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Muggle Movies+Wizard Candy=Bad Results
By: ChoChangGirl

"Hermione! What's the point? The thing's got to be at least a ten years
olds, Look it's gathering dust!".

A very annoyed Ron Weasley was spending the last few weeks of freedom at
his friend Hermione Granger's muggle abode. She in turn, has insisted that
they go through her old things of her childhood, which had peeved Ron to no


"Oh come off it Ron, everyone loves Alice in Wonderland!". Hermione
exclaimed, dragging Ron to her living room couch. "Well, everyone who's
seen it. Look, I beat my Perfect badge you'll have fun. And if you must
have something wizarding to keep you sane-". She added sarcastically. "-eat

some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans".

Ron grumbled something incoherent as Hermione popped the movie into the
VCR. He pulled out a bag of the wizard candy, and started immediately on
it, nearly spitting the bean out as the dazzling aroma of video tape
filled his mouth. As he watched the animated characters dance across the
screen, he felt his eyes glaze over.

Several Empty Candy Bags Later.............

"Hermione, is it over yet?" Ron asked for the umpteen time.

"It's just beginning, and do be quiet.". Hermione shot back, not peeling
her eyes away from the Alice chasing after the rabbit.

Ron groaned, he shouldn't have eaten all those beans so fast. Apparently
Toe Jam, Motor Fluid, and several other disgusting flavors didn't appeal to

his delicate taste. His eyes began to become droopy as Alice chatted
earnestly with an over-size bug. Feeling more pains of hungry, he popped in
his mouth a strange purple bean, and closed he closed his eyes.

"OH NO!!! I'm late!!!".

Ron's eyes snapped open to see who of all people, Harry Potter, dashing out

Hermione back door. Hermione herself seemed to be to absorbed by the movie
to notice. Ron thought fast. What's Harry doing here? He can't come until
this afternoon. Better go and see what's wrong with the guy. Muttering a
be right back" to a dazed Hermione who merely waved him away, he went after


"The Queen will kill me if I'm late!!!

Harry ran to around Hermione's beech tree, and....disappeared. That's odd.
Maybe it's a port-key or something. Ron hurried over to the tree, and had
to fight back a gasp. It was like a magic portal or some other rubbish like

that. The hole back of the tree showed a bright golden field. He saw the
black haired boy quickly making his way though the grassy path.

"Harry! Harry wait-". Ron called placing one hand on the tree. One second
he was in Hermione's back yard, the next who knows where.


Ron spun further and further down into the abyss. Lots of strange stuff
by him, mostly words like E=MC2, Elvis Ate Here, or Is That Your Final
Answer?. He landed roughly next to a beech tree, it's leaves had Bertie
Bott's Beans on them, to see a small, scrawny cat in front of him, smiling.
It was...Mrs. Norris?

"Hey Cat, where'd Harry go?".

Mrs. Norris just stared at Ron, with that insane grin upon it's face.

" A lot help you are! You've been the best, I don't know how in the world
I'll repay you!". Ron muttered, extremely sarcastic. He jogged after Harry,
but not before giving that useless cat a good kick.

Ron was starting to gain on Harry, his long body was coming in handy.
"Harry! Come on, what's the bloody probl-Oof!".
Ron had run into the most stupid pair of people known in wonderland,
Tweedle-Dee, and Tweedle-Dum. To Ron, they looked strangely like Crabbe and

"Oh great! What do you two gits want?" Ron exploded, his temper rising.

"We want? This has nothing to--". Crabbe started. "--with us. It's Mr.
Hatter who wants to see you". Goyle finished.

"Mr. Hatter? As in MAD Hatter?".

"Mad? He's not really mad is he? He's---". Crabbe began, shaking his head
dumbly. "---just a bit delusion sometimes". Goyle completed.

Ron gave the two of them a strange look. "Do you dunderheads always finish
each other's sentences?".

"Only when--". "--we feel up to it. You come now".

What choice did poor Ickle Ronniekins have? The two were much bigger than
him! So Ron had to meet the Mad Hatter.
Ron was forced into a chair much to small for him, as a teacup was placed
in his hand. This, "Mad Hatter" had his back to him.

"So what do you want with me, eh?".

"My dear boy, it's tea time. No one should be off by themselves at tea

Ron snorted. "Well, I didn't mean to get here you know. If I knew where the
exit was I'd be out of here before you could say "Happy Birthday!'.

The Mad Hatter spun around. Ron's first thought was this was one screwed up
place, his second was that they had gotten the characters to match at
least. Malfoy's face broke a smile.

"It's your birthday?? You never told me!!! Ohhhhhh...A very happyth
birthday...to you! To you! A very happyth birthday...".

As Mad Malfoy danced around the tables, singing horribly and occasionally
hugging Ron, Ron used this chance to do one thing. Run away!!! He didn't
stop running until he reached a sign which read: To Castle~1 mile, To
Austrialia~2345340 miles, To The Twilight Zone~You're in it.

"And they say he's not mad, bunch of cods wallop".

"You there! Stop in the name of the Queen!".

Ron turned around, and groaned. Great, just great. An army of house elves.
General Dobby, his clothes marked with a heart, was rushing towards him
wielding a sword.

"Seize the stranger! Bring him to the Queen of Hearts!" Dobby squeaked, as
several other house elves, with diamonds on their uniform, held his arms
back. "My head will be safe tonight!".

Ron frowned, as the little creatures forced him to walk.

"You mind telling me just who this Royal pain in the ass is?" Ron spat,
just as a guard who looked a lot like Winky poked him rather hard in the

"You will show respect for her Majesty! She has been so kind to us lowly
cards, we get sick leaves and pensions and everything!

Ron felt sick to his stomach. Surely it couldn't be......


Ron was led up to the castle, shaped like a huge heart. He thought he saw
Harry, Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, his parents, oh so many people he knew in the
crowd. Was this some alternate universe?

Her Royal Highness, sat on a golden throne, her face hidden by a red fan.
The King, which had the uncanny appearance of Victor Krum, sat nervously
beside her.

"Is this the stranger from above?". She asked, her voice seemed familiar to

Dobby nodded vigorously. "It is, your Highness".

The Queen lowered the fan, just enough to show her brown eyes. She surveyed
Ron with interest.
"A redhead? This pleases me. Be rid of the other, Off with his Head!!!!

Ron watched in wonder as his he was released, and the King was dragged out
of the room. He turned to the Queen, and crossed his arms over his chest,
demanding an answer.
"What the bloody hell is going on here?".

The Queen placed the fan away, her golden crown glinting from the top of
her bushy brown hair. Ron's mouth dropped.
"H-Hermione???". He asked, his eyes wide.

"That is Queen Hermione to you my King". She replied, patting the chair
beside her.

"Yea whatever "Queen" Hermione, look I want to go...what? I-I'm KING?". Ron
defiantly felt sick.

Hermione looked at Ron if he was crazy. "Of course. Victor is boring, he
would not dare insult me. You are interesting, and handsome. A worthy

Ron started to look for an exit. "Look 'Mione, don't get me wrong. I do
love you, but I happen to like the real you, not the heart obsessed, king
killer, house elf liberator, well the real you is one anyway---, wonderland
freak! So I'm going to go now!".

At this Ron started to run. He ran past Harry, who whispered to Malfoy "You
don't think he's late do you?". He ran out of the entrance hall, Hermione's
shouts of "Go after him! Bring my King back!" ringing in his ears. He ran
past the tea table, shuddering as he remembered Malfoy's singing. He didn't
stop running until he reached the beech tree. After several minutes of hard
looking, he failed to find anything that looked like a magic portal.
Sighing, and wondering how long it would be before Dobby and the rest of
the guards caught up to him, Ron plopped next to the tree. The tree shook
violently, and several Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans crashed on his

"Just my dumb luck....".

Ron stared. There is was, the start to all this madness. That cursed purple
bean. Ron picked it up, his stomach growling, and popped it into his mouth.
Accepting his fate, he leaned back against the tree, and waited for the


"Ron, wake up! Oh come off it, the movie wasn't so boring that you had to
take a nap was it? Wake up you silly prat, Harry is here!".

Ron blinked himself awake, to see Hermione smiling down at him. Next to her
was Harry, his scar peeking though the mess of black hair.

"Hermione? Harry? What's going on? Wonderland...and Malfoy singing, make it

Harry gave Ron a once over. "You all right there?"

"I'm fine, I-I think. You didn't by chance come over earlier today did

Harry shook his head. "Nope, The Dursleys keep me busy".

Hermione frowned. "You sure you're feeling well?". She reached up and with
the back of her hand felt his temperature.

Ron knew he was going as red as his hair. "I'm sure. I just had a nasty
dream, your guys were in it". He stammered, making Hermione put her hand
down. He saw Harry smirk, noticing his reaction.

"Did you? Well, You missed the whole movie! And you didn't get to see my
favorite character, The Queen of Hearts".

Ron had to stifle a laugh, and muttered to himself. "Oh no I didn't. I met
her face-to-face".

"What was that?". Hermione asked.

"Nothing". Ron said quickly.

Hermione and Harry helped Ron to his feet, as Hermione dragged them both up
to show them her room. Before he walked up the stairs, he made a mental
note to himself. Never eat wizard candy, and watch muggle movies at the
same time. They don't mix.


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