hey all shadowphoenix here OMG you have no idea how muchi missed home when i got sent away to the stupid health farm man but i am so glad to be homegot home yesterday at 8:00pm i never realised how much i love my bed and my room and my comp and everything lol

well this is just a little something i wrote atthe health farm hope you like itits about black dranzer talking about kai

Everywhere i go

i leave death and destruction im my wake

no matter where i go

they try to kill me

i am deadly

i am beautiful

theres no denying it

you cant hide

the attraction

you feel for me

you yearn for me

i burn you

you pull back unsure

of what to do

of what to think

but i pull you back in

you drown

you choke

you gasp for air

yet you do not let go

you do not cry out

you silently clutch at your chest

eyes wide in fear

your breathe comes out in pants

you wonder why

why you fell for me

and then i let you go

you gulp in oxygen

you breathe freely

you turn and grasp me

yet again you were pulled in

by my beauty

by my power

wherever you go

you leave death and destruction

whatever you do

you cant forget

you cant let go

ok so i hope you like it please review and tell me what you think