Warning : shounen-ai, yaoi (in the later chapters, of course) bastardized Sasuke, fantasy-world combined with the real world, heavy AU (ohh, beware my hyperactive imagination), powers (and I've got another use for the Kyuubi), some adult themes tossed here and there, innocent Naruto-chan, includes violence (nothing too harsh though) and language (as in curse words and cussing)… and over-all AU-ness (I guess that includes OOCness and OCs; there're no spoilers though). This fanfiction is rated M for a reason :)

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Inspired By: Sorrosa Girlie's The Patient (it's a SasuNaru), Triste's Reason (Kai x Takao) and… various other TV Shows (like E.R., CSI, Grey's Anatomy, The House). And because of my very recent trip to the hospital for blood sampling –sniff-


The Meeting

His footsteps are brisk and his posture is rigidly formal. He steadily (coldly and easily) ignores the giggles and love-struck squeals that erupt from the lips of the females that aligned themselves beside the hospital's wall. The white colors represent the sterile and hygienic environment that hospitals are required to have.

His obsidian eyes take in everything he sees, including the possible paths for escape in case emergencies occur. He sees a couple of the hospital's patients pushed towards a certain "learning room". The file of his newest (first ever, actually) patient is on his right hand, swishing with his footsteps.

His guide, a vibrant blonde with model-like body, stops suddenly in front of one door. The fluorescent light from above makes his name tag, Uchiha Sasuke, shine to the point that his name is unreadable. He peeks in inside the room of his patient, and notices a number of strange things.

One, the room isn't stark-white like the rest of the facility. It's painted with various bright colors, as though the painter was very happy with life and felt like mixing up the different hues. Orange dominates the room's color, and he sees his patient from the small glass window on the door.

(Two) Uzumaki Naruto looks substantially different from his pictures in the files. The person he sees from the other side of the door looks worn-out and very tired from life. He's much thinner in-person, and the lively sparkle in his blue eyes isn't present.

Three, the room is messy. He remembers the list of hospital policies and Policy 76 reads that the patients are expected to clean after themselves, or punishment would be delivered accordingly.

There are still quiet a few peculiar things, but Ino's bare hands are already touching his jacket-covered arm and he pushes back the instinctual urge to freeze her solid. "Sasuke-kun?" She asks tentatively, and Sasuke snarls at her. The blonde backs away and she bows shakily, and leaves with hurried steps.

Sasuke doesn't enter his patient's room yet though. He recalls the files saying that Naruto hasn't spoken since his parents' death, and that was when he's five years old. Almost twelve years later, he hasn't spoken yet. Sasuke understands the trauma of losing one's parents, but his patient's case is different. Naruto has seen his parents perish in a fire that ate up an entire village. Sasuke remembers the file again; the fire's cause wasn't discovered at all (along with the arsonist's identity), and Uzumaki Naruto is recognized as the sole survivor of the terrible tragedy that took more than a thousand lives.

It's his job now, even though he's only in his final year in the university, to study this blond. The hospital tells him that there are more puzzling incidents revolving the young teen, but they told him (just earlier this morning, actually) that he'd find out more about Naruto's mysterious secrets in the near future.

His eyes dilate (not that Naruto noticed) when he opens the door. The sheer aura of the blond is enough to overwhelm him with one blow, but he's an Uchiha, and he's strong. Even though the details aren't complete yet, he now understands his mission. He clears his throat loudly, and the blond looks at him with surprise on his azure-colored eyes. There's a confused, curious, lost and weary look, and Sasuke takes it all in with confidence.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke, and I'll be your personal doctor from now on."

To Be Continued

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