"What the hell's going on?" he muttered anxiously then sniffed curiously. Sniff. Sniff.

"God. What's with the ventilation of this place?What're all those smells all of a sudden?"

Back on the 13th floor, Raven was almost out the door of her room to try and find Speedy when she felt a tug at her boot.

"It's happening, Raven! It's happening!" said the dog that was her teammate Robin.

"What're you talking about?" she asked but then closed the door. She could see the dog's tail getting shorter and his brown dog eyes had already turned bright blue. As she watched over the next 10 seconds, the dog's muzzle pulled back and flattened. Its fine black and brown coat disappeared only to be replaced by fine paleskin and shiny jet black hair. Robin found himself back to normal. He was overjoyed.

"I'm me again!" he said out loud then quickly remembered that 'me' was naked, except for a dog collar around his neck, in Raven's room . . right in front of Raven. His hands both went to his crotch as he stood up then jumped back from her. She smirked at the superlative, slender muscled body of her teammate and even more at his beautiful eyes. They were so much like Kid Flash's. Sooo much. Sooooo very blue..

"Um, could you uh-could you get me a towel please? Please?"

Raven just stood smirking at her naked teammate. She leaned to one side and took in the sight of his ass.


"Come on," he pleaded. "A towel? Please. I can't get out the door with both hands like this."

"And the problem is . . . ?"


"Oh, alright."

Two minutes later, Robin, in a spare uniform and Raven in her usual attire walked warily into the great room, scanning all around as they went. Their attentions both stopped on the couch. There, sata very large poodle, its white fur cut in a ridiculous looking pattern of being close shaved over most of the sillylooking dog but with its fur puffed out here and there. The end of its tail was a round white ball of hair and each leg had one ring of puffed out fur. The hair on each ear was similarly puffed out while most of its unimpressive body was close shaved. As Robin and Raven approached, the dog whimpered over and over and they could see that this poodle was sitting on top of a red spandex uniform and was, improbably, wearing an athletic supporter about its crotch. The poodle shifted position revealing an archer's quiver behind it. Again, the big white poodle whimpered and stared plaintively at them.

Robin laughed at the "dog" in Speedy's jockstrap. "Oh, this is just too perfect. So, your constantly calling on the spell turned it on you, huh?"

The large poodle grunted then nodded reluctantly. It tried to step on the jockstrap it was wearing with its front paws and lift it's canine ass and legs out of it but couldn't quite manage it. Robin chuckled and approached the poodle and helped it out of the teen boy's undergarment. He gathered up the uniform that just minutes before fit the new canine skin tight. He and Raven looked over the dog that had been Speedy.

"You can talk, can't you?" asked Robin. "I could."

"Um . . yeah. But, I don't want anyone else to know. This is pretty freaking humiliating. Look at me! I'm like some wussy Westminster Dog show freak."

"It's kind of fitting in a way," said Raven. "You've always been a complete hound for action. Now you're just a complete hound. Or poodle."

"Please! Don't tell anyone. Especially not Aqualad."

"We shouldn't do anything for you," snapped Robin. "You tried to leave me stuck as a german shepherd."

"Oh come on. I would've let you change back in a week or so. You were badmouthing me to everyone, limiting my options."

"Well your options include frisbees and dog food and a leash, now, till Raven changes you back."

"Ugh. Alright, alright. I gotta get hands and lips again . . . and a better haircut."

"Let's go get that collar and a leash," said Robin and he Raven left the metapmorphosed Titans East boy in his humiliating new poodle body on the couch.

Moments later, Jinx sauntered past, the edge of the room, humming cheerfully. Speedy saw the exquisite girl go by. He had wanted her before. He had put his desire aside. He'd barely been able to resist any sensual impulse as a teenage boy. His senses were all canine wired and, to the visual delights of his environment, an olfactory feast was now added. Where Robin had fought against his new canine status, Speedy went with the doggy flow. The air currents carried a host of intriguing smells from Jinx, imperceptible to a human but like a siren call to Speedy the poodle. He jumped nimbly down from the couch and trotted up behind the black lace clad goth girl, immediately comfortable with four legged movement and willing to enjoy the sights from his new perspective.

Amazing. Her . . . Her perfume. The detergent that'd been used to wash the sheets she'd been sleeping on. And, so fricking obviously, him. She's got a boy's smell all over her. Kid Flash! Haha! Kid Flash! Completely masculine, a fantastic musk mixing with her luscious female scent. Hmm. Maybe this dog thing's not so bad.

His curiosity piqued, Speedy snuck his new muzzle under the lace of her skirt as she nibbled on a muffin at the counter in the kitchen. He looked up at the tight round curves of her rear. Mmmmm! So feminine! Beautiful! He pressed his nose to her and inhaled deeply.

"Hey! Get outta there, dog! What the hell are you doing in here, anyway?" she laughed shooing the dog away from her rear. It stepped around to the front of her and sniffed at her crotch. He felt a reaction of excitement at the sight of it.

Haha! Boy smells ALL over her there, too. That's boy crotch there, too. God, that Kid Flash. So that's why he didn't answer his door.

To Jinx's surprise, the ridiculously shorn poodle stood up on its hind legs with its paws against her waist and pressed its nose to her cleavage. Jinx was a bit annoyed at this but felt sorry for the poor beast, with its hair cut so comically. She ran her hand down the poor stupid beast's back.

Mmm. No, not bad at all. Pet me just a little lower baby. Oooo yeah, there! Give Speedy's furry buns some love. Mmmm. Yeah. Too bad it's so hard for me to stay up on two legs like this.

Jinx smirked at the way the big poodle's tail whipped back and forth with the petting she was giving it. But then its tongue shot out and licked the side of her face and then slathered all over her cleavage.

Hehehe! Sweet!

"Ecchhhhh! That's enough for you, fido," she said pushing him away. Just as she did, Kid Flash came walking at normal speed into the kitchen. Neither he nor Jinx noticed the dog's eyes go wide with excitement.

Just as well, Jinx baby. You're hot but he's incredible. Nothing like the buns of a boy who sprints a million miles. Mmmm. So muscular and yet compact at the same time. Soooooooo masculine! Beautiful!

Kid Flash, in his uniform but with the mask pulled down by the base of his throat, looked at the contents of the fridge. After a few moments he noticed the oddly shorn large white poodle sniffing around his buns. He gave one swat to drive the dog off but felt its cold nose trace its way around his rear once, then twice then a third time. Then the dog pushed at first one side then the other of his buttocks, lifting Kid Flash's glutes almost as if trying to weigh his buns..

"Hey!" he laughed. "Come on, doggie. I'm not your bitch."

You're better, pretty boy. What a pair! I could do a million squats and a million lunges and not be shaped like you. Mmmm. You thought I wouldn't get to play with your butt, huh? Wrong! Hehehe. And what a great smell you have, too! Subtle but sooooo completely masculine. God! I could just lick you for hours, pretty boy, with that smell. The smell that was all over her, incidentally. I should just sniff you but, what the hell.

"What the-!" Kid Flash called out and Jinx laughed and slapped the counter as the big white poodle first seemed to try to press its narrow snout as deeply is possible into the cleft of her boyfriend's rear and then bit him. Well, to say it bit him sounds like a quick action. The dog actually opened its jaws and gripped his left buttock with its bared teeth as it pressed him against the shelves on the inside of the fridge.

"Jeez, doggy!" He used a little speed and quickly circled around behind the dog, lifting it up and giving it a few pets before pushing it away toward the great room. He talked with Jinx for a minute then sat down on the couch in the great room and immediately was swarmed by the dog. It jumped up on him and licked his face. He tried to gently push it away, but the poodle pushed with all its might and got in close and licked his face some more.

Mmmm. You're delicious! Hehehe! I'd never get to do this if I wasn't a poodle!

Now he pushed the dog away firmly but it returned to press its nose against his crotch putting it's cold black nose under his package and lifting the prominent scarlet bulge two times before being pushed away. "Jeez doggy!" laughed Kid Flash. "Leave my equipment alone for god's sake!"

Hehehe. What a package! Speedy likes!

To Kid Flash's exasperation, the big poodle now tried to hump his leg. He shoved the dog away but it just kept returning. He'd pushed it away a third time just as Robin and Raven returned.

"Whose dog is this?" asked an exasperated Kid Flash.

"Speedy," answered Robin.

"What's its name? I've-I've never had a dog go after me like this. I think they could usually sense that I'm a cat person but this thing wants to do me, for god's sake."

"It went for me, too," laughed Jinx. "Maybe that proves it's Speedy's dog, making a play for everyone!"

Everyone laughed but Speedy the big poofy poodle was indignant.


"Maybe there's such a thing as being tooooo comfortable with your sexuality," joked Raven eliciting big laughs from the others but a slight growl from the oversexed poodle.

"Its name. Hmm. Speedy didn't say before he took off. Why don't we just call it Speedy Dog? Maybe Speedy'll tell us when he comes back in three days.

Hey? Three days! I've gotta spend three days like this!

"In the meantime, it'll have to stay outside. Speedy says it's got no self control whatsoever."

"Takes one to own one," added Raven.

Robin and Raven escorted Speedy the shorn white poodle down to the Tower entrance. Once outside, Robin intended to lecture Speedy but before he could start, the big hyperactive poodle opened its canine mouth.

"Okay, this is kind of humiliating," said Speedy walking up to the glass wall by the entrance. "God! Look at the way I'm shaved into balls of hair." He turned and looked at his big poodle body over his shoulder. "But, hey, I mean, this isn't all bad. I got to poke Kid Flash's ass like a dozen times. I've wanted to do that for sooooo long!. Hehe! What a pair of buns! Wouldn't you kill to have glutes like that, Robin? That boy is so sweeeeeet!"

Robin and Raven stared at him without their expressions changing.

"And Jinx's ass! Soooooooo tight and round mmmm mmmmmm!" said Speedy sitting down dog style ten feet from them. "And, let me tell you. They have each other's smell all over them. All over! He's got a greattasting face! Smelled like her coochie, too! Hehe! His face smelled like her coochie! You know what he's been doing! Hehe! It did! And what a package! You lift that with your nose and you can see why he was the guy who changed things for her. Hehe! Dude is fricking seriously hung. So . . um, you think you guys can get me a bitch?" asked Speedy the poodle.

They stared at him without their expressions changing.

"Okay, a guy would be fine, too, something in a midsize, maybe an elkhound or a greyhound or a shepherd like you were, Robin, that can easily handle mine. That's what Kid Flash would be, huh, a greyhound? Don't you think? But hey, I'm flexible. I actually kind of like switching around. I don't have to be the top dog. Even a big dog, a mastiff or something if I can . . . handle him. Although, that might be tight, like that gymnast kid in the hotel the night before Iris West's funeral. Ouch! Or, what if you got Garth to read that ring inscription. I bet he'd change into a big poofy poodle just like me. Haha! That'd be great! Me and Garth! Likethis! Hehe! Coupla bigpoodles gettin' it on and lovin' it. He thinks I gave it to him doggy style before? Just wait! Hehe! How 'bout it guys?"

They stared at him without their expressions changing.

Speedy felt an odd itch. He shifted how he sat on the ground. His first thought was to reach down to scratch it but he realized that would be kind of awkward, especially at such a sensitive spot. These damn paws! He stretched his whole poodle torso, stuck out his long tongue and carefully licked his white fur covered balls. Finished, he looked up at Raven and Robin. They had identical expressions of one eyebrow raised in a combination of shock and disgust. Robin didn't have so much disgust.

"Oh . . jeez . . I just licked my own balls, didn't I? Hehe! Hey wait! If I can lick my balls . . then . .I can lick . . . !"

Robin and Raven's jaws nearly dropped to the ground. Raven turned away.

"He's not really . . . ?"

"He is," said Robin.

"Oh, you need help," muttered Raven.

"Mmmmmf . . no!" laughed Speedy the poodle. "As . . mmmmf . . you can . . mmmmf . . see, I don't! Mmmmf . . ahhhhhh . . ahhhhhh . . mmmmf . . ahhhh . . ahhh . . ahh . . "

Robin and Raven walked quickly away to the door shocked at the former teen archer's wallowing in his new canine sexuality. "This isn't even punishment anymore," said Robin. "Never mind three days. That spell . . "

"I'll get right on it," she said and shuddered.