This is it, this is the end. The deneument. The conclusion. I hope this story has been as enjoyable for you as it has been for me.

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Angelic Sword: Ah, thank you so much. It's been very, very difficult at times, especially the last few chapters. I swear I've had many a mental breakdown because of this story. It was very much worth it though. Very, very difficult, that last chapter. But It had to be done. Thanks again, agh I feel like crying to. ;__; asdasdasd Why do I do this....

Chapter 18: Hope

"Mama! Mama!"

A woman was standing alone, her hands clasped together with a smile. Her bright teeth beamed as she walked, giving her friendly greetings to all she had passed. With a small gasp, she grinned and grabbed the ice-haired boy as she ran to her. "Niklas, did you finish your adventure?" she asked happily with a wide grin.

"Look what I found, Mama!" He grinned as he lifted up his thin arm, revealing his proud accomplishment: a purple daisy-like flower. "I found it near the little bridge! It's for you, mommy!"

"Ohh, wowww. It's beautiful." She smiled at him, taking the flower from him lightly from one hand, and reaching for his hand with the other. "Want to help mommy visit the merchant's?"

"Mr. Hallam gave me a apple for my adventure!" Niklas perked up and took his mother's hand. [1]

She shook her head, laughing lightly, her long brown hair flowing with her as she did. "That man doesn't listen… I'll just have to pay him back."

"Oh! Oh! Can I pay, Mama?" Niklas nearly hopped as he walked, his long legs jumping him up higher.

Once again she laughed, but much louder and cheerful than before. "Of course you can."


"Thank you so much, again, for treating Niklas while he was playing." She looked over her shoulder at Niklas, now playing with the Merchant's daughter. "I wish I could afford all the extra food you give him…"

The Merchant laughed heartily. "Nonsense, nonsense! You may not have been here in Tipa for all your life, but you're still family to us, Sienna."

"It's funny, Halam, that name still feels alien to me." She smiled, playing with a lock of her hair.

"I'm not surprised." He shrugged, his big frame once again shaking in laughter. "It's only been so long since your memories have started to come back." [2]

"I'm still missing so much… All I know is my name and…a silhouette of a man." She said, her hands acting more slowly with her sudden veraciousness.

Halam knelt towards her, hushing himself down from his usual loud, laughing tone. "You're doing much better than when we found you. You may have lost quite a lot, but you've gained much more."

Sienna smiled at him. "Thank you… I really am blessed." She turned once more, looking at Niklas again.

He and Halam's daughter were now appeased with their playing and were running back towards the shop. They grinned widely as they raced each other down the dirt road.

Sienna twirled around in surprise. "Don't run so fast, Niklas! You'll hurt yourself!" She yelled, walking to him with a quick pace.

Niklas ran up with Halam's daughter, both of them out of breath. Niklas grinned his toothy grin. "Don't worry, Mama! I'm safe!"

"I know, I know." She said smiling, and turned to Halam. "I must be going, I won't get anything done if I talk all day. You need a bath anyways, Niklas."

"Aww, Mommmaaa!" Niklas pouted, crossing his arms and stomping his left foot.

Sienna smiled. "Again, thank you for everything."

Sienna reached out her hand and the sulking Niklas snatched her hand. Sienna started to lead him walking back up the dirt road, towards their home. "Niklas, why don't we walk up the hill once we finish your bath?"

Niklas slightly pouted less, as he looked up at her. "Can it be a short bath?"

Sienna laughed, smiling at him. "If you hurry, it can be."

"Oh-kay!" Niklas stopped pouting and leaned against his mother, tired from the busy day.

Sienna smiled, still holding his hand as they walked. 'I really didn't lose…I gained a life, a family, …this beautiful boy of mine.'

"Mama…?" Niklas asked, sheepishly. "Wanna go on an adventure with me tomorrow?"

"Of course." Sienna let go of his hand, to pet his head lightly. "I'd love to.

Ending Notes

[1] - He's a child. I know it's bad grammar. It's meant to sound childish.

[2] - It's been 7 years since ....that day. She's just started to gain her memories about 3 years earlier.

Well this is the end of A Journey of Myrr. I hoped you enjoyed it, I know I did. It's hard imagining that this story is finished, but it really isn't. There is still life at the end of all tragedies, there will still be something new born out of the outcome. ....although something in this story quite literally was born at the end of the tradgedies. Who knows what will happen... maybe sometime in the future Niklas will have his own story...

Of course, I'm still re-writing the earlier chapters, so if you'd like to, I'd advise to continue reading this story. I'm marking it as complete, but it really won't be, as I will be adding new things, changing things, many many changes. But not to the main story.

This was one of the most enjoyable stories I have ever written and the longest one I have written to date. It may be embarassing with the quality of the earlier chapters, but I love this story. I hope you loved it too. (:

- Kamog -