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Okay, this is going to be a Hell of a long story because it's a basic re-telling of the entire series because I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. It's going to have a little bit of everything in it but, I will warn you all now, this story is going to deal with SLASH a lot, and I do mean A LOT. So, if you aren't a fan of SLASH, I would recommend you leave now before you get into the story only to be totally grossed out about half way through.
For everyone else who's still reading, the main pairing in this is going to be DM/HP in that order! (Because the way you write it is important) If you don't like that and aren't willing to try it, you can also leave. And, as you read in the summary, this will also include a one-sided LV/HP thing, one-sided on Voldemort's side of course. Hopefully the summary hinted at how that's going to work and if it didn't, well, then you'll have to wait and see how that turns out. Also what you should've read in the summary is that in this, Severus is Harry's adoptive father. Again, if you don't like that, you're welcome to leave.
As I said, this story is going to go on for a while as I'm re-writing the entire series and that also means that there's going to be a lot of stuff happening throughout. I've already mentioned the SLASH but I think I should also warn you that issues with religion will also be dealt with in this story. It won't be an exisiting religion in case that stops people from leaving, it's one I've made up on my own, taking bits and pieces from other religions but mostly stuff I've created myself. It will be an issue all the way through the story, influencing that choices and decisions that Harry makes. Why have I included it? Because I find religion fascinating and I fancy have a bit of an explore ot it :D Other than that, I don't think there's anything else in here that I need to warn you about.

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4th January 1985: Morning

He had to be quiet. No, not just quiet, completely silent. The smallest noise made now would completely ruin everything; he'd be caught and there would be no second chance. But then the door creaked horribly loudly as he opened it. He winced at the sound and held his breath, hoping against hope that the loud noise hadn't woken up the man in the bed ahead of him. For several seconds, nothing happened and he began to think that he had avoided the catastrophy of being caught but that thought was short lived when a bright silver light filled the room, surprising him greatly and almost making him drop the tray he held in his hands.

"Is there a reason why you're up at such an early hour?" A deep, and rather tired, voice came from over by the bed. Looking over in that direction, the young boy standing at the door saw that the man who had previously been sleeping in the bed was now sitting up and looking as if he was about to get out and rise to his feet.

"No, no don't get up!" The young boy protested quickly, taking a few steps further into the room. "I, uh, I made you breakfast."

The young man in the bed with lank, slightly greasy, shoulder length, black hair and a rather large, slightly hooked nose rose an eyebrow at the boy. "And to what do I owe such a treat?"

"Well, it'll be your birthday in five days but I'll be back at school by then so but I wanted to do something for you and since we're going to go and visit Uncle Lucius, Aunt Cissa and Draco later on, I thought today would be a good day..." The young boy got out in a rush beofore trailing off awkwardly, his eyes staring down at the tray in his hands. Shyly, he lifted his head slightly and looked across at the stern young man with his wide, bright, shockingly green eyes. "I'm sorry that I woke you, I meant to just leave it by your bed. I got a house-elf to putting a heating charm on it so it wouldn't get cold, I never meant to wake you up, I was going to let you sleep..."

"Haryon?" The man interrupted in a voice which, although stern, contained a degree of care and love which one would not naturally associate with a man who possessed such a naturally cold air.

"Yes Father?" The young boy, named Haryon or sometimes Harry depending on who was speaking to him, replied quietly.

"There is no need for you to apologise. Now, come over here." The young man instructed.

Harry instantly hurried forward as quickly as he could without upsetting anything which he carried on the tray. When he reached the bedside, his father gestured for him to place the tray down on the floor and, although he was confused as to why, he did as he was told and placed the tray down. Seconds after he was standing up straight again, he was abruptly grabbed under the armpits and hauled up onto the bed.

"Father!" Harry squealed through a giggle as he was lifted and brought down to sit in between the man's legs on the bed before the heavy duvet was pulled over both of their legs, up to their waists.

"You made quite a lot my little prince." His father told him playfully, bringing the tray floating up to them with a flick of his wand which he slept with under the pillow. "I don't believe I'll be able to eat it all myself; I imagine I'll need your help."

"But I made it for you to enjoy all for yourself Father." The young boy protested as the tray settled on their laps.

"But I wish to share it with my son and I'm older and bigger than you so you have to do as I say." His father insisted, giving Harry a close hug and pecking a kiss on his cheek.

"All right, I'll share with you, but only because you want me to." Harry conceeded, sounding reluctant despite the fact he went straight for the bowl of fruit salad which sat next to the small toast rack before he'd even finished speaking.

"Did a house-elf help you with the cooking as well?" His father inquired as he pulled a triangle of toast from the rack and began to butter it with one of the three knives wrapped with two forks in a napkin.

Harry nodded as he had a chunk of watermelon in his mouth at that moment. He took a couple more seconds to chew and then swallow the fruit before elaborating on his silent answer. "The house-elf did all the cooking for me but I did everything else. I cut all the fruit and I chose the jam; I got plum because I know it's your favourite." He explained proudly.

"My, you are getting to be a big boy, being able to do so much by yourself. Before you know it, you'll here in Hogwarts." The man mused finishing with his buttering and then moving onto the jam.

"I can't wait until I get to spend all year here with you, I always miss you so much during the school year." Harry sighed sadly, leaning back against his father's chest and turning his head to the side so his cheek was pressed against the soft black cotton of the man's pyjamas jacket.

"And I miss you too. But you enjoy yourself at school don't you?" He checked, putting down the toast and knife before wrapping his arms around his son and leaning down to rest his chin on top of his head, nestled in the mass of unruly black hair. It was a question he already knew the answer to, but he always liked to just check, just in case something had changed, just in case Harry wanted to leave his school because he was unhappy.

"Oh yes Father, you know I do." Harry quickly reassured. "I just...Miss you, is all. You don't have to worry though, I'm all right." He added quickly, not wanting to be a bother.

"As long as you're happy, that is all that matters." His father murmured into Harry's hair before dropping a brief kiss on top of his head.

Silence over took them then as they went about eating their breakfast.

4th January 1985: Afternoon

"Haryon? Haryon, hurry up, we're going to be late." Harry's father called across the corridor as he pulled on a pair of fur-lined, leather gloves.

"Ah, Severus my dear boy." A cheery voice came from behind him and the dark haired man had to consciously stop himself from rolling his eyes. "Off out to enjoy your last few days of freedom before the Spring Term starts?"

Severus turned to see Professor Dumbledore walking up behind him dressed in a set of bright, dark blue robes which had snow flakes falling down to the hem where they were gathering to create a thick layer. "Headmaster." He greeted rather stiffly. "I was just on my way with Haryon to spend the evening with the Malfoys."

"Oh yes, your early birthday celebrations. The house-elves were most eager to help young Harry this morning with his treat for you but he adamantly refused most of their help." The elderly man recalled fondly. "Such a wonderfully kind boy you have raised Severus. Such a boy as he does not deserve the past he has."

Severus visibly bristled at that comment and a dark glare found its way onto his face. He looked to be on the verge of speaking exactly what was on his mind but anything which was planned was forgotten with the echoing sound of running footsteps on stone quickly approached them. Both men turned in the direction the footsteps were coming from in time to see Harry skid around a corner hazardously, only just managing to stay upright. He quickly managed to get his balance back however and was soon charging towards them again.

"And here's young Harry now." Dumbledore smiled kindly at the approaching boy.

"You know better than to run in the corridors at such a speed Haryon." Severus scolded his son sternly, giving him an intense scowl. Harry immediately skidded to a stop upon hearing that and then continued on at a much calmer, sedate pace, his head hung sadly and his eyes fixed on his shoes.

"Come now Severus, he's a young boy, charging around the place at break-neck speeds is what they do." Dumbledore pointed out, looking down at Harry with a kind though slightly worried gaze.

"No Headmaster, Father's right, I shouldn't have been running like that, I might've caused an accident." Harry insisted as he came to a stop in front of both of the men, his head still bowed and his hands coming in front of himself to clasp together. "I'm sorry Father, I only wanted to catch up as quickly as possible. Christopher Luton held me back for a little while to talk and it would've been rude to..."

"Do not make such pointless excuses Haryon, it's unseemly." Severus interrupted and Harry instantly fell silent. "We've wasted enough time as it is. Do you have your gloves with you?"

"Yes Father." Harry confirmed quietly, pulling them out of the pocket of his thick cloak and pulling them on his hands quickly.

"Good, come then." His father said stiffly. He gave Dumbledore a small nod, noting the fact that the old man looked incredibly dis-heartened but choosing to ignore it. "Good day Headmaster." He bid before stalking off with long, swift strides.

"Good day Headmaster." Harry quickly repeated before scampering off after his father, walking as fast as he could without running. He could still feel Dumbledore's eyes on him even as he moved further away but he had no time to even think about it as he concentrated on catching up to the dark figure of his father.

Finally catching up to him, Harry fell into step beside Severus and then promptly tried to hide the fact that he was slightly out of breath and struggling to keep up with the swift pace. For several moments, the young boy struggled along without fuss and in a heavy silence, the only sound coming from their footsteps crunching on the snow beneath their feet. It wasn't until they were nearing the edge of the Apparation wards that Harry suddenly felt a hand cup the back of his head gently as the man next to him slowed down considerably. They both eventually slowed to a complete stop before his father got down on one knee so he was more his son's height.

"You know why you shouldn't run inside the school don't you?" Severus inquired gently, placing both of his hands on Harry's shoulders. He seemed completely unaware of the cold snow which must have not only been uncomfortably chilling but also rather damp.

"Because it's dangerous." Harry all but whispered, sounding incredibly ashamed of himself.

"Exactly, and I don't want to see you get hurt." The young man explained as he cupped the boy's cheek before pushing some of the dark haired behind his small ear.

"Im sorry Father." Harry whispered again.

"I know you are." Severus smiled gently, kissing his son's forehead before standing up again and taking the tiny gloved hand in his own large gloved one. "Now come, we'd best hurry if we're going to make it on time."

Harry said nothing but his face was now infinately more cheerful. They both walked at a much slower pace to suit Harry's smaller legs so it took several minutes for them to reach the edge of the Apparation wards. Now they were both calmer however, that was hardly an issue. When they did reach a suitable place, they each released the other's hand before Harry wordlessly held his arms out to his father. He was lifted up and settled on Severus' hip and after a few moments were taken to be shifted into a comfortable position, the stern Potions professor pulled his wand out of his cloak before casting the spell, causing them both to disappear with a sharp crack.

Mere seconds later, Severus and Harry were standing on the outskirts of the Apparation wards which surrounded Malfoy Manor. Harry was set down onto his feet and once Severus had put his wand away, they joined hands again and headed towards the huge mansion in the distance. The young boy allowed his eyes to travel all over the grounds of the Manor, every inch of covered in a thin layer of snow making it look like a scene from a Christmas card. It had been that way for a while now as they had just had a white Christmas so although the beauty of it all had not lost its appeal, the desire of playing in it had faded considerably.

Before too long, the father and son had arrived at the front door of the manor where a small house-elf was already waiting for them.

"Good afternoon Mister Professor Snape, Young Mister Snape." The small creature greeted them, bowing its head submissively as it opened the door a bit wider to allow them both in.

Severus acted as thought the small creature hadn't even spoken but Harry replied with a smile as he pulled off his gloves and started to try and unfasten his cloak. "Good afternoon Dobby, how are you?"

"Oh, Dobby is wonderful Young Mister Snape, even more wonderful now that you have humbled him with your kindness." The small house-elf gushed enthustiastically, quickly catching Severus' cloak as it was dropped to him carelessly. Harry simply gave Dobby another smile as he handed his own cloak and gloves to him, resting them on top of his father's gently. "Is there anything else Dobby can do for you Young Mister Snape."

"Inform your Master of our arrival and stoke a fire in the parlour for my son to warm himself by." Severus ordered harshly before Harry could even begin to try and say something.

"Yes Mister Professor Snape, of course, right away." Dobby answered before disappearing with their cloaks and gloves with a small pop.

"Insufferable creature." Snape muttured to himself as he straightened out the cuffs of his robes carefully.

The desire to defend the poor house-elf rose inside Harry but he remained silent, knowing better than to challenge his father on anything be it an opinion or an instruction of any kind. Luckily, Harry was soon distracted from his thoughts when swift footsteps on floorboards reached their ears. Simultaniously, the father and son both turned to look at the large, wide stair case and saw Lucius Malfoy heading down towards them.

"Severus, my friend." Lucius greeted the other man warmly as they met with a brief handshake. "And, of course, you Haryon." He added as his hand left his best friend's before he leaned down to Harry.

"Good afternoon Uncle Lucius." The young boy greeted his godfather with a happy smile, kissing his pale cheek and wrapping his arms around the man's neck in a small hug.

"Is that the voice of one of my favourite boys I hear?" A soft, female voice came from behind Harry and he released Lucius quickly, turning around to see his godmother Narcissa gliding towards them gracefully. "Yes it is and there's my Harry." The woman cooed gently, dropping to one knee and wrapping her arms around the dark haired boy's small body in a snug embrace. "How are you darling?" She asked with a bright smile, pulling back a little so she could look Harry in the face.

"I'm very well thank you Aunt Narcissa." He assured with a smile of his own.

"I'm very pleased to hear that." Narcissa replied, getting to her feet again but remaining stooped over slightly so she could whisper in her godson's ear. "Draco's upstairs in his room. Why don't you go and get him so we can all spend some time together in the parlour? I believe he's got something rather important to show you as well."

Harry's eyes lit up with curiosity upon hearing that and after looking to his father to make sure it was all right and getting confirmation that it was, he pulled away from the blonde woman and headed towards the stairs, making sure to keep his pace calm. He climbed the stairs as quickly as he could without rushing which was surprisingly fast for a seven year old. That considered, he soon reached the top and instantly turned to the right, in the direction he knew that Draco's bedroom was located. Upon reaching the door, he didn't bother to knock, instead simply allowing himself entrance.

"Draco?" He said into the room as he inched around the small crack he had opened in the door. He immediately spotted the blonde youth over at the furthest wall, his back towards him, obviously looking at something which his body blocked from Harry's view.

Upon hearing his name, Draco turned his head to look over his shoulder. "Oh good, you're here finally." He said by way of greeting, turning fully to face his best friend but not moving from his position in the slightest. "I've got something I have to show you." He added quickly, beckoning Harry over with a few almost frantic flaps of his right hand.

"I know, your mother mentioned it." Harry replied with a nod as he made his way over to the other boy.

"She didn't tell you what it was did she?" Draco asked suspciously with a slight frown.

"No, just said it was important." The dark haired boy reassured, reaching the blonde and stopping a foot or so away as he was instructed by a raised hand from his friend.

"Good." Draco said seriously. "You're the first one besides mother and father to see this. Zabini wanted to see but I told her that she couldn't before you had. I wanted you to be the first to see her."

"Her?" Harry echoed in confusion. Draco positively beamed at him as he stepped aside to reveal a pile of soft, black towels on top of his desk with a small, fluffy, pure white kitten curled up in the centre of them, obviously sound asleep. "Oh Draco, she's so cute!" The dark haired boy gushed quietly at the adorable sight, quickly stepping forward the last few steps. "Did your father buy her for you?"

"No, we found her in a cardboard box in an alleyway. She was all alone and mother heard her crying and so we went to have a look." Draco explained, smiling down fondly at the small ball of fluff.

Harry's face paled a little at that bit of information and his eyes widened a little, his mouth dropping ajar ever so slightly. For several seconds he could only stare down at the kitten before he abruptly realised that Draco was looking at him expectantly. "What?"

"I asked you what you think we should name her." Draco repeated his question with a small, concerned frown. "Are you all right? You look ill."

"I-I'm fine." Harry replied with a slightly forced smile.

"Are you sure? I could go and get your father." The blonde boy offered, still frowning lightly.

"I'm okay, really I am." Harry repeated himself.

"All right then. So, what do you think we should call her?" Draco asked again, instantly forgetting his worry and going back to looking down at the little cat.

Harry considered that question for a few brief seconds before replying: "How about Mia?" Draco wrinkled his nose critically. "Illyana?" The pale nose remained wrinkled. "Oh, I know, how about Elincia?"

Draco actually seemed to consider that and looked down at the cat thoughtfully. "Elincia Narcissa Malfoy." He murmured, testing the sound of the name out loud. "Yes, I think that sounds quite good. All right, that's what her name will be; Elincia Narcissa Malfoy." It was said as though it was an announcement, his tone sounding proud and final. Harry smiled but remained silent and for several moments, both boys simply looked down at the sleeping animal. "I need the toilet." Draco told the other boy suddenly, turning around, away from his new pet. "I'll be right back." And with that, he hurried out of the room, Harry watching him go until he was out of sight.

Upon turning back towards the newly named kitten, Harry spoke in barely a whisper so not to disturb her sleep. "Hello Elincia, my name's Haryon, but you can call me Harry, all my friends do." He paused as he got onto his knees, bringing his arms to fold on the edge of the desk and then resting his chin on top. "Draco told me that they found you all alone in an alleyway. You're like me there; my father told me he found me all alone in an alleyway too though that was in the middle of summer and I was wrapped in a blanket so I probably wasn't as cold as you were."

He paused once again and whether he was waiting for a reply from the animal or whether he was simply going through his throughts was unclear. He noted that from his new, closer position, he could see the gentle rise and fall of the kitten's stomach as she breathed in and out. He smiled slightly, for no apparant reason, though it was a sad, slightly wistful smile which looked far too mature to be on such a young face.

"They're such kind people: Father; Uncle Lucius; Aunt Narcissa and Draco. They've welcomed us into their family out of the goodness of their hearts, giving us everything we need without asking for anything in return. And that's why we have to be the very best we can be. We can't ever say or do anything that might make them regret keeping us, becuase although they say they love us and they probably do, they could so easily decide that we're not worth the trouble and simply leave us alone again. After all," Harry continued through a small sigh as he reached forward with one hand and gently ran his fingers over the warm, soft fur. "We've already been left behind by people who should of loved us; it could so easily happen with people who have no reason to love us."

As those quiet words left Harry's lips, the small eyes of the kitten opened slightly revealing bright pinky-red eyes. A happier smile spread itself across Harry's face at that and he stroked the fur beneath his hand with a little more force now that he didn't have to worry about waking the animal. The kitten didn't seem to mind. In fact, she arched into it slightly, obviously enjoying the attention.

"Harry!" Draco's voice suddenly called from somewhere outside the bedroom. "Your father wants us to go down to the parlour now. Bring Elincia with you."

"Come on then." Harry said to the kitten as he picked her up gently before setting off towards the open bedroom doors, adjusting her into a comfortable position as he went. "You can come and meet my father. He's a wonderful man, so much like Uncle Lucius only he looks a lot darker."

After Harry left the bedroom, he turned to head towards the stairs again and when he reached them, discovered that Draco was already standing there waiting for them. When Elincia saw Draco for herself when Harry had taken them a bit closer, she began to try and wiggle free of the dark haired boy's hold. Harry carefully put her down onto the floor and the kitten quickly dashed over to the blonde boy who bent down and scooped her up when she reached his feet.

"Why did you come to me ay?" Draco asked the cat, holding it up so he could look her in the eye. "You were fine being carried by Harry, you belong to him too after all."

"She probably prefers being around you; you were the one who found her and took her in after all." Harry reasoned, not sounding the least bit offended that Elincia seemed to like Draco more than him.

"Do you think that's the reason?" The blonde asked curiously, shifting the kitten into a better position in his arms as he and his best friend began to descend the staircase.

"Oh yes, of course." Harry confirmed confidently with a nod before his eyes caught sight of the dark figure of his father waiting for them both at the foot of the stairs. To most other people in the world, Severus Snape did not look inviting or even remotely approachable and would probably be someone you went out of your way to avoid. The dark haired boy felt his heart flutter slightly at the sight though and once again he smiled, mostly to himself. "We always love the ones who save us most of all."

4th January 1985: Evening

The family of five sitting in the quiet, dimly lit parlour made a most heart-warming sight. Draco lay across the two-seat sofa with his head resting against his mother's side, one of her arms curled around his body as she used her free hand to direct a needle with her wand to sow a design on a piece of white material which was stretched out in a small, circular sowing frame, hovering just above her lap magically. Burrowed into the curve of the blonde boy's body was the little white kitten Elincia, resting quietly and flicking the tip of her tail lazily every so often. On the other side of the room, Lucius sat opposite Severus and Harry, who was sitting on his father's lap, playing a game of chess while trying to teach the dark haired boy to play at the same time. Harry sat with his legs dangling over the side of Severus' right leg, his cheek resting against his warm, firm chest. A long arm clothed in black material held him securely around the waist and the boy fisted the clothing unconsciously as if afraid it would suddenly be gone in the blink of an eye.

"Bishop to A3." Lucius drawled easily, not taking his gaze off of the chess board. The last remaining black Bishop on the board moved backwards diagonally the correct amount of spaces before easily shattering one of the white Pawns which had previously occupied the square.

Severus remained silent for a few minutes afterwards as he considered his next move, his eyes also never leaving the sparsely occupied board. "Castle to C5." He murmured eventually, the sound vibrating through his chest, making Harry smile against him. All three watched the small castle move to the left, not needing to destroy anything as the space was free.

Lucius obviously already had his next move planned out because he opened his mouth to go to speak. However, the words never came, a small hiss of pain leaving him instead. Harry felt his father tense against him and he looked up to see that Severus was now looking at his godfather rather than the chessboard.

"Father?" He asked curiously, catching the attention of Draco and Narcissa as well.

"It seems the Dark Lord requires our presence tonight." Lucius sighed, sounding a little tired, as he scooted his chair out and got onto his feet.

Harry said no more and slid off of Severus' lap without having to be told despite the fact that he wanted nothing more than to stop his father from going. Both Severus and Lucius were extremely loyal to this Dark Lord but, although Harry had never met him, he knew that the Dark Lord was not a man who deserved the loyalty of men as wonderful as his father and godfather. He had seen his father come home in the dead of night, barely able to keep upright and heading straight for his potions cabinet where he kept various bottles of substances which Harry was never supposed to touch. And the newspapers were always full of stories about the terrible things the man did and what he had his followers do. But both Severus and Lucius did whatever he said and it confused Harry; surely neither of the men would do anything wrong?

"Lucius, are you sure you should..." Narcissa began to say, pulling her sowing out of the air and shifting Draco off of her quickly so she could stand.

"There is hardly a choice." He interrupted her gently, sounding sympathetic though his tone still held a certain edge to it.

Harry watched as his godmother immediately stopped talking and gave a small, unsure nod. He was pulled away from his observation when he felt a large hand come down to his shoulder and he turned to his father's face hovering down at his height. "Don't try and stay awake for me." He told him sternly, though his black eyes were soft and his gaze was gentle.

"Yes Father." Harry agreed quietly, looking down at the floor as his father stood again and went to move away. Acting without even thinking, the young boy reached out quickly and caught the man's wrist to hold him back. Severus stopped accordingly and looked down at his son who was still staring down at the floor. "Father..." Harry began, lifting his head finally, his bright green eyes catching hold of dark black ones. His words caught in his throat and for a few seconds, which seemed to drag for eternity, he could say nothing. Then, what he really wanted to say left him abruptly as his confidence vanished. His head dropped again and he closed his eyes in despair. "See you soon." He whispered finally, letting his arms drop back to his side.

Harry didn't see his father's reaction but he felt a kiss being dropped onto the top of his head. It was gone in a second though and when he next looked up, both Severus and Lucius were gone. With a sigh, he turned to look at his best friend and godmother. His godmother was staring worriedly at where his godfather had just been standing, her right hand raised to her cover her mouth lightly. Draco seemed unaware of his mother's worry or of Harry's and was amusing himslf with Elincia instead.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Harry moved Narcissa's side and reached up to hold her hand, not looking at her but joining her in staring at the empty space just in front of them. He felt her squeeze his hand in acknowledgement but other than that he got no sign that she was aware of anything except herself and her own thoughts.

End of Chapter 1.
Wow, wasn't that exciting! Yes, that was meant to be sarcastic. I know that this chapter may not have been particularly thrill-inducing but first chapters are often slow aren't they? And I'm actually rather pleased with this; I think it sets up everything pretty well. As for that bit in here where Draco refers to a female Zabini, I've decided to give Blaise an older sister in this as Draco and Harry are both two years older than they are in the canon, (yes, there is a reason for changing their year of birth but that's not going to be revealed for quite a while).
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