Title: Dean
Author: ShaedowCat (Me)
Beta: kina24...except for the first one. No-one beta'd that, coz I'm impatient.
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, various other canon characters, OFC later on
Paring: None...or none that are centric, anyway
Rating: PG / K
Genre: Supernatural/Angst/Tragedy
Disclaimer: I own neither Dean nor Sam nor John...much to my dismay...I do, however, own my imagination, and the products thereof
Feedback: Lots, please...kthnxbai
Summary: A series of snapshots through the years of Dean's life
Warning: None I can think of...
Notes: Same universe as all my fics. I've taken liberties with the details, here...they may not be canon, and will probably be disproved by the Kriptkeeper later on...

One is peace.

One is coming home from the hospital, wrapped in a soft blue blanket in your car-seat in the back of the Impala. One is being carried gently by your father into the house, up the stairs and into your nursery, being laid in your cot. One is always smiling, never crying, and sleeping through the night almost from the get-go.

One is trouble.

One is lulling your parents into a false sense of security by acting like an angel, only to prove yourself hell-on-wheels (or all fours) once you start crawling. One is getting into everything - everything - despite child-locks, adult-locks, padlocks, or dead-locks.

One is lucky.

One is hundreds of trips to the doctor - or the emergency room - due to suspected ingestion of dangerous substances. One is proving that your sense of self-preservation is stronger than your sense of curiosity, because although you open hundreds of bottles, you never actually drink anything.

This is going to be a series of ficlets showing bits and pieces - defining moments, if you will - of Dean's life...that said, one down, twenty-seven to go...

Feedback is muchly appreciated...liek, for serious...; )

luv ShaedowCat xox