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Sakura's POV

They had stared at me. Hyuuga Hiashi had stared at me. Hinata had stared at me. Temari-san had stared at me. And even Gaara, had stared at me. And after Neji arrived, he too, had stared at me, with Byakugan activated eyes. I guess it was an embarrassing moment, and I don't know why, but Gaara had stood up, and after excusing himself, took my hand at the wrist, and led me out. It was later that I discovered that Temari-san had followed.

Gaara had asked me what I was doing, why I was here, and straightened things up with me, before he headed back into the hall. After less than one minute, he came back out. I wondered how the hall could have echoed my words and Temari-san told me I practically screamed. We went to Tsunade-sama's office and straightened things up there. Tsunade-sama had asked Gaara when he wanted to leave for the Sand, and he said first thing tomorrow morning. I was only given one day to pack up and say goodbye to everyone. I was shocked, but I didn't object. Tsunade-sama seemed to agree with it anyway.

I packed, then I went out to say my goodbyes to everyone. I didn't know when I can come back again. Those who knew weren't too surprised, but those who didn't were shocked, to the point of speechlessness. Especially Lee-san. It was my turn to be surprised that night when I found out that they all had a small farewell party going for me.

When it was time for me to go, once again, they all came to bid me farewell. I hugged each and every one of them, before following Kazekage-sama and Temari-san out. I felt bad leaving when Naruto wasn't around. He'll be upset when he gets back from his mission. We walked a while, before the red haired Kazekage told me to take one last look at Konoha before we hit the trees. It was nightfall, before he allowed us to stop for a break. Or at least, allowed me.

Sakura slumped down on the tree branch while catching her breath. Keeping up with the two was like racing to the Sand instead of traveling there. Temari had already started a fire in the clearing beneath her, while Gaara stood on a lower branch of a tree ahead of hers, his back facing her. Sakura made her way down and landed next to Temari, who is now enjoying the fire.

"Sakura, have you reached your limit already?" Temari asked, looking over at Sakura seated next to her.

Sakura gave a small smile to Temari. "I've never had a lot of stamina."

Temari went through her backpack and took out o paper package. She took out a bun the size of two fists joined together and tossed it to Sakura. Sakura caught it easily and gave Temari a puzzled look. Temari took out another bun for herself and grinned at Sakura.

"These buns are famous in the Sand. Eat it, you'll love it! And it'll give you back your energy by morning," Temari explained before taking a bite. She chewed happily, then swallowed.

Sakura looks at the bun in her hands. 'It certainly smells good' she thought.

"I'll go give the last bun to Gaara," Temari says, standing up. Sakura nodded and watches as Temari heads towards Gaara. Once again, Sakura looks at the bun, and she takes a bite. Everything was just right. The texture, taste, smell, even the shape of the bun. As she swallowed the first bite she felt her energy returning already. By the time Temari returned, she had already finished her bun.

"Looks like you liked it," Temari said.

"Aah…..thanks very much for it, Temari-san," Sakura replied. Temari sunk down next to her and took another bite of her now half eaten bun. They were in silence until Temari finished her bun.

"Sakura, you should get some rest, regain your energy," Temari said, taking out her blanket and spreading it out on the ground. "You have a blanket?"

Sakura nodded and took out her own, placing it beside Temari's. Temari lay down on her blanket and closed her eyes. Sakura too, lay down. She finds her eyes wandering to Gaara, now seated at that same tree branch, legs crossed and his hands formed a hand seal, his back to her. She watches as the cork of his gourd popped out and sand came out slowly and started swirling in circles around him.

"No matter how long you look, that scene is not going to change," Temari said suddenly.

Sakura was startled and she looked at Temari. "What do you mean?"

"This is his way of increasing his chakra control over his sand. The pattern and direction of the sand might change, but that's all that's going to happen," Temari explained. "It's better to sleep at times like this."

Sakura took one last look at Gaara before turning her body around to face Temari. "Temari-san, may I ask you something?"

Temari turned to her. "Aah, what is it?"

"How is……..Kazekage-sama now?" Sakura asked.

Temari was startled by the question, but then she smiled. "He's nice now, actually, as long as you don't get on his nerve. Or maybe he's just treating me and Kankurou differently. I don't know," she answered as she shrugged.

Sakura said nothing, and stared at Temari, expecting her to continue.

"Well, the entire village definitely respects him now, and many of the youn teenage girls, especially kunoichi's, they're……in love with him, you could say," Temari said, laughing a little. "I guess when they find out about his political marriage to you, your life will be in danger."

Sakura chuckled along with Temari, while trying to imagine the scene where every single teenage girl in the Sand is coming after her, with kunai and shurikens or katanas and senbon needles.

"But, I guess if Gaara don't find it too troublesome like some people, he will protect you," Temari said.

"Some people?" Sakura asked, wondering who it is. Temari just smiled at Sakura and her mind seemed to wander off. Sakura decided to leave it.

"Naa, Temari-san……when I burst in during………Kazekage-sama's meeting with Hinata, they were holding hands……did it mean anything?"

Temari held her eyes to Sakura a while, before bursting out in a frenzied laughter that she was trying hard to control. Sakura wore a puzzled look. It took some time before Temari stopped.

"Are you jealous, Sakura?" Temari asked, grinning.

"Ah, that's not it! I just-,"

"It's an old Suna tradition," Temari interrupted. "That's all there is to it."

"I see," Sakura replied, still recovering from Temari's 'attack'.

"Sakura," Temari called, sounding serious. "I ask you to answer this question honestly."

Sakura gulped. "Aah……okay."

"It maybe not right to ask you this about Gaara, you might still fear him, but then again, you are going to marry him after all. Do you find Gaara………attractive?"

Sakura was speechless. 'Do I find him attractive?' She couldn't deny that he is in fact good-looking, and his cold persona to most can classify him as appealing.

"Uh……I don't know. I guess he is quite good-looking," Sakura answered.

Temari raised an eyebrow. "Is that so? Well then, go to sleep. You'll need it." she said abruptly. She rolled over and rested her head on her arm. Sakura was shocked by Temari's sudden decision to sleep, but decided to follow through anyway. She took one last look at Gaara, and true enough to Temari's words, the sand was still swirling around Gaara, unchanged. She sighed, then closed her eyes.


Sakura found herself now 50 meters from the Sand's borders. The usual 3 day journey from Konoha to the Sand had been cut down to 2 days and she was now at her limit. '50 meters more, just 50 meters' she thought, dragging one foot after another. She looked at the two in front of her. She could tell from the way they walked that they weren't tired.

She continued to drag herself until she was finally there, the border. The shinobi's on the border greeted their leader, and some greeted his sister, but to Sakura all they did was stare. Gaara stopped at the entrance and turned to Sakura. He looked at Temari.

Temari, in turn, looked at Sakura. "Sakura, from here on, you and Gaara must enter hand in hand. It's a Suna tradition, since you are not from Suna. Much like what he did with Hinata."

Before Sakura could even register Temari's words, Gaara took her hands in his own and walked into Suna, bringing her along. His grip on her hand was crushing, and she felt as though her bone would break at any moment. But just as that thought about it, he loosened his grip, just enough for her to feel comfortable.

As he arrived on the other side of the border, Gaara noticed some people he didn't want to see but knew would be there. All 11 of the council members bowed their heads simultaneously to him, with smiles plastered on their faces. The highest ranked council member walked up to him, and the rest followed slowly.

"Kazekage-sama," he greeted. Gaara said nothing in return. The council member continued. "I see that Hokage-sama has made her choice. You are…?" he asked, looking at Sakura.

"I'm Haruno Skura. It's an honor to meet you."

"Haruno Sakura? You're the medical nin that was sent here 3 years ago during the Akatsuki incident, am I right?" the council member asked.

Sakura nodded. "Aah, that's right."

The council member seemed pleased. Then he turned his attention back to Gaara. "Shall we prepare for the marriage ceremony, Kazekage-sama?"

Gaara glared at him. "That's not necessary. Just announce it." Gaara said, before he walked past the council member, still holding Sakura's hand. He was stopped by the same council member.

He was still smiling, but he seemed annoyed. "Kazekage-sama, you know that's not possible. The marriage ceremony is essential. You do realize that it's part of the tradition, don't you, Kazekage-sama?"

Sakura felt Gaara's grip on her hand tighten once again and she bit her lower lip in a desperate attempt not to scream out loud. 'Are you trying to break my hand?!' Inner Sakura screamed.

"Fine," Gaara spat. "But make it fast, I want it done by today."

"Haik, Kazekage-sama," the council member replied.

Gaara walked past the council member, and this time he gave way. He loosened his grip on Sakura's hand, heard her sigh but held it still as he brings her along towards his destination. Sakura began to notice the villagers eyeing her, and teenage girls and kunoichi's death glaring her. She gulped, and felt a strange uneasiness in her stomach, more so when one particular kunoichi headed towards Gaara.

Gaara stopped, but not because of the kunoichi, but because he has arrived at his destination. Sakura marveled at the tall building on her right. She recognized it as the Kazekage building, but different from the last time she saw it three years ago. It is four stories high, with a very large base, growing slightly smaller towards the top and it has a dome roof. Her marvel of the building was interrupted by a burst of frenzied speech.

"Kazekage-sama! You're back! How was your trip?" the approaching kunoichi exclaimed.

"Aah, it was fine," Gaara answered, sparing a glance at her.

Sakura couldn't believe her ears. 'Gaara is actually talking to someone, nicely!' She sees the kunoichi eyeing her hand which is still held by Gaara's. The kunoichi's eyes were sharp, and at the same time menacing. Her eyes were blue, she has thin eyebrows, long flowing blonde hair tied into one ponytail, her bangs parted in the centre to reveal her forehead protector. From her clothes Sakura guessed she was either chuunin or jounin ranked. The kunoichi's eyes traveled back to Gaara.

"So she's the one?" she asked.

"Aah," he answered before turning to face her fully. "Yume, do this later."

"At least I have to introduce myself, Kazekage-sama," she said.

Gaara glared at her, before releasing Sakura's hand. He looked at Temari, who had been following all along. "Temari, you know what to do."

Temari nodded at him, before he disappeared into the Kazekage building. His building. The kunoichi looked at Sakura and smile. She held out her right hand.

"Hi, I'm Yume. Kinkai Yume," she said, introducing herself.

"Yume(dream)?" Sakura asked.

"I know, it's a weird name. But then again, it's unique," Yume replied. "You are?"

"Sakura. Haruno Sakura," Sakura answered, taking Yume's hand in her own for a handshake.

"Sakura, eh? I know that you're forced into this, but look around you," Yume said. Sakura looked, just to see teenage girls and kunoichi's still death glaring her. "as you can see, many of us would die to be in your position."

"I can see that," Sakura replied, slightly uncomfortable. 'What would you know?' Inner Sakura said. 'He's never tried to kill you'

Yume suddenly smirked at Sakura, making her even more uncomfortable. She released Sakura's hand and moved closer to her. Sakura gulped, and though wanted to move back, stay glued on her spot. Yume brought her mouth close to Sakura's ear. "Just so you know, Sakura-san, Gaara-sama has tried to kill me before. But again, as you can see, I'm still interested," Yume said.

Sakura's eyes widened and she stared at Yume, still smirking. Unconsciously, Sakura took a step back. 'She's read my mind' Sakura thought. "How……how'd you-"

"Okay, that's enough now," Temari interrupted. "You can continue this later, Yume. We're busy."

"Of course, Temari-san," Yume said, backing away. She looks at Sakura, who also backs away. "I'll see you around, Sakura-san." With that she walks away.

Temari looks at Sakura, who sighs and closed her eyes.

"She read you mind, dint she?" Temari asked.

Shocked, Sakura looks at Temari. "How did you know?"

"We suspect it's her bloodline limit," Temari said, taking Sakura's hand and leading her into the Kazekage building.

"Suspect? Don't you know?" Sakura asked.

"After this is over, I'll explain everything to you. Don't worry, I'm not really fond of her myself. But now, we have to get you ready," Temari said, leading her up the stairs. They emerged at the third floor and walked down the corridor. Sakura noted that there is only two rooms.

Temari stopped at the door of the first room and took out a key to unlock it. While waiting, Sakura spotted a figure walking over from the other side of the corridor.

"You two definitely took a long time to come up," he said. "Is it just me, or girls walk slowly?"

"Kankurou-san," Sakura exclaimed, lips forming into a smile. Kankurou grinned at her.

"Oh shut it, Kankurou. We bumped into Yume. Nothing can be done about it." Temari said, opening the door and stepping in.

Kankurou's expression mutated into an odd look of surprise and sympathy at the same time. "Already? She really gets everywhere."

Temari reappeared out of the room. "Kankurou, you can catch up on things later. She's late. The ceremony is today itself."

"What? The council is really rushing it," Kankurou said.

"No, this is Gaara's decision," Temari stated.

Kankurou looks on with disbelief. "I cant believe he wants to get married so badly."

"Very funny, now scamper off," Temari said, pulling Sakura into the room and shutting the door.


Sakura finds herself standing next to Gaara in the big empty hall which they are to be married. The highest ranked council member was standing in front of them, with another two behind him and the other eight were beside Gaara and Sakura in a straight line, four on the left and four on the right. Those beside them were sprinkling water on them, and the one in front was reciting some prayers, accompanied by the remaining two.

Sakura bends her head low, looking at the bracelets on her wrist, jewelries she must wear during the marriage ceremony, together with a necklace and a weird headgear, forcing her to remove her forehead protector. She steals a peek at Gaara, who is wearing his battle outfit, following a tradition that Kazekage's must wear their battle outfit during their marriage ceremony.

She closes her eyes and tries to remember everything that Temari told her about what she must do, but by the end of Temari's speech, she could only remember the start and the end, her great memory failing her. Time was running short for Temari to explain again and so, as a last advice, Temari told her to follow Gaara, for he will correct you when you do wrong and guide you when you don't know something. So far, that has been working fine, although his facial expressions have not been as helpful as his actions.

Sakura gulped as she waits for the prayers to end, wishing it will never, because the event that takes place after the prayers is the most important. The acknowledgment of both sides on the fact that they're married, which is and will be done with a kiss. She shuddered at the thought of kissing Gaara. It was like kissing a piece of walking ice block. Or at least, she imagined it would be.

Sakura suddenly realized that the prayers have stopped, and one of the two council members standing behind the prayer reciting council member walked up and handed a fine, thin band to the prayer reciting council member. Sakura felt Gaara hold her hand, and shivered at his touch. He intertwined his fingers with hers, causing her to shiver even more, as she was startled by his intimate, as she would call it, gesture. Gaara lifted their hands as the head council member approaches them, with the band in his hand. At a comfortable distance he stopped and reached out to tie the band loosely around Gaara and Sakura's outstretched hands.

"You two are now officially married, though having different bodies; your soul is as one. You will live the ups and downs of life together and continue to love and respect each other for as long as it takes," the head council member said. "All that's left now, is that both of you acknowledge this."

Sakura gulped at the mention of the word 'acknowledge'. She knew clearly what it meant. She felt Gaara turning her to face him, and she couldn't look at his face. When she finally did, she focused on his eyes, which she found unpleasant when they first met, but now intense, as if he could see right through her. She let out a breath with uncertainty, while waiting for him to initiate the 'acknowledgement'.

"Kazekage-sama," the head council suddenly said. Gaara looked at him. "I hear that you know this procedure well. I hope I don't have to ask you to do it twice." Though Sakura could not spot any ill content of contempt in his words and voice, she could tell that it was a dead serious warning to Gaara not to do anything wrong on purpose.

Gaara seem to glare at the head council a while, before the ends of his mouth twitched. "Don't worry, that won't happen. I hate repeating."

With that statement, the head council backed away to give Gaara and Sakura some room. Gaara turned his attention back to Sakura. He reduced the distance between them. Sakura shuddered and lets out another uncertain breath. Gaara lifts his free ahnd to tilt her chin upwards. She bites her lower lip as he leans close, but to her surprise, his lips went straight to her ear and he whispers, not wanting the council members to hear.

"You know I don't want to do this, you know I have to, so don't move," he whispered harshly to her. Sakura couldn't help feeling hurt by what he said. He made it sound as if she wanted to kiss him, which she didn't. But as he withdrew his head, he added, " Close your eyes if it makes it easier for you," kindness in his voice.

Sakura couldn't hide her shock of his words, and felt bad for her earlier thought. She took a deep breath and following Gaara's words, closed her eyes. Slowly, she felt him lean close and she felt his breath on her face. When his lips touched her forehead, she couldn't help the slight tingling sensation that ran through her back. It stayed there for a while before his lips broke from her forehead. She felt his head glide lower, and his nose grazed hers. After seemingly a long time, his lips made contact with hers, but it lasted no more than a second, before Gaara pulled away.

Sakura's eyes snap open just to see Gaara resume his original position. His expression showed no change, as expected, but that's not the case for her. She was shocked. If anyone looked at her they could tell that she's shocked. Gaara's lips have not been what she expected. The contact lasted no more than a second, but she remembers the feeling. His lips were soft, despite his hardened expression, and they were gentle, despite his harsh words. She felt more tingles running through her back, even as Gaara tugs at her hand, pulling her back to her original position facing the head council.

The head council stared at Gaara, slightly annoyed, but didn't say anything. He stopped forward, bringing his hands out in front of him, then slowly lowered it down, keeping his palms horizontal. Sakura somehow remembers what this meant, to kneel down before the council members. She looked at Gaara and could tell that he was unwilling to kneel down before the council, but slowly, he kneeled. She quickly joined him.

"The band around your hands is a symbol and proof to your marriage," the head council said to both of them. "A break in the band would be very inauspicious to your relationship. After removal it should be worn at all times around the neck by you, Sakura-sama," he added, looking at Sakura.

Sakura nodded, before she realized what he had just called her. 'Sakura-sama?' Inner Sakura thought, then grinned widely. 'Hell yeah!!!'

"I'm also to inform you that since you are not of the Sand, you are not allowed to leave the Sand for a year, Sakura-sama," the head council said.

Sakura looked up at him in shock. "What? Tsunade-sama didn't tell me about this."

"That's right. She'll find out in about two days or so," the head council said, smirking.

Sakura couldn't believe what she was hearing. She wanted to protest, but Gaara's tug on her hand silenced her. She glared at him, anger more than anything. He didn't need to look at for her to get the warning not to cause a fuss. She turned away, looking at the floor. The head council gathered the rest, seeing no protest from Sakura, and they stood in a circle around Gaara and Sakura. They started praying while walking in a circle around them until finally the head council broke the circle, and headed for the door. The rest followed, one by one leaving the hall. As soon as the door closed, Gaara stood up, dragging Sakura along. Ignoring Sakura's complaint he released her hand while his other hand reached for the band that tied their hands together. He held it and was about to pull when Sakura stopped him.

"Are you going to break it?" Sakura asked, as if it wasn't obvious enough that he was.

Gaara stared at her a while. "That's what I intended to. Why?"

"Have you been listening to anything that the head council member said? Its inauspicious."

Gaara raised a non-existent eyebrow. "Do you care? I thought you'd be furious at him."

She was taken aback by his words, but she knew they were true. She is furious at the head council; he did not tell Tsunade-sama and herself about this one-year restriction and only did after she and Gaara are already officially married so she couldn't do anything about it. And that was not all. Why did she care if Gaara breaks the band?

Gaara fumbly unties the band and hands it to Sakura. She took it, then looked at him. He turned and walked towards the door, saying nothing, leaving Sakura alone in the big hall. She looks at the band, sighed and put it around her neck, knotting both ends together. She takes off the weird headgear and started for the door herself.

"That took a long time."

Sakura sees Temari entering the hall. "Was it?"

"Believe it or not, it's almost dark," Temari stated. "So, how was it?"


You know what I'm talking about."

Sakura guessed Temari meant the kiss, because she couldn't figure out why on earth would Temari want to know about the ceremony. "It lasted no more than a second. There is nothing I can say about it."

"Sounds like him," Temari sighed. "Well, come along. You must be tired by now. And plus, you look upset."

"Did you know about the one year restriction?" Sakura asked.

"I figured you'd be upset about that. I'm sorry, but the council members aren't the nicest people around. Everything they do is for their own benefit. If you knew from the beginning, you might have some problems with the issue. That is why they didn't tell you." Temari said.

"So you knew about it?"

"No, I just heard about it myself."

The somewhat tense atmosphere was broken when door flung open and Yume comes charging in. "Gaara-sama!" Yume spots Sakura and Temari the same time both of them spotted her. "Temari-san! Sakura-san,… no, it's Sakura-sama now."

"What do you want Yume? If you're looking for Gaara, he left already," Temari said.

"Is that so? Then please excuse me," she said politely before exiting. Temari stared at the door a while, a rather nostalgic look on her face. She turned back to Sakura and smiled.

"She wasn't originally from the Sand."

"What?" Sakura asked, shocked.

"We found her, a few years back, wandering around the border. She was wearing a shuriken holster but had no forehead protector and claims to have lost her memory of where she came from, though she remembers her name. We questioned the other shinobi nations if they have a missing shinobi but they all denied so. Gaara then decide to make her a Sand-nin. It was later that we found out about her mind reading ability, and suspect it's a bloodline limit, though we have never heard of a Kinkai clan from anywhere," Temari said, now and then stopping for a breath. She looked away from Sakura, staring into space.

"Although mind reading doesn't serve much use in a battle, because she needs a lot of concentration and physical contact with the person whose mind she wants to read. But she has helped us a lot in information gathering. People can't control what comes into their mind after all," Temari stopped, and glanced at Sakura, as if looking at a criminal. "She read your mind before this, you were in a handshake with her. That's the physical contact. The tip of her finger to the ends of your hair is enough," she turned her glance into a stare. "When she read your mind, what were you thinking about?"

Sakura looked at Temari, silent. She looked down. "I…I was thinking about…-"

"When Gaara almost killed you," Temari ended. She didn't need a response from Sakura to know that she was right. "That happened so long ago, I can't believe you still think about it."

"No……it just suddenly came into my mind. Like you said, people can't control what comes into their mind. I didn't know that Yume could read it." Sakura said, a little guilt in her voice.

Temari sighed. "Gaara is not like that anymore. I'm sure you know that. And I'm also sure that Yume told you that he tried to kill her before."

Sakura immediately nodded. "How did you know?"

"Her character is so predictable," Temari answered with another sigh. She cast a contemplative look at Sakura. The latter looks back at her. "Yume once challenged Gaara to a fight. As we all expected, she lost. He had her locked in Sabaku Kyuu. So I guess that counts as near death enough," Temari said, smiling. "Gaara even said that if she ever challenges him again, he'll kill her for real."

"I see," Sakura replied.

"You must be tired. Let's get you some rest," Temari said abruptly, and headed for the door. Sakura followed, not knowing what else to do. She won't deny that she is tired. Temari suddenly turned and faced her, a worried expression on her face.

"What is it, Temari-san?" Sakura asked, sensing something wrong.

"Before we go, you do know that the room I'm bringing you to belong to both you and Gaara, right?"


Nightfall. Sakura sits on the bed which is now to be hers and Gaara's. She looks around the big room which is now to be hers and Gaara's. It shouldn't even be called a room. It's equipped with everything a house should have. And this 'house' exists inside his building. The room was on the third floor, which only has two rooms, hers and another empty room which used to be Gaara's but he never used it. The topmost floor is his office. The floor below hers has three rooms, Temari and Kankurou's and another empty room. The lowest floor has three big halls. The one she and Gaara got married in, the council meeting room and another empty hall.

Sakura jumped to her feet when the door suddenly flew open and Gaara came walking in. Temari had told her that Gaara usually spends his nights in his office or the roof top, considering the fact that he doesn't sleep….much. He never spends his nights in a room, if it is possible. Gaara closed the door and heads towards Sakura.

"The council insisted that I must spend the first night in the room," he said simply, then took off the outer layer of his robe. Sakura gulped, wondering what he is doing. He tossed the robe aside, now only with his trousers and a white shirt. He took a chair from the round table in the middle of the room and dragged it to the side of the bed. He sat down and stared at Sakura.

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked, finally finding her tongue.

"Spending the night in the room."

Sakura sat down on the bed and looks at it, and then at the long couch along the wall beside her. She looks at him. "I know you don't sleep….much, but you could at least lie down on the bed or-"

"I don't sleep,….doesn't mean I don't have the urge to. Lying down will make it stronger."

"I see," Sakura replied. Realizing that Gaara would continue to sit on the chair, she lay back, and tucked herself in. she faced him at first, but quickly turned around when all he did was stare at her. He stared as she turns her back to him, and continued to stare even as she sleeps. His eyes remained on her sleeping form through the night, but suddenly, as if the moon itself called him, he looked out the window at it, and closed his eyes.


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