Chapter 5: A Titanic Entrance

As Dojo, the three remaining Xiaolin warriors and the two Titans arrived at Chase Young's lair, everyone had an uneasy feeling inside them.

"This place gives me the creeps" said Clay as he studied the large entrance door.

"No kidding" said Beast Boy, "this is even creepier than anything Raven has ever done."

"Well, now or never I bet Omi is in there" said Kimiko.

"You people think we shouldn't just go back to the temple?" asked Dojo as he was in a frightful mood, "I always have a bad feeling whenever we enter a lair of a great evil person like Chase Young."

"Evil he may be, but we haven't come this fair to chicken out" said Robin.

"Robin's right" said Raimundo, "let's bust down this door."

"Way ahead of you" said Clay as he used his Fist of Tebigong combining with his Earth element sent the large stone door crashing down.

As they entered in Chase Young's lair, they noticed that Omi was tied up in what looked like to be a fighting arena of some sort and then as they walked toward Omi who was trying to warn them of some sort of trap, Chase Young along with Red X, Wuya, Jack Spicer and his Jackbots appeared.

"Greetings" said Chase, "I'm so glad you people fell for Mr. Red X's trap."

"We're not going down without a fight" said Robin as he took out his fighting rod.

"Very well then" said Chase, "prepare for the fight of your lives."

As the battle began, Raimundo leaped in front of Omi who was still tied up and used his Sword of the Storm against the oncoming Jackbots. After the Jackbots were destroyed as they hit the wall of the lair, Raimundo helped untie Omi.

"That Red X has my Orb of Tornami" said Omi.

"Don't worry, I'll get it for you" said Raimundo as he began to approach Red X.

"So you want this?" asked Red X as he showed Raimundo the Orb of Tornami, "Then come and get it."

As Raimundo was fighting Red X, Kimiko and Clay were quite busy trying to ward off any oncoming Jackbots while Beast Boy turned into a large tiger and began to fight Chase's cats that were formerly warriors whom were defeated by Chase. As that was going on, it was just Robin and Chase Young.

"Robin, I'm surprised I have turned you or any of your Titan teammates into cats to be loyal to serve me" said Chase, "but coming to the West to see you Titans fail at defeating me was just for kicks."

"Then I hope this will be your last" said Robin as he throws two explosive discs at Chase, but he manages to dodge them and kicks Robin down to the ground.

Robin then recovers from the attack and then tries to hit Chase with his fighting rod, but at every turn, Robin misses and Chase gives Robin a good punch in the stomach and throws him down to the ground.

"Face it" said Chase, "even with the help of the Xiaolin warriors you're no match for me."

"You would be surprised as what us Titans can do" said Robin as he was recovering from Chase's attack.

After that statement the T-ship crashed right into Chase Young's lair. As the hatches opened from the T-ship, Cyborg fired his sonic cannon at Chase Young which sent him flying against some of his own wild cats which Beast Boy was trying to fight.

"No body goes on our turf and kick our behinds like that!" shouted Cyborg as he leaped down to the ground.

"I'm surprised you Titans manage to finally hit me" said Chase as he recovers from the blast, "so let's make it a showdown. Me, Jack's Jackbots and Red X against you Titans and your Xiaolin allies. What do you say to that?"

"Bring it on" said Raven as she and Starfire both floated down.

"We'll be glad to be on the side of these Titans" said Raimundo as he finally grabbed the Orb of Tonrami from Red X's hand.

As the Titans and their Xiaolin allies got together on one side of the arena, Chase and his allies got on the other side.

"Titans, Xiaolin warriors go!" shouted both Robin and Omi as they pointed at Chase Young.

As the Titans and their Xiaolin warriors charged at Chase Young and his allies, Chase then signaled the Jackbots and Red X to attack them. As the Jackbots were launching their attack, Starfire fired several star bolts at those Jackbots destroying them while Kimiko along with Raimundo used their Shen Gong Wu and helped Starfire destroy some of the Jackbots that were about to attack her. Beast Boy then changed himself into a dragon which looked quite similar to Dojo's large size and swung his large tail against the oncoming Jackbots.

"Glad you're on our side" said Clay as he destroyed a few oncoming Jackbots then he turns to Cyborg who was blasting some Jackbots with his sonic cannon, "does he always change into strange animals?"

"Well, the only strange animal I can recall was this strange animal on Starfire's planet" replied Cyborg as he destroyed another Jackbot with his fist.

Finally it was just Red X and Omi who were locked in combat.

"You're going down kid" said Red X as he took out at least two explosive discs or so and used them against Omi, but he then leaped out of the way just in the nick of time.

"You will end your reign of thievery once and for all" said Omi as he used his Orb of Tornami sending a large wave of water at Red X and sending Red X crashing against the wall of the lair.

As Omi was fighting Red X, it was just Robin and Chase Young.

"I'm going to make you pay for hurting the True Master like that" said Robin.

"Big words for a small birdie such as yourself" said Chase, "why don't you actually back that up?"

"Don't worry" said Robin as he fired two explosive discs at Chase sending him crashing down to the ground, "I will."

"My, my" said Chase as he recovered from the attack, "I guess you Titans never saw my true form."

"True form, what are you talking about?" asked Robin.

Suddenly before Robin's eyes, Chase began to change his form into some sort of dragon creature.

"This is my true form Titan" said Chase, "so are we going to fight?"

"Bring it on then" said Robin.

Chase raced after Robin and gave Robin several good punches and sent him flying toward Raven who was fighting some Jackbots.

"Do you mind, I was in the middle of something" said Raven as she was trying to get Robin off of her.

"It's Chase Young in his true form" said Robin as he pointed to the strange dragon creature.

"Let me handle this" said Beast Boy as he came on the scene and changed into a wolf-like creature.

"Oh great" said Raven, "this just reminds me of Godzilla v. King Cong, except it's a wolf-like creature that's fighting the dragon."

"I don't know what the heck you are" said Chase as he observed Beast Boy ready for a fight, "but you're going down."

Beast Boy then launched his claws at Chase and managed to scratch Chase.

"You'll pay for that green one" said Chase as he launched his attack.

Chase tried to give Beast Boy several good punches, but Beast Boy managed to dodge them, then he grabbed Chase and threw him against some oncoming Jackbots. Beast Boy then changed himself into a large dragon and swung his tail at Chase as he was trying to recover from the attack against the other remaining Jackbots.

"I don't believe you Titans and your Xiaolin allies are beating me" said Chase as he recovered from the attack.

"It seems like you are going to lose" said Robin as he leaped and kicked Chase Young down to the ground.

"This can not be happening" said Jack as he was observing the events unfolding.

"Quickly Jack, we must escape before they find us" said Wuya.

"Good idea" said Jack as he and some of his remaining Jackbots were making an exit.

"Say" said Robin to Omi, "where's Red X?"

As both of them turned around to where Red X supposedly landed unconscious, Robin was not surprised to see Red X gone.

"You Titans and you Xiaolin warriors may have won the battle but not the war" said Chase as he was slowing getting up and used some smoke grenade to get away from them.

"Well" said Robin, "I don't think a jail would have hold him anyway."

"We should head back to the temple" said Omi.

As the Titans and the Xiaolin warriors arrived back at the temple, Master Fung greeted them.

"I am quite pleased that you have safely returned Omi" said Master Fung as Omi bowed down.

"It would not have been for the help of these Teen Titans" said Omi as Robin and the rest of his team were emerging from the T-ship.

"Robin" said Master Fung, "you and your friends can come and train at the temple anytime you wish."

"And you or any of your dragons in training can contact us when there's trouble" said Robin.

As the Titans and their Xiaolin allies said their good byes, the Titans got onto the T-ship and started to head off toward the West and back home in Jump City.