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Part One

Draco Malfoy tapped his foot anxiously against the door frame.

"Open up, Blaise, open up…" he muttered, sweat and rainwater mingling and running down his face. Of course he would abandon his life at Malfoy Manor the one day all summer that it rained. Not any old rain, either, but rain that could have sunk Noah's Arc like a tin can in a raging sea.

He wondered, for the thirteenth time as he stood waiting, if this was the right address. Last he had heard, his best friend Blaise Zabini had moved in with some kid from Hogwarts and they were living together. It would be just his luck if they'd moved and sold this place to some deaf-blind hag with knees like weak chips.

Just as another bolt of lightning made his insides squirm and his bladder contract, the door opened. All Draco could tell about the person in the doorway was that it was most definitely not Blaise.

Later, Draco would realize that since Blaise hadn't answered the door, he probably shouldn't have barged in, considering he had no clue who the strange woman in boxers with a toothbrush hanging out the corner of her mouth was.

Apparently, it didn't matter to her, because she didn't try to gouge his eyes out with her toothbrush. She simply closed the door behind him and went back to brushing her teeth in the middle of the hallway as Draco stood shivering wet and about to piss himself. Really, he should have stopped for a potty break before confronting his mother. Pardon, the-cow-formerly-known-as-mother. Now she was Narcissa the Cow. It had a majestic ring to it.

Draco squeezed his left eye shut as water slid into it. He appraised the odd person still brushing her teeth through his right eye. "Who are you?" he asked, teeth chattering a bit, and more than a little miffed at her lack of hospitality even if this wasn't Blaise's apartment. She arched an eyebrow, and Draco wondered if she'd been in Slytherin. Pulling her toothbrush out of her mouth, she waved it at him. "Who'm I? Yer da one knockin' on da door in da middle of da night," she mumbled through a mouth full of foaming toothpaste.

Draco thought she looked like a rabid dog, especially since her red hair was tangled into an indecisive bun on top of her head with stray strands like ears. Or antennae. He stepped back to avoid the drops of paste that slung off her toothbrush as she gestured to the door. "Wha'd you wan?" she muttered, a line of toothpaste trailing down her chin. She rolled her eyes and beckoned for him to follow her into a small kitchen where she spit the peppermint-flavoured goo into the first available place; an open carton of Chinese food. Rinsing out her mouth she turned to him. "What did you want?" she repeated, and her voice sounded slightly better, if a bit gravely.

Shivering (still!), Draco shrugged. "I was looking for a friend of mine who said he lives at this address," he explained. The girl looked at him stupidly, not offering any information and for a moment he considered asking her if she had permanent brain damage. What was she doing brushing her teeth at midnight anyways?

"My friend's name is Blaise Zabini. Do you know him?" he chattered. She nodded, the blob of hair bobbing up and down as she did. "He owns this place," she said simply. Finally, some headway! Draco resisted the urge to throttle her. She still had the toothbrush and he liked his eyes very much the way they were and where they were.

"Well, in that case, do you think I could talk to him?" he asked, wishing she'd just offer him a towel. Or a large, hot, bath. With bubbles. Draco's darkest secret was his fondness for bubble baths.

The woman just stared at him, shoving her thumbs underneath the waist band of her boxers and leaning against the counter in a negligent pose. "I think he's asleep," she said vaguely. "Or else he and Colin are doing something you'd rather not interrupt."

Draco shuddered. He'd gotten used to the fact that Blaise had…better fashion taste…than most men, but Colin? Creevey? As in the creepy little stalker paparazzi-wanna-be with faux-Malfoy blonde hair? Ick. And Blaise was supposed to have good taste…

No need for a warning; Draco would wait. However, his skin was feeling cold and clammy and he really needed to use the loo. "Well, do you think I could get a towel, or use the loo or something? I'm kind of cold."

The woman shook her head. "How do I know you're Blaise's friend? You could just be some hobo off the streets."

Draco was mortified. Him? HOBO! Not with that hair, those robes, and his blue-tinted blood. He reigned in his homicidal feelings until later, when cause of death could be determined not as an explosion of temper, but a tragic and accidental toothbrush down the oesophagus. "I'm not. I told you Blaise's name before you mentioned it, didn't I? Plus, I'm Draco Malfoy. Everyone who went to Hogwarts knows Blaise and I are close."

The girl opened her mouth to say something, most likely 'get out of my kitchen you wet hobo so I can finish brushing my teeth', but at that moment, a rather tall man with rich dark skin strode into the room with a robe wrapped around his waist.

"Draco! What a surprise! When did you get here?" Blaise beamed, rushing over to wrap Draco in a hug. Draco sent an 'I-told-you-so' glare over Blaise's shoulder at the daft little twit who'd given him so much trouble. Her vacant, idiotic expression was gone, however, replaced with a shrewd glare.

Blaise released him, frowning as he held him at arms length. "You're soaking wet, why didn't you dry yourself off?" he looked down at the tail of water and small lake that Draco was standing in. Draco sent a glare at the girl, who slumped down farther against the counter.

Blaise seemed to finally realize she was there. "Oh…" he said, drawing the word out into an all-knowing exclamation, giving the girl a sharp frown, then a beaming smile. The girl smirked back and disappeared. Draco shot Blaise a questioning glance.

Blaise shrugged. "She's Colin's best friend, and she pays the rent on time. You do know who she is, don't you?" he asked. Draco shook his head. Blaise let out a hearty laugh as the girl returned with some heavy towels and a clean shirt and boxers.

"No wonder you're still wet," he chuckled before turning to the girl, who was trying to keep a straight face. "How long did you have him standing there, all cold and wet?" he asked. She grinned and shrugged. Blaise shook his head, more amused than Draco would have liked.

"Ah, well. Draco, I'd like you to meet Ginny Weasley," he grinned as Draco's jaw dropped. "Again."