Alan Eppes was sitting in the living room of Charlie's house, reading the morning newspaper.

The television was blaring with the afternoon news, to which Alan wasn't paying attention.

When the screen went blue and the words 'Breaking News' were seen, Alan looked up from his paper and looked at the screen.

The screen changed again to one of Channel 4's ancher's Kevin Ogle.

"Good morning everyone. We have some breaking news involving a boat that unexplainably blew up on the Chatanooga River this morning. For more on the story we go to Cherokee Ballard. Cherokee, what can you tell us?" Kevin asked.

The screen changed to that of a thirty year old lady holding a microphone close to her mouth, while in the backround, FBI SUV's and ambulances could be seen.

"Well Kevin, Sometime this morning three math professers from CalSci were heading over to Chatanooga to spend the night camping. When suddenly their boat exploded. Two fishermen heard the explosion and went to help. It his believed that all three men, a Edward Morris, a Leo Crawford and a Charles Eppes all died from the explosion. The bodies of Mr. Morris and Mr. Crawford were found, but only the ID of Mr. Eppes was found near the wreckage. Our hearts go out to the family of the victims at this hour." Cherokee said.

"Cherokee, what are the police and FBI doing now?" Kevin asked.

Cherokee turned towards the water and pointed at it with her hand.

"Kevin, at this time the FBI is preparing to drain the lake to search for Mr. Eppes body." She said.

"Thank you Cherokee. We'll keep you updated as the information comes in." Kevin said to the viewers as he moved on to another story.

Alan, however, just sat there in shock as he stared at the part of the screen where Charlie's picture had been shown.

'There has to be some mistake. Charlie can't be dead!' Alan thought.

Within moments the phone rang, nearly causing Alan to jump out of his skin!

With trembling hands, Alan lifted the phone off of it's cradle and placed it near his ear.

"Charlie?" He asked, hoping against hope that it would be his youngest son.

"No dad, it's me." Don replied back.

Alan shut his eyes and dropped his head.

He didn't say anything, which prompted Don to continue.

"Did you see the news?" Don asked.

"About Charlie? Yeah I saw it, but, please Donny, tell me that it's some mistake!" Alan begged his eldest son.

From the scene, Don hung his head in shame as he replied, "I'm sorry dad...I can't."

From the other end, Don could hear his father's shuddering sobs as the tears poured down Alan's face.

"How did it happen?" Alan asked.

"We're not sure dad, but I promise you that I will find out!" Don swore.

Alan didn't say anything as he hung up the phone before burying his face in his hands.


"Here we are." Sarah said as she led Charlie into the cabin and shut the door.

Charlie looked around the place and spotted a picture sitting on the makeshift mantlepiece.

The boy in the picture looked like Charlie, only he was so young!

To Sarah, there weren't any differences between either the picture or Charlie, but in Charlie's eyes he saw suttle differences.

There was a birthmark on the boy's neck which Charlie didn't have. There was a chicken pox scar on the boy's right cheek which Charlie didn't have. Charlie had a scar on his left knee from where he had fallen and had a small stick pierce though his leg. There scar was something that this boy didn't have.

Charlie knew he didn't belong, but he also didn't want to hurt this woman. She obviously cared for Charlie, even if she thought he was someone else.

Turning, Charlie watched as Sarah grabbed some clothes and handed them to him.

"It's you're favorite yellow shirt and some jeans." She explained as Charlie took them.

Looking beyond Charlie, she pointed to a small door on the right.

"That's you're room. Nothing has been changed." She said.

Nodding, Charlie walked to the room, went in and shut the door behind him.

A bed was set in the middle of the room while by the window was a smell dresser.

On the dresser was a lamp, with the base in the likeness of an eagle.

There were pictures on the walls. Pictures of Sarah and her son, and pictures of Tyler with his friends.

One such picture made Charlie gasp.

In this one picture were four boys. Two Charlie didn't recognize, but the last two Charlie recognized.

In the middle was Tyler Wood, and on Tyler's right side, with his arm on Tyler's shoulder was Charlie's brother Don!

Both boy's looked to be 11 or 12, which would put Charlie at around 5 or 6. Back then, Charlie rarely ever spent time with Don. Not because he didn't want to, but because Don had never wanted him around, and always ditched Charlie whenever he saw that Charlie was tailing him.

After a year of that, Charlie had just stayed at home and never went after Don again.

Thinking back, Charlie never remembered Don having a friend named Tyler Wood.

'Besides, I would have been given hell about him and I being look alikes.' Charlie thought as he slipped out of his wet clothes and got dressed.


A/N: I know not much happening in this chapter, but things will start to happen in the next chapter.