Title: Dean
Author: ShaedowCat (Me)
Beta: 0 (zero, none)
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, various other canon characters
Summary: A series of snapshots through the years of Dean's life
Notes: Twenty-seven...last stop, people...for now, at least.
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Twenty-seven is shooting yourself twice in the heart to stop yourself killing your brother. Twenty-seven is waiting for silver to melt. Twenty-seven is 65 000 bees swarming into an attic intending to kill you, commanded by a dying chieftain's last wish. Twenty-seven is going home, breaking a 22-year-old oath in the process. Twenty-seven is watching your Mom die all over again, sacrificing herself to protect you and Sam from an unseen threat.

Twenty-seven is co-ordinates from Dad. Twenty-seven is a flying lesson from Sam. Twenty-seven is sleeping for the first time in you-can't-remember-how-long on your back.

Twenty-seven is a call from Dad, and a fight with Sam, and this time it's you leaving...he walks, but you're the one who gets in the car, turns the key in the ignition, and leaves him in the middle of the road.

Twenty-seven is a call from Sam, and an apology, and this time you let him go. Twenty-seven is remembering an old phrase with a certain amount of irony when Sam appears out of the shadows, then again when he says "I think you're stuck with me."

Twenty-seven is dying, shocked by a hundred-thousand volt taser you fired yourself. Twenty-seven is dying, the life sucked out of you by a Reaper - in a suit - and damn but you'd have laughed at that if you hadn't been busy.

Twenty-seven is falling for this one girl...yeah, you've heard that joke before. Twenty-seven is being surprised that - yet again - you're dumb enough to fall for the punch-line.

Twenty-seven is realising that Sammy's little gift might not be so little. Twenty-seven trying to make light of the situation, while all the while you're thinking How much more of this do we have to bear?

Twenty-seven is more stupid kids doing more stupid thing...Christ, haven't they seen the movies?! Haven't they read the books?! It should be taught in schools: Do. Not. Fuck. With. Shit. You. Do. Not. Understand.

Twenty-seven is the sick feeling in your stomach when you realise Sam is gone. Twenty-seven is a poker in the shoulder. Twenty-seven is realising the pain amounts to 'round about the same.

Twenty-seven is that bitch Meg, and those stupid Daevas, and watching Dad's truck's lights disappear from view.

Twenty-seven is a second chance. And you take it with both hands...and consecrated iron rounds.

Twenty-seven is vampires. Enough said.

Twenty-seven is losing Pastor Jim, and Caleb. Twenty-seven is losing Dad. Twenty-seven is being forced to realise that, one day, you might lose Sam.

Twenty-seven is not being sure how much more you can take.

Well...this is the end...at least, for a little bit. Thanks again to everybody who has reviewed...as stated above, we hit over 200! W00t! I am so happy! You guys truly rock...your enthusiasm and encouragement made these fics possible. I doubt I would've stuck it out if you guys hadn't been so supportive.

Like I said, this is the end for a while...but have no fear! At the end of every season, I'll update, with the next year of Dean's life. If you guys want, you can PM me at the end of the season, telling me which parts you particularly want to be discussed...like Dean's reaction to Gordon's style of hunting.

So...what's next? Well, I'm planning to finish up that little bit of unfinished business called Blood...there's also a sequel to that in the works. I'm also starting a new WIP called In the Shadows, Looking On...it's an ep-by-ep look at the birth of each of the beings the boys encounter. So if you ever wanted to know what Constance Welch (a.k.a. the Woman in White) was thinking when she commited the terrible deeds that cursed her to an eternity of luring men to their deaths, this is the fic for you.

I'm also going to be finishing up the request-fics I promised to people...Sparrow Lover, that means Crazy Train is in production...and Spuffyshipper, I swear I haven't forgotten your sick!Sam fic. And if anyone has a prompt they want me to write, PM it to me, and I'll get round to it...eventually.

Um...I think I've babbled on enough, now. So...this is it.

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Okies...this is ShaedowCat, signing off on Dean...until the end of Season 2.

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