The eerie light's flickered occasionally within the elevator corridor , a loud almost muffled breathing noise taking precedence over the usual background noise .

Of course the hallways only occupant didn't notice this , The Merchant humming a merry tune seemed oblivious to everything around him . His trench coat jostled from his movement and the clinking and clacking of his various armaments calmed his soul .

You can never have to many gun's was his personal motto and in this case it was very true.

Stepping out from a corner though was a large, pasty skinned creature. It's razor sharp teeth glinting in the (earlier mentioned) eerie light.

Of course the Merchant isn't the brightest biscuit in the barrel , so to speak. As such he believes that this foreboding thing is a customer (Hey , he sells to Leonardo DiCaprio look alike and people who can turn into giant fleshy spiders , this thing wasn't that out of the ordinary ).

"Welcome" ! He cried, beckoning to the slowly advancing creature .

Taking no notice the Regenerator continued it's shuffle . Noting that his potential customer was kinda slow he approached.

In reply to the Merchants movement the Regenerator took a swipe at him , claws scraping across our black clad heroes chest.

Usually this would be a fatal wound , but to a being with a Plaga nestled happily inside him it was nought but a scratch .

"No breaking the merchandise" snarled the Aussie / British salesman , his red eyes glowing in anger.

After a few seconds (and no response or apology) the Merchant decided to take things into his own hands .

"Oh , the aggressive type aye …well say hello to my little friends" ! He yelled, pulling TWO Chicago Typewriters out from his coat. He then unleashed the entire contents of it's awesome unlimited bullet power into the Regenerator.

Usually one would need an Infrared scope to identify and then destroy the small leech like Plagas within a Regenerators body. Of course who needs precision when you can just fill the creature with so many holes it makes Swiss cheese look at it with envy .

The Merchant grumbled to himself as he walked away form the pile of goop, the remains of the Regenerator staining the floor.

He'd have to curb these 'trigger happy' tendencies or he may fill his next customer full of lead…..