By Henrika

Henrika- Because Sadina Saphrite poked me, I came up with Ed angst. It's short and has SPOILERS for the movie. Don't say I didn't warn you.

It shouldn't have hurt so much.

It shouldn't have felt like it was happening to him.

It shouldn't have felt like he cared.

It shouldn't have felt like one of the last pieces of his heart had finally slipped away.

He had seen blood in his life. He had seen far too much of it. He knew the exact components that made up the viscous crimson fluid. He knew how much was contained in a human body, down to the last milligram.

But despite that, despite all that knowledge, Ed had never realized that the human body could have so much blood.

He knew sacrifice as well. His brother had sacrificed his life and body. He had sacrificed his arm, his childhood, his innocence, and his life in Amestris. But this sacrifice was beyond what he could comprehend.

So much blood.

It shouldn't have mattered. It shouldn't have meant anything! Ed thought desperately. But it did. It meant everything to him. He fell to his knees.

The blood was everywhere. Ed swore that time slowed, giving him time to appreciate in all its terrifying detail the enormous shower of blood. The scent of copper filled the air and he would have choked if he had the time. The shot rang out and even though he knew he was about to die, all he could think about was even after everything his father had done, he knew that he would both hate him and love him the most for this.

Envy had gotten his revenge. Edward had gotten a chance to go back to his brother. And their father had sacrificed himself to fulfill both of his son's dreams.

But there was so much blood.




The shot knocked him from the platform as the array blazed above him. As Ed fell into the darkness, he wondered if the strange loosening in his heart was what forgiveness felt like.

It shouldn't have felt like he was caring, but he was.

Thanks Dad.

Henrika- God, that was a lot of blood Hohenheim had in him. Yeesh. Hope you enjoyed. Please review:)