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He Loves Me Not

'Thank you." Sakura's eyes had a saddened tint to them. Sasuke starred at the ground.

"I-I had to. You see when I was younger my brother… he killed my whole clan. Everyone. Friends and relatives alike. So when I left it was to get revenge on my brother. You- you loved me back then and confessed that night, trying to get me to stay. Then you said to wanted to come with me, but I didn't want the last important thing in my life to get hurt, so I knocked you out and left you here." Sasuke explained. Sakura just starred with a blank expression. Then she did the most unexpected thing. She kissed him. When they separated Sasuke asked, "What was that for? I was expecting you to be angry."

"Angry? You just said I the only important thing to you. Why would I be angry." Sasukes turn. He smiled and kissed her neck. Sakura wasn't in the mood for this so she opened her mouth to say 'stop' but a slight moan escaped her lips instead. This only made it seem like she wanted more. He was now moving up to her lips while letting his hands wonder where ever they pleased. Their little love fest was suddenely interrupted by Kakashi.

"Opps! Am I… cough… interrupting?" He asked, even though he knew he was.

"No, you think 'Sensei'" Said Sasuke with sarcasm.

"Right, well Tsununde-sama told me to tell you that an Orochimaru spy was seen in the forest." Kakashi gave is explination. Sasuke could feel Sakura's muscles tence as he sat in his embrace. He was overtaken with anger and worry. That damn orochimaru! H'll pay for what he did! Sasuke clenched his fist. It was Sakura's turn to worry. What if Otou-san comes and hurts sasuke. She was now worried. The two lovers were so deep in thought that they didn't notice Kakashi had left.Sakura was suddenly in the mood for Sasuke. She took off his shirt as he looked at her with confusion.

"Lets pick up where we left off."

Sakura rose and looked at the bedside clock. 2:40. Perfect. She got up and put her clothes on. She left a note by Sasuke and exited through the front door.
Sasuke woke up to and alarm clock buzzing loudly. He leaned over and hit snooze only to hear something crinkle beneath him. He moved and saw a piece of paper. He opened it.

My dear Sasuke-kun,

I love you very much and that is why I left. Orochimaru is powerful and I didn't want him to destroy everything I've come to love here. Especially you. I will confront him about my memories and find out the truth. I will come back, so please be careful.

With all my love,


Sasuke just starred at the note for a minuet. He read it two more times and then crushed it. That idiot! He thought. He couldn't believe she left without a word. Now he knows how she must have felt. Sasuke immediately got dressed and went to see hokage.

Saukra ran through the woods as fast as her feet would carry her. She had to get there soon. She thought about all the new memories she had and all the old ones she wanted back. She was going to get them!

Sakura finally reached the hide out. She walked inside like she did it every day. The guards that tried to give her a hard time got knocked out by tree branches. She headed straight for Orochimaru's room.

"Otou-san!" She called with venom in her voice. She was not a happy camper.

"My daughter! Did you enjoy your time out?" He asked with a smirk.

"Yes I did. And I'd like to know what memories you erased!" She yelled. This even made orochimaru jump.

"Well," He smirked again, "I didn't mean to erase them. When I gave you that curse seal they got erased. Which reminds me…"He full on smiled as Sakura felt a pain surge through her. She screamed as she hit the floor. "Naughty daughters get punished." He said mockingly.

"I'm not your daughter you bast…" Sakura fell silent. Everything to her went black. She once again was lost in the dark.

Sasuke sped towards Orochimarus base. He was faster then Sakura and reached not to long after her. He walked through to see all the guards out cold. He headed straight for the opened doors at the end of the long hall. He herd Sakura's voice. Orochimaru was telling Sakura that he didn't mean to erase her memories. Sasuke snuck around back and readied a kuni. As Sakura fell to the ground Sasuke charged Orochimaru, still unnoticed. As Orochimaru turned a Kuni was thrust into his heart. Then his stomach was met with a chidori. And just like that Orochimaru lay still on the ground. Sasuke wanted to be sure he was dead, so he broke his neck. When Sasuke want to Sasuke she was already out cold. He picked her up and called the ANBU to take care of the body.
Memories flashed through Sakura's mind. She remembered everything from when she was little. She had her memories, but she had an emty space where there was saposed to be something. She lightly opened her eyes to see Sasuke. "Sasuke-kun?" She asked.

"Hey. Bout time you woke up." He smiled.

"Wh-what happened? The last thing I remember was being bitten by that snake Orochimaru." She put a hand to her head. Sasuke's smile faded.

"So you don't remember anything in between that?" He asked. Sakura shook her head no.

"Sakura-chan! Your awake!" Naruto came in with a bear hug.

"Hey Naruto."Sakura smiled. Naruto pulled away.

'Hey! Do you remember me? If you do, how'd we meet?" He asked.

"What is this? An interigation? Konoha Ninja Academy. We were in the same class then on the same team." She answered.

"YAY! The old Sakura-chan is back!" Naruto hugged her again.Sakura just decided to ignore it since it was so confusing.

A few weeks later Sakura was let out of the hospital. Her curse seal was gone, but she still had the power. Sasuke's was gone too. Sakura currently sat on a log with a grat view of Konoha. She lazily plucked a flower's petals thinking of Sasuke.

"He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, He loves me not…" The last petal hit the ground. She sighed. She looked at the now empty flower. A voice was suddenely herd behind her.

"He loves you." Sakura turned to see Sasuke. But before she could say anything Sasuke kissed her. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the way he tasted. He finally broke the kiss.

"He loves you a lot."


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