Titanic Wu

Chapter 1: A Not So Usual Emergency

The emergency alarm alerted the rest of the Titans to the main room of the tower.

"What's the problem?" asked Cyborg.

"Trouble at the research facility" replied Robin as the other Titans gathered together.

The Titans then got onto the T-ship and head off to where the research facility was located. As the T-ship finally arrived at its destination, several of the research facility's guards were waiting for them.

"There's some crazy man in there!" shouted the first guard that greeted Robin.

"We sent a squad in and they never came out" said another guard.

"We're on it" said Robin.

Cyborg readied his sonic cannon as Starfire readied for any action with using her star bolts and began to follow Robin along with Raven and Beast Boy into the research facility. As the Titans began their trek they noticed how badly damaged the facility was and how many unconscious guards were lying on the floor.

"Does this look like the work of Slade?" asked Raven to Robin.

"Doesn't look like his IMO" replied Robin as he observed the badly injured soldiers "sounds like someone broke their bones pretty badly."

Suddenly the Titans finally came to the main research room where a strange figure stood.

"So these are the mighty heroes of the West" said the strange man.

"Who are you?" asked Robin as the other Titans got ready in their fighting positions.

"The name is Chase Young" replied the strange man then he showed Robin a strange but familiar stick, "and Robin I know a lot about you."

"Where did you get that stick from?" asked Robin.

"From one of your old masters" replied Chase Young, "she was quite easy to defeat."

"If you dare have killed her—" said Robin as he was about to launch an attack.

"Nonsense Robin" said Chase, "I am not that cowardly as a warrior. I would just like to see how strong you Titans are against someone like me. So Titans, can you handle someone like me?"

"Titans, go!" shouted Robin as he ordered the Titans to attack Chase Young.

Cyborg fired his sonic cannon at Chase, but Chase was quick enough to dodge the attack. He then charged directly at Cyborg giving him a good punch right in the stomach and an uppercut and kicked Cyborg right toward the wall. Starfire then fired several of her star bolts at Chase, but Chase managed to dodge everyone of those star bolts. He then leaped and grabbed Starfire.

"I do not think I would be as weak as you would think I am" said Starfire.

Starfire then fired star bolts out of her eyes at Chase, but Chase quickly recovered from the attack and then raced toward Starfire and gave her several good punches and one strong kick sending her flying right toward where Cyborg was trying to get himself off the wall.

"Ah, the daughter of the demon Trigon a rare occasion indeed" said Chase as it was Raven's turn to launch her attack against him.

Raven then used her powers and fired a black beam against Chase, but Chase managed to leap out of the way and leaped kicked Raven and giving her a good punch and another kick knocking her right toward the ground.

"This is the famous Teen Titans that defeated the Brotherhood of Evil?" asked Chase as he began to laugh.

"I don't know who you think you really are" replied Robin as he took out his fighting rod, "but when I'm threw with you, you're going to jail for breaking in along with harming my friends."

"Bring it on boy wonder" said Chase as he gave an evil smile.

Robin leaped into battle against Chase Young. Chase managed to dodge Robin's every move and attack. Chase had enough of Robin's ridiculous excuse for a weapon so he grabbed the weapon and started to swing Robin around and around the room until Robin let go of his fighting rod and landed against a desk destroying it. Chase then broke Robin's metal fighting rod in half and threw it to the ground.

"You Titans are not even worth my time" said Chase, "I have much more fun fighting the Xiaolin warriors."

Suddenly as Chase was about to leave the scene, Beast Boy had just changed into a tyrannosaurus and roared right in Chase's face.

"Don't try this on me" said Chase as he suddenly grabbed Beast Boy while still in this animal form and threw him right toward Starfire and Cyborg as they were coming toward his aid knocking them down to the ground again, "waste of my time. I thought you Titans from the West were going to be a major challenge to me."

As Chase finally left the scene the security guards of the research facility came in and were quite disappointed with the Titans.

"Who was that fellow that beat the behinds out of you?" asked the first security guard.

"His name is Chase Young" replied Robin in a disappointed mood, "come on Titans, we'll regroup back at the tower."

Back at the Titan tower, the Titans were still having trouble of who was this Chase Young that had just beaten them and flipped them all like pancakes.

"Just who does this guy think he is coming in here on our turf and causing trouble!" shouted Cyborg who was still angry that they lost the fight.

"Please don't yell" said Raven, "complaining about spilled milk isn't going to get us anywhere."

"Titans" said Robin as he came into the scene, "I just got word from my former master from the East, she seems pretty injured from the fight she had a few weeks ago with this Chase Young."

"Can we have some evidence of this?" asked Beast Boy.

"Sure thing" replied Robin as he turned on the computer screen which showed the image of the True Master who trained Robin to fight Kitaro.

"I am quite sorry to disappoint you Robin" she said while she was in a hospital bed, "this Chase Young was too difficult even for someone as experienced as me."

"So how can I be able to fight this Chase Young?" asked Robin.

"You alone must go to the Xiaolin temple and train with Master Fung and the four other Xiaolin dragons in training" replied the True Master, "I can not teach you anymore and as for your friends, my advice is to not follow your friend right here. Good bye."

"Robin" said Starfire as Robin turned off the computer screen, "must you go to the East again?"

"I'm sorry Starfire" replied Robin, "but this Chase Young is a dangerous criminal, probably even ten times more dangerous than Slade and perhaps even more than Trigon. I have to do this alone, Cyborg you will remain leader of the Titans and if things get dicey you can call other Titans to help out."

"Got it" said Cyborg.

"Ah, come on" said Beast Boy, "can't I come along? I won't interrupt your training I can be just a fly or a spider and watch things."

"No, it's too risky" said Robin as he was getting his stuff ready for his trip.

As Robin was leaving toward his own spot on the T-ship, Starfire approached Beast Boy with a request.

"Beast Boy" said Starfire, "I know I don't make many requests for you, but I was wondering could you turn into a small bug and land on the ship that would take Robin to the East?"

"You want me to spy on him?" asked Beast Boy.

"Just for his own safety and for the rest of the team" replied Starfire.

"Don't you worry" said Beast Boy, "you can count on me."

As Beast Boy was leaving and was about to change into a small bug, Raven noticing him acting suspicious.

"Going to spy on Robin during his trip to the East?" asked Raven while meditating.

"Uh, yea" replied Beast Boy.

"Don't worry" said Raven, "after I started to look into Robin's mind when I dream I sometimes see what he's doing. So you will have a little backup on your spying trip."

"Uh, thanks" said Beast Boy.

Beast Boy then changes himself into a small flying incest and started his way toward where Robin was getting ready to start the engines on the T-ship. As Robin was starting the engines, Beast Boy while still as an insect landed on the ship and waited for it to start. When the ship took off, Beast Boy held onto the T-ship as best as he could as it was traveling toward the East.