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Unconsciously, Raziel flung Farrah's necklace at Elizabeth's cooling form. He then climbed to the top of the hourglass and stabbed the dagger into the top. Scenes washed over him, and suddenly Raziel awoke in a tent. The whole adventure had played in reverse through his mind, and now he knew how the Prince had originally gotten the dagger.

With an odd sense of disorientation, Raziel realized that he still had the dagger. He shuddered at the paradox. As Raziel ran through the oasis outside of the Maharajah's palace, he reflected on how this world's time stream seemed more mutable than that of Nosgoth's. Shortly, Raziel arrived at the palace. He knew that he had to find Elizabeth if he ever wanted to leave.

"There you are," Elizabeth exclaimed happily. It seemed that she had been waiting for Raziel.

Raziel winced at the loud colors in Elizabeth's shirt. It seemed that she had actually gained weight since he had defended her against smoldering spirits.

"Unlike Farrah, I remember everything," Elizabeth said. "I even remember how many times I was killed by sand creatures."

Raziel had no sympathy. Though he was a skilled fighter, he occasionally ducked when he should have dodged. He had needed the dagger to save his own life more than he had needed it to save Liz's.

"What do we do now?" Raziel asked, guessing that Elizabeth had reverted to her normal appearance because they were at the end of the game.

"We sit around and talk," Elizabeth said, patting the bed invitingly.

"Oh please," Raziel sneered.

"She's right," the Gamester said, striding into the room. "You are to talk until dawn, relating your tale to the unknowing princess, until your final battle with the treacherous visser. Since Elizabeth remembers everything, we can just skip ahead to that part."

"Very well," Raziel said, unsheathing his sword. The lightweight scimitar felt strange after wielding the sword of temporal death.

The Gamester held up a hand. "I am still aching from the last time you killed me, but I think you'll enjoy this much better."

The Gamester made mystical gestures in front of his face and then leaned on his staff. His robes pooled around his shorter form.

When he lifted his head, Moebius asked, "What is happening?" He glanced around with his clouded eyes, not recognizing his surroundings or the people around him. "I have an execution to arrange."

"Don't worry about it," Eliza said as she walked up to the old wizard.

Moebius glanced at the girl and then recoiled in shock. He remembered seeing her thirty years ago, an experience he would have liked to forget. He did not expect to see the girl after so long, only guardians and the undead aged that well.

Raziel was not without honor, and he could see that the time streamer was disoriented by the situation. He tapped Moebius on the shoulder with one massive talon and said, "I need to kill you."

Moebius still did not recognize Raziel. Suspiciously, he peered through the temporal distortion surrounding the vampire, and managed to discern the familiar blue wraith.

"You know that you can't!" Moebius yelped in alarm.

Raziel idly flipped the dagger of time through his claws, unimpressed. "I was restored to my former appearance the last time that I was dragged away from Nosgoth on one of these adventures. Yet when it was over, I was returned as if nothing had happened." Raziel gripped both sword and dagger as he advanced on Moebius. "I believe that it shall happen this time as well, and I believe that I am going to enjoy this."

Moebius thought desperately. He had been saving this spell for his encounter with Kain later, but right now it was looking as if there wasn't going to be a later.

"Behold a puppet from the past!" Moebius cried.

Raziel stared, insulted, as his former Sarafan self appeared. "Again?" he asked.

Elizabeth was a poor gamer, so she was surprised at how easily Raziel dealt with his former self. Raziel seemed almost playful as he sparred with the Sarafan in a familiar dance. All too soon, Raziel slashed the Sarafan's throat, letting the blood pool on the floor before the puppet dissapeared.

"From the present," Moebius announced as a second vampire Raziel appeared. The mirrors in Azahd had been only a shiny surface, reflecting light but not images. Raziel had forgotten just how beautiful he had been as a vampire, and he pined at how he once more was going to lose his appearance. Their strength was evenly matched, but Raziel had learned some tricks that the puppet did not know. Again, the doppleganger fell into a pool of its own blood before fading away.

What Raziel found most eerie was fighting against the wraith. It didn't occur to him that the fight was technically two against one, or that the wraith was indestructible. It was still an illusionary puppet, and Raziel defeated it with surprisingly little trouble. Though for some reason, the false wraith drew aside its scarf to leer in naked insult at Raziel. The vampire grimaced in disgust, having never really seen the monstrosity he had become.

With all three challenges won, Raziel turned to Moebius. The aged wizard waved his staff as if to ward off Raziel's advance. Moebius stared at it in surprise when he realized that even though it was a staff with a snake coiled around it, it was not his, and it lacked a vampire-disabling crystal.

Casually, Raziel batted Moebius through the balcony screen. Moebius slowly stood from his sprawled position, determined to die with a taunt on his lips. "This will not matter."

"Perhaps not," Raziel said as he struck Moebius down, "but it was fun while it lasted."

Elizabeth stepped out onto the balcony, feeling just the slightest bit of pity for Moebius. "I guess that this is the end. Stay here with me, Raziel."

Raziel drew the dagger of time, preparing to give it to Eliza. He stopped when he noticed that the dagger had a full charge of sand.

Raziel sliced upwards with the dagger, slashing Elizabeth's stomach and causing her entrails to spill forth. He savored her expression of shock and disbelief. With a smirk, Raziel pressed the switch on the dagger, restoring Eliza to unharmed.

Eliza accepted the dagger from Raziel in confusion. She wondered why he had turned back the kiss, did he not like it?

Raziel turned to see a violet-eyed beatnik sitting on a zoomer that was hovering next to the balcony. "Let's go," Raziel said as he climbed onto the back of the strange craft.

The Gamester winked at Elizabeth before driving off into the sunrise. Elizabeth moped as she watched them go. She knew that the Gamester would be back to collect her shortly, but she was losing Raziel again. A part of her knew that it was for the best, but the surface of her mind was deluded into thinking that their relationship could've worked.

Moebius struggled to his feet, suffering the effects of being newly resurrected. "I hate you," he growled to Elizabeth as he wandered inside to lay down on the bed.

"I think you should come back out here and stay dead," Elizabeth called after him. "You can get stuck here if you stray too far from the script." She just shrugged as she was ignored. Then with the suddenness of a PS2 shutting off, she was back home once more.