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Last Chapter: Siege of Trabia

Rinoa finally gets a view of Trabia Garden. She bears a huge injury in her right arm and some minor slashes in her legs. Behind her, a huge army of forbidens chases. As she aproaches the garden she notices some fighting. Trabia wall's machine guns are taking down some marlboros, and a ring of forbiddens surrounds the garden. Within that ring, Selphie's group is engaged , Ultimecia's minions beated them in the race.

Rinoa gets Irvine's atention and he begins to cover her. His Exeter begins to snipe the skeletons but they are just too many, finally she cast a meteor spell, making a hallway for them to rendezvous. Selphie goes to her

-Don't stop, Run now.

Selphie has scratches on her arms,too. Behind her, Alexia and her spear, Sarissa, begins to weaken the ranks of the army. She swings it one side and the other, destroying the forbidens, or so she thinks because with those things as you destroy their heads the body continues to fight, the same if you break them by half, both sides continue to move. She can see that some has holes in their heads,they where sniped by Irvine before. Some arms begin to hold her legs and arms

Keyko comes to support Alexia in the rear and begins to shoot the skeletons with her dual guns, both girls unleash holy spells, but with no effect, seeing the hopeless situation, the group try a charge towards the garden Irvine, Rinoa and Selphie's limits are unleashed, and tons of Forbiddens fall. Running past them while they get up again, the group finally meets the enemy front and its marlboros, Alexia pierces the one in front of them and with the covering fire of the machine guns the win the gate, whose close behind them.All of them try to catch their breath. Irvine does a torniquet to Rinoa

-Selphie.. Ultimecia..Mountain.
-Yeah... she's here...- says selphie with fear.
-I still can't believe it...(Irvine)
-Neither... do.. i.. I think we killed her for good.Says selphie as she tries to wash Rinoa's arm.
-We need to escape and tell Squall.
-But how?. Asks Alexia. we are surrounded here, and the holy magic doesn't work.
-I sense a huge curse, she did it, i'm sure. Says Rinoa as she gets up.

Kadowaki appears and tells them the situation. About ten minutes ago this huge army appeared from nowhere and began to atack. Zell, Raijin and Paco when to the machine room to get the Trabia motor fully funtional so they can float above them, while all the Trabia SeeDs (five to be precise) went to the machine guns still funtional. Their Radio antenna was broken first..

-And Seifer and Fuijin? She asks last.
-I left Seifer fighting Ultimecia. Says Rinoa sadly.
-Fui went after him, so she must be with them.
- I see, so do you think they... Irvine don't want to complete the sentence.
-Those to are stronger when they are together, let's hope they get out of that one. Says Alexia.

Selphie suddenly jumps:

-Elle and Sir Laguna?
-Ellone said she didn't feel good, so they took the Ragnarok to Odin's.
-So, we are really stuck here... Says Kyoko -Yeah, even in Ragnarok is a three hour flight from here to Esthar and back.. Says Rinoa -How long ago they departed, Doc?. Asks Irvine -About an hour ago.
-When we met Ultimecia... Says Rinoa.
-Zell told me that the motor will be ready for action in thirty minutes.
-The gates won't hold that much..

Selphie turns.
-Then we must hold them. Nobody atacks my garden with me inside.
-Doc. Tell Zell he got fifteen minutes. Says Irvine.
-Got it.

Everyone loads and prepares. The sound of the forbiden's swords against the wooden door might scare some people. But not these people, they are SeeDs, and they are proud of it. Selphie prepares the plan, and everyone gets ready.
Five minutes later, the doors begin to crush. Selphie draws her nunchakus.

-Everybody, ready.

The doors keep weakening, finally they fall. A huge wall of forbiddens enter and a handfull of phoenix pinions greet them.
The fire engulf the front of the army.

-NOW !!!!

Five SeeDs run towards the door in a rush to gain it and then protect that narrow space. Five Firagas spells goes towards the marlboros that followed the forbidens. Alexia and Selphie go to the front to destroy everything they can. As Irvine, Keyko and Rinoa snipe from the back.

-C'mon Ten minutes, it is nothing. Says Alexia - But for you is THE END.

Selphie's limit destroy the last marlboros near the gate.Irvine and Keyko begin to shoot to the spine of the forbiddens within range. Rinoa unleash meteor after meteor. The machine guns cover their flanks.

In front of them, thousands of forbiddens charge towards the garden, and its gate. Alexia pierces the ones in the left as Selphie cracks the ones in the right. Irvine and Keyko supports each one and Rinoa meteors every skeleton she can, and blast the "pieces" that move near the girls in the front. However the mass of enemies is too big and they begin to pull back, slowly but surely. One step back each time.. but that is exactly their plan, the forbiddens finally won the gates, which are big enough to let five of them go through at a time. One for each SeeD, and the mass of forbiddens behind won't let them pass. After not too much time the forbiddens are lined like in a shoot gallery and get stopped in their tracks, bones are scattered everywhere. However some marlboros ram their entrance into the garden. Selphie see them

-Take those down. NOW

A marlboro cast its nasty bad breath and it renders Selphie blind and slow, each SeeD has different status now and finally the forbiddens begins to enter freely. Judging by the sounds Selphie thinks that only Alexia keep fighting, she hears Irvine cursing his poison and Keiko's scream, then she feels some tentacles grabbing her arms and legs.

-We couldn't.. hold. them.

Some movement, like an earthquake makes the marlboro free her and she hits the ground, some machinegun-like noises reach her, but as if it comes from afar, realizing that she is about to faint she just mutters "i'm.. sorry.. Squall"..

Meanwhile, Seifer finally reaches Balamb Garden.

-C'mon Fui a bit longer. QUISTISSS...

The End... for now.

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