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He Loves Me Not

The pink haired girl found herself in a beautiful garden she turned to see the person she treasured most. She tried to run towards him, to call his name, but to no avail. He suddenly turned around, but his eyes were not caring or loving. They were red and hateful. The gardens lovely flowers wilted and died. Thick smog, almost thick enough to choke her, settled. The boy laughed as he pulled something out of his pocket. The girl screamed as a sharp shuriken made its way toward her face. Then….


Sakura woke with a start and rose in her bed. "Every fricken night! It's been almost 5 years! Why don't they stop!" Sakura held her hand to her head. She got up and did her daily routine. The shower woke her up and breakfast gave her energy. She put on her jounin outfit and her hair in a ponytail, with some stray strands caressing her face.

A lot had changed since that fateful day. The day he left her with 2 simple words that would always haunt her. "Thank you" Just then she was yanked out of her thoughts.

" Skura! Sakura!" Her best friends voice sounded.

" Hey Ino! Whtas up?" She asked, casually.

" Sakura, you know you're my best friend and I lo…"

" What do you want?" She cut off Ino.

" You know me too well! Can you please, PLEASE watch the gang for me?" She pleaded. Three heads popped out from behind Ino. Ino became a jounin and then was assigned some students. Sakura was asked to watch them often and they got used to calling her "Sakura-sensei".

"Why Ino? I was goanna go see Tsununde-sama!" Sakura complained, knowing she would cave in a minuet.

"Well, Shikamaru said he had a surprise for me and Hinata said she saw him at the jeweler. She said he carried out a little blue box! I think he's goanna purpose!" Ino clapped her hands together. Sakura smiled.

"Oh, all right! Michibiku, Imatsu, and Sawara you're with me today!" Sakura exclaimed, looking at the three youngsters.

"YAY!" They all chimed together, "We get to stay with Sakura-sensei today!"

"Thank you so much Sakura! I'll make sure that you're the maid of honor!" Yelled Ino as she ran off. Sakura laughed at Ino's retreating figure. She didn't know why, but she felt an odd presence near her. It seemed familiar, but she brushed it off. She didn't notice the pair of red eyes watching her every move.

"Tsununde! Are you here?" Yelled Sakura as she opened the hokage's doors. Sakura wasn't suprised at the smell of sake or the 5,mile high stack of papers on the desk. It took about 10 minuets to find out if Tsununde was barried under the papers,butshe was no where to be found.Sakura decided to have her and the children wait. Ton Ton (I think thats the pigs name... Tell me if I'm wrong!) showed up and the children decided to play with her. " poor Ton Ton." Thought Sakura.

"Sakura! It's been a while!" A boy's voice sounded behind her. The children ran out the door.

"Go to Shizune's office!" She yelled. She herd 3 little 'oks' back. Pulling out a shuriken she asked,"Who are you?" Without turning around.

"You can't tell?" He chuckled, "Maybe this will brighten your memory... Thank you." He said calmly. Sakura'sshurikenslowly slipped out of her hands and hit the ground with a thud.


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