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Dream Wave


Kouji slowly awoke to the sounds of crying in his ears and black in his vision. There was no light, but at the same time there wasn't any darkness. His groggy, half-awake senses told him he wasn't in bed and he sat up quickly to get his bearings in line. He instantly regretted sitting up as his head span, the crying in his ears mixed with an annoying ringing.

The teen stood up as the dizzying subsided and scanned the black for the source of the sobs. Somehow, the sound saddened him; he didn't want to listen to it anymore.

Kouji was easily able to spot the source, sighing at the small, huddled form of a young boy. He had a mess of dark locks, his face buried in his knees and two pale, thin arms clutching his legs to his chest as he cried. Kouji felt himself soften as he silently kneeled down to the other.

"Hey, come on, stop crying," he said as softly as he could, just slightly annoyed at the sound of the other's sobbing. But when the younger boy's head snapped up both of them froze and Kouji felt himself draining of all emotion.

Their blue eyes net and the teen's jaw hung open slightly at what could have been an old photo of himself. The two could have easily been twins if only for the fact that the other looked about four years old.

Kouji's mind went blank for a moment, trying to process the information when one thought struck him. "Kouichi...?" It must have been him, that was the only explanation for their resemblance...

The smaller boy's eyes widened and he took in a slight breath. "How... How do you know my name?" He has a very small, high-pitched voice, cracking slightly from just have been crying. Kouji stared down at the other, his features standing out against the blackness around them. He took a breath then released it in a sigh.

"I'm Kouji... I'm your brother."

Kouichi's face turned to pure shock. "You... you..." his lips moved but he couldn't seemed to find the words. All his sadness and crying subsided to anger and bitterness. "NO!" the smaller boy stood up, Kouji doing so too, thoughts and questions going through both boy's heads like water that broke through a dam.

"Kouichi, I..." Kouji was at a loss, he didn't know what to do. What was going through his twin's mind? He had so many questions... what was going on?

"NO! You're not my brother! I don't have a brother! I don't need a brother! I don't need anyone!" tears once again cascaded down the small boy's cheeks as he turned around to run deep into the blackness.

"Wait! Kouichi, come back!" When his calls failed to retrieve his brother, Kouji ran after him, his head spinning. Kouichi was so young, he couldn't have known about a brother; the blow of something as hard as that must have hurt. Kouji would have probably done the same if that had happened when he was young. The thing was, why was Kouichi so young?

The teen ran after the other, noticing a door in the distance that must have been his destination. Kouji put on a burst of speed but was not able to catch the younger as he slipped through. If he'd stop to notice, the door was white in color with little gold and silver stars littered over its surface. But Kouji only grasped the brass handle, swung it open and raced after Kouichi...

Dream Wave

-chapter 1-

Sweet Dreams

Kouji stumbled into the grass, his mind flailing like a fish out of water. He stood still for a moment to adjust to the new scenery, blinking to get his vision clear. He was standing on a small patch of field, only room enough for the castle it carried and some feet of yard around the base. It reminded Kouji of the floating toy-land he had been to in the Digital World; the castle and field lost in some pale-blue nowhere.

There was no world, to speak of, only the giant floating white castle; the tips of the towers painted silver with gold designs over the white like spider webs of twists and turns.

Kouji slowly approached the main doors, which he could only assume were the main doors with gold painted on them to make it look like bars running down a gate. He barely even lifted his hand when the doors swung inward, leaving him to gawk at the inside. What he expected to be a very modern, huge, castle-like structure on the inside turned out to be a soft, plush room.

Kouji came inside and his feet sunk a good few inches with his steps as his eyes scanned the pillowed walls. The whole room was pink save for the toys that littered the air. A good amount of stuffed animals, blocks and other various kindergarten items floated through the air as if it were in some thick substance.

As the doors closed behind him, a soft ringing sounded through Kouji's ears. He shook his head but the volume only increased, reducing him to holding his head as the buzzing actually formed into muddled words. The pitch decreased a few decibels and the sound became clear enough to understand...

/"When I was little... really little, I used to dream about a place where I could just think, you know? I used to dream about this magnificent castle... my dream castle..."/

The ringing slowly died down and Kouji shook his head. That voice sounded familiar, but there was no sign of a source save for the light pounding in his head. But there was no time to lose, he had to find Kouichi...

His thoughts were interrupted by a swipe to the back of his legs. He cried out in shock and snapped around to have his gaze lock into two glaring red eyes. Kouji felt a chill run down his spine and he kicked the black cat away in annoyance. The feline hissed at him before disappearing up a stairwell.

With no other way out except for the way he had come in, Kouji had no choice but to climb after the cat, who had mysteriously disappeared entirely. The stairs climbed around in a circle, the closed-in, white walls limiting the teens movement. The white marble steps made a clatter as he climbed, when he finally spotted the doorway above him.

"Kouichi, are you up here? I'm sorry, I know it's a shock, but please, brother," Kouji stepped under the silver-framed doorway into a small, white tower room with wide, open-arched windows which Kouichi was gazing out of carelessly. The other made no indication that he had heard him and the older boy sighed, leaning on the doorway to catch his breath.

"Kouichi? It's me, Kouji. I'm sorry." It seemed only right to apologize, but again, Kouichi didn't seem to notice. Kouji took a few steps closer in concern. "Kouichi? Please say something."

The young Kouichi shifted on his feet and Kouji caught a bit of a sigh. "I... I lost something..."

Kouji took another step in. "Lost? What did you lose?"

"I don't... I don't know. I don't remember..." Kouichi glanced back at him with a sad stare that made Kouji think of a little lost puppy. He looked to be on the edge of tears, and Kouji felt a pang of sadness. /You can keep him from feeling alone and afraid.../ wasn't that what Takuya had told him?

Kouji was pulled back to attention when his twin gasped. The long-haired teen followed the other's wide gaze onto a mess of dark black fur and two crimson-red eyes. The older couldn't help but shiver; those eyes disturbed him, but he wasn't sure why...

The cat hissed and Kouji scowled in return, Kouichi shifting behind the teen's legs as the felines eyes landed on him. Kouji stepped forward, lifting his hands in a defensive position to protect the younger boy when the cat bared its fangs. Both Kouji and the feline lunged, and then Kouji heard a scream...

Dream Wave

-chapter 1-


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