The sun was just setting, making the sky peach, and gorgeous, as she ran, and caring a basket with a blanket over it.

"Get back here, please."

Aang shouted to Katara as she continued to sprinted pass buildings.

"I can't."

She wept as she clutched the basket tighter. Then her cloak's hood fell over her face as she tripped and fell into a solder's lunch.

"I'm so sorry sir."

She then gasped at the sight of the solder.

"YOU! You're the one Princess Azula's been looking for, your under arrest."

He said as he attempted to grab the frightened dirty teen. She then slipped away. The tall and very angry solder began to chase her, also threw fire at the dark blue dress.

As if chasing a rabbit, Aang scurried after them three.

Katara ran all the way to the edge of the town, all the way to an overhang, among many canyons. That were Katara had to make the hardest decision for anyone. The basket she was still clutched seemed like it was gaining weight as she held it, Aang stood in the back of the group, as he watched in horror for what may be in store for his wife.

"Please, just go away, Aang save me, please."

Katara begged, and pleated, as she shaded tears, then tossed the basket gently to the back behind her, then jumped as she was shot at with huge flames she shouted to Aang;

"I won't ever leave you, not even till death do us part."

As she fell, Aang watched the basket fly into the air, and slide down the cliffs opposite end, and back down to the town. The solder just watch the body float down to the bottom of the cliff like a sheet of paper. Aang chased the basket, and lost sight of it.

"I can't believe I lost it, I can't believe it's gone!"

Aang said to himself as he searched high and low for it.