On the other side of the canyon lived a very humble village of earth benders not yet affected by the fire nation. The basket slid into a barn filled with strange animals that were enjoying their lunch, as it slid in front of a focow.

It slid gracefully as they froze and sniffed it.

"Hiya! Posletta!"

A young girl called as she patted the focow's snout. As she patted every animal in there she accidentally kicked the basket.

"Wah-what's this?"

She asked as she knelt down and peered into the covered basket.

"Mamma! Mamma get out here! Mamma!"

She called as she sprinted outside and ran right into her older brother Keio.

"What are you carrying on about?"

He asked hoarsely as she caught her breath and pointed inside the shack.

"Oh what is it a spider-fly?"

He laughed as she shook her head no.

"What, a Scorpio- Wah! That's a b- did you-who's-Huh?"

He shouted as his mother entered the shack.
"What's wrong?"

She asked as Keio pointed at his younger sister. She stepped forward as she looked down at the dirt.

"It's a…baby, but it's not mine…I swear!"

She yelled as the baby began to sob.

"Well, maybe it's hungry… Keio grab it and bring it into the house, come along child!"

Their mother shouted as they got an old baby seat and placed it on top of the table.
"Open your mouth for the train…Chu Chu!"
She cooed as the baby just laid there looking at them like they was crazy. She didn't open her mouth for the people who surrounded her.

"Maybe she needs a bottle?"

The mother asked as Keio crawled to the cabinet and tossed his sister Kietoshu the clear bottle.



"Well… it's empty!"
"Well go fill it Kietoshu!"

"Well, I would, but I'm a woman and women take care of babies, men just get stuff for us…right Mamma?"

Kietoshu asked as he dragged his feet as he walked into the shack.

"Here, happy?"

He asked gruffly as he tossed the bottle at her. As both women worked with the baby he slouched in the den on the floor. When he walked back into the kitchen there was food everywhere and sleeping under that entire gunk.

He stood silently as his mom took the baby into dad's bedroom, which was turned into a junk room, and she gently dusted the baby crib, and wrapped the baby into a clean blanket and placed into the white crib. She then quietly closed the door. As she held her finger to her lips at her two kids. Sooner in that family's life he baby began to show special signs of…something.

As Kietoshu was watching her newly toddler sister with out her brother and mother she stepped in and saw Rinia surrounded with wind and then she was floating around the room on a ball of air.

"What the-?"

Kietoshu whispered as she grabbed her sister.

"Rinia! Rinia! Are you ok?"

Kietoshu Screamed at her sister as she dropped her on to a chair. Mom walked in as Rinia began floating once again.

"Kietoshu! What did you do to your sister?"
Mother screamed as Rinia fell down to the ground.

She looked up at them innocently with the biggest eyes they had ever seen.

"Maybe we shou-"

"No she's too young to understand."

Her mother interrupted as she shook her head and wrapped up her daughter and placed her into the crib as the room began to get dark.