Chapter 15 The War and The Secrets of Harvey Wilson

Draco went back to the Great Hall after going to the lavatory. He knew he should've told Harvey but he guessed it wouldn't take him much time.

He came back to their spot only to realize that Harvey was not there. He looked at the other sides and there was still no Harvey. He panicked. He cast the spell taught to them when danger was there and people woke up. The teachers immediately came to his aid.

"What is it Mr. Malfoy?" Snape asked.

"Sir, Harvey's gone." He said, his face was paler that usual.


Hermione stood in front of the said place. She was slightly out of breath from running. She stared at the shabby house and studied it. She didn't notice a presence behind her.

A breaking twig signaled someone and when she turned around and saw a man holding a lumber. A thought registered fast in her head before she was hit with the weapon.

'A trap?'


"Are they coming?" a voice said.

Hermione felt her head throb in pain. She tried to raise her hand but they were tied together. At once, she opened her eyes to see Lucius Malfoy and some other Death Eaters.

"Ah, Mr. Wilson, you're awake." His voice held no pleasantness. He was angered and disgusted at her.

Hermione wondered if he knew. His next line explained it all. "I can't believe that my son would be a humiliation to fall in love with a boy." He spat out disgustedly. "He thought I wouldn't know, but thanks to that idiotic Flint, I had him to spy on you."

"You, you killed him!" Hermione said courageously.

"Yes Wilson. I did kill him." He said.

"You evil!" she said struggling from the rope that bound her wrists.

"Did you actually think that you'd be able to free yourself?" he laughed evilly and stared at her.

"Lucius, he's disguised." A small voice said.

"Master?" Lucius looked astounded.

"That's Hermione Granger." Lord Voldemort said as he revealed himself to Hermione.

Hermione stared at Voldemort. His stare brought shivers to her whole body.

Lucius was able to get over the shock and smirked. "I see my son wasn't a poof after all. But to fall for a mudblood." He said more disgusted.

He took Hermione's face and held her a few inches from him. Her eyes were locked in the silver eyes of Lucius. It was unlike Draco's that held warmth. Lucius' eyes were full of evil and coldness. Just when Hermione thought she was to be released Lucius pulled her.

Hermione felt Lucius' lips hard on hers. She felt so violated, hot tears flowed from her eyes. He bit her bottom lip and made it bleed. He then released her and stared disgustingly. "Pathetic."

Hermione cried and wished for Draco to come and save her.


Draco's first instinct led him to the Slytherin dungeons. Potter and Weaselette accompanied him. They arrived there to see a flame burning in the fireplace. Draco noticed the piece of parchment that lay on the floor. He picked it up and his eyes widened.

"Potter." He said.

Harry and Ginny stared at him confused.

"Lucius has him." He said dreadfully.

Harry went over to see the letter and he crumpled it. "You know where this is?" he asked.

"Yes." He nodded in addition.

Harry nodded at him and turned to Ginny. "Ginny, I need you to inform Dumbledore about this." He rushed.

"Why can't I come?" she asked.

"Ginny, it'd be too dangerous. I don't want you to get hurt." He cupped her face in his hands. "Take care of yourself Gin." With that he kissed her forehead and they left.

Ginny stared at Harry before clutching the crumpled paper. She ran towards the Great Hall to inform Dumbledore.


"Potter! What do you think you're doing?" he asked as Harry approached the Whomping Willow.

"Just shut up and follow Malfoy if you want to save your friend." He said in irritation. Harry prodded the knot and Draco stared in shock.

In front of him stood the Whomping Willow, motionless. He saw Harry go inside a hole and he followed. As they went on the tunnel, Draco recognized the place.

"I know this place." He said out loud.

"Malfoy, this is the shrieking shack."


"Professor!" Ginny said her breathing was heavy.

"Miss Weasley, what's wrong?" Dumbledore said in concern.

"We found out where Harvey is." Dumbledore's eyes grew serious.

"We?" he said.

"Err, Malfoy and Harry went ahead."

Dumbledore ordered people to the said place and asked Madam Pomfrey to care for Ginny since she's a little out of breathe.

"Professor!" she called out.

Dumbledore turned to face Ginny. "Yes Ginny?"

"Please, return with them safely." Tears poured out of her eyes.

Dumbledore nodded and left.

"Come here child. Breath into this." The nurse ordered.

Pansy and Blaise went to care for Ginny while Madam Pomfrey talked to McGonagall. The two elders were oblivious that the three girls were hearing them.

"I hope Harvey's alright." They heard McGonagall say in worry.

"That child has gone through far too many than a girl could handle." Madam Pomfrey said.

Pansy and Blaise raised an eyebrow at each other. "Girl?" They listened more.

"I hope Harvey could return back to being Hermione again." McGonagall said sadly.

The girls' eyes widened in shock, their jaws dropped and Ginny pulled the bag away from her face.

"Harvey is Hermione?" she said.


Draco and Harry reached their destination. They crept inside stealthily and found a slightly opened door. They peeked inside to see Harvey there, lying with blood on his lips.

Draco immediately came inside without thinking and approached Harvey's body and hugged it.

"Draco," Hermione started.

"Shh…don't talk anymore…" he put a finger against his lips.

"It's a trap." Hermione stated.

Draco looked up to see Harry kneeling in front of them clutching his scar. He turned to the other figure and saw Voldemort himself.


Dumbledore and the ordered talked before leaving the castle. He knew that if he left Hogwarts, death eaters would take the opportunity. He brought picked members like Remus, Tonks and Moody. He left behind them more members to ensure the safety of the students. But he was just fooling himself to actually think that they'd be safe.

Truthfully, Dumbledore didn't know whether anyone would be safe after the battle. He felt afraid for the students. They were young, especially the fourth years and below. They were too young to meet a terrible end. If he only was more careful, he could've prevented this.

He stared ahead as they stood in front of the house. At the entrance Lucius Malfoy and other death eaters. Remus and the others readied themselves. With Dumbledore's signal, different hexes came.


"Draco, I will give you one last chance to join me." Voldemort said as he pointed his wand at Hermione.

Draco stared with head held high. "No." he said darkly.

Harry was now experiencing terrible pain. The scar on his forehead burned like it was just made right there. He panted heavily trying to forget the pain but it was too evident to disregard.

"Potter, can you handle it?" he asked, concern was in his voice.

"Yeah, argh!" Harry cried out in agony.

"Say goodbye to the boy who lived." He muttered with contempt.


"Weasley! Move faster!" a voice said in the dark.

"Oh as if that's easy Nott." He said rolling his eyes.

"Don't fight! Damn it! We have lives to save!" Blaise said.

The two stopped arguing and continued inside the Shrieking shack.

"There's Dumbledore!" Pansy pointed.

"We'll go around, we need to arrive there unseen." Ron lead.

With Ron on the lead, Pansy, Blaise, Theo, Crabbe and Goyle trailed behind. They arrived at the back of the house unseen and entered through a broken window.

"Weasley, I have to admit you're really good at sneaking." Theo complimented.

"Thank you Nott. I learned it from all the "adventures" with Harry." He said proudly.

"Come on." Blaise said.

The noticed a small cry at a nearby room and realized it was from Harry. The six of them rushed to see Voldemort pointing his wand at the boy who lived.

"Say goodbye to the boy who lived." He muttered.

Ron's eyes widened and he ran towards Harry.

"Avada Kevadra!" he hissed.

Harry saw the green light approaching; he closed his eyes waiting for the spell to hit him when it didn't come. He opened to see Ron lying cold on the floor, dead.

"Ron!" Harry screamed.

At the sound of Ron's name, Hermione's eyes opened and she saw his dead body. She too cried out. "RON!"

Draco held Hermione closer and comforted her.

"That's what happens to those who meddle with my plans." Voldemort laughed cruelly.

The others who went with Ron stared with eyes wide at his lifeless body. The two girls sobbed while the boys stared.

"Who wants to go next?"

Harry was sobbing next to Ron, his best friend. Ron's dead. He had no one left. 'Ginny.' He thought. How was he going to explain it to Ginny? He looked at Ron and took his hand. The only best friend left with him, dead; first Hermione now Ron. Harry couldn't take it.

Crabbe and Goyle launched forward to take Voldemort down but the curse hit them faster.

"Crabbe! Goyle!" Malfoy shouted.

Sure Crabbe and Goyle weren't that smart, but they were Draco's friends. They were there when he needed them. Shared laughter and pranks with them. Draco looked angrily at Voldemort. His eyes bore out hate and anger.

Theo was about to take his wand out when another curse flew. Draco's eyes widened. His friends were dying because of him. He saw Voldemort turn to Pansy and Blaise.

"Run!" he shouted.

The two girls ran, but toward Draco and Hermione. Luckily they dodged the spell.

"You two get out of here!" Draco said to them. Pansy and Blaise were crying. They were scared and shaking. "Potter."

Harry didn't move. He sobbed for Ron. Draco was calling him but he didn't listen. Draco's last words though, hit him hard.

"Don't just cry! Our friends didn't die for you to just cry!" Draco said angrily.

Harry turned to him. He nodded and took out his wand. Voldemort and Harry faced each other with so much hate for one another. Draco looked back and forth. He knew he should help Harry. He turned to the girls and looked at them.

"Take care of Harvey." He said before going to Harry's side and pointed his wand at Voldemort.

"Do you think the two of you could defeat me?" he laughed scornfully.

Draco and Harry looked at each other and nodded. "No, but we could try." Draco spat.

Harry started to throw out hexes and Draco supported him by throwing out countercharms for spells that went for Harry.


Dumbledore and the other finally defeated the death eaters. They didn't win without any one dying though. The bodies of Charlie Weasley, Dean Thomas, Neville Longbottom, Shacklebolt and some others lay lifelessly on the ground.

A loud crashing sound took their attention. "We must hurry."

They left and hurried off inside the house. They didn't notice the body of a death eater move though.


Draco and Harry panted heavily. Their bodies were weak and bloody. Draco's chest had a gash across it and his shoulder was slightly dislocated. Harry on the other hand had a huge cut on his thigh and a wound on his head.

On the contrary, Voldemort wasn't left unharmed too. Blood was also coming from his body, and he too was dead tired.

"Malfoy, you 'kay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah," But Draco was having hard time breathing.

The girls though were staring at the scene. Hermione looked at Draco with concern. Pansy and Blaise saw this and whispered to her.

"He'll be alright, Hermione." They said.

Hermione stared questioningly at the two. They nodded. They knew. How? She didn't have an idea. She wondered though, since when?

The door opened and Dumbledore and the others came. Voldemort was cornered. He knew he lost but he didn't accept it. He threw more curses that sent Lupin and Tonks flying to the other side

When Voldemort was distracted, Harry took the opportunity. "Goodbye, Voldemort." His eyes were of pure hate. Voldemort's eyes widened.

"Avada Kevadra!" Harry shouted and Voldemort flew across the room, dead.

After seeing what happened, Dumbledore rushed to Lupin and Tonks. Moody on the other hand went to Harry. As the others were busied, they didn't notice another figure come inside the room except for Hermione.

"You shall die with me Draco!" Draco's eyes widened.

She stood and ran towards Draco and got hit by the blade. It plunged deeply inside her chest. Blood spluttered everywhere. Draco glanced at Hermione's pale face. She fell and Draco caught her. A curse was sent to Lucius and he dropped dead.

Everyone went silent as Draco registered what happened.

"Harvey." He whispered.

Hermione shook her head. "No…R-r-reversio." She whispered.

Draco raised his wand and said the spell. "Reversio!" His silver eyes widened in shock.

There lay in his arms was Hermione Granger. "Hermione?" he said.

"Draco…t-t-thank y-you." She whispered.

"Hermione! No! You're not going to die!" he said, putting aside the fact that she lied. "You still have to explain, why…why you lied!" Draco felt tears trickle down his bloody face.

Hermione smiled. "I'm….s-sorry." She coughed and blood came out.

"No, not yet! Not yet!" he shook his head.

Harry turned and saw Hermione. "Hermione…" he too was crying.

Hermione turned to face him, "I'm s-s-sorry t-too H-Harry." She whispered.

"It's ok Hermione." He held her other hand.

Hermione felt a tear dropped on her face. She looked up at Draco and she smiled sadly. She then coughed and coughed, more and more blood started to come out.

"D-Draco…" He turned to her face.

"Yes, Hermione?" he asked carefully.

"L-Listen, t-t-to t-the w-w-wind." She breathed for the last time.

Draco stared at her lifeless body in his hands. "NO!" he cried out.

Pansy and Blaise came to his side and cried with him. For the second time, Hermione Granger died. But this time, it was for real. No more Harvey Wilson to take her place.


People were at the Great Hall. Many parents and students dressed in white sat at the chairs that was prepared. After the battle, the younger years were lucky to be unharmed. The upper years had terrible losses.

Dumbledore went up the podium and cleared his throat. Everyone stopped chattering and listened closely to the old man.

"There comes a time in our lives where we have to make sacrifices for the betterment of not only one but all. We are here today to pay our respects to the deaths of those who risked their lives to make this place peaceful once again. These people are called Heroes. They are not normal heroes who saved the day. They are heroes who sacrificed their very life with the purity of their hearts." He trailed.

People were now sobbing softly at the impact of the speech. Everyone was affected by the loss of the students and other faculty.

Draco Malfoy kept a straight face as he sat beside his mother. Next to him was also Potter who tried hard not to cry but tears were already out. He glanced around and saw Pansy and Blaise crying. All of them were crying except him. Was he insensitive? No, he just wasn't ready.

He glanced at another side and saw the Weasleys. All members were crying for the deaths of two of their sons. He saw Harry went over to them and hugged them. He wondered how come he couldn't cry. He wanted to cry but nothing came out. He gave up on trying and focused on Dumbledore.

"To the Death of Ron and Charlie Weasley, may they find peace to wherever they are now." Dumbledore said. Ginny stood from her place and went to the podium. She took over and spoke.

"Charlie was always a great brother, very righteous and fair. He thinks carefully before moving. He saves others before himself." She said. People clapped and sobbed at Charlie's bravery.

She went down and Harry replaced her. "Ron…was a good friend. He was there when needed. Even if he can sometimes say the wrong things, he always makes up for it. Ron Weasley my life, and I would live in memory of him." He said.

People came to place white roses in front of their pictures. It went on to the others who risked their lives. Then it came to the last person.

"To the death of Hermione Granger who risked her life in the name of love." Dumbledore said a tear fell from his eye.

Draco came up to the podium. He saw shocked faces of his schoolmates and smirked inwardly.

"You may all wonder how Hermione Granger became a hero when she died at the start of the year." People started talking and only stopped when Dumbledore cleared his throat.

"Thank you Professor. Hermione Granger didn't die at the start of the year. She disguised herself as Harvey Wilson." People chatted again.

"But let's not take into account the lie. Let's take into account how she, became a hero." People stared at Draco all were interested at what he has got to say.

"Hermione Granger has a pure heart. She studies to be on top and helps those with difficulties. She does not make fun of people but she stands up for them. She cares and helps them whenever she can.

"She didn't only save my life from the hands of my father. She sacrificed her own and let me live, and let me say that I believe she did it so I can change. Prove to people what she proved to me. There's more to life that what there really is. The greatest act, though, that she has done was…

"She showed a Slytherin, who is evil and cold at heart, what it's like to love and be loved." He ended the speech and was the first one to place a white rose on her grave.

Draco ignored the eyes that followed him when he exited the Great Hall. He walked toward the main entrance and went out. Harry, Ginny, Pansy and Blaise followed him though; but he didn't care.

He stared at the beautiful clear blue sky. The wind rushed past him and he remembered Hermione's last words.

"L-Listen, t-t-to t-the w-w-wind."

Draco strained his ears to listen.

"Draco…" the four called.

"Shh…Hermione's talking…" he said. The four stared at him like he has gone daft. "Listen." He order and they followed.

Indeed, they heard Hermione's voice. The wind had told them, with the permission of Hermione, the secrets of Harvey Wilson.

"I never really believed in the whispers of the wind…but it never hurts to try…"

They first heard. They continued on listening and heard Hermione's voice once more.

"I feel awful for lying to my friends. I feel like I don't deserve to live. But every time I see them smiling, the feeling goes away."

"I wish I could stop lying. To tell the truth and return back to normal. But I don't want to give up the chance I have to be friends with the Slytherins."

"Harry, Ron, Ginny, please forgive me. I only did this to have a new life. I'm tired of my old one…"

"I want to go back, to be Hermione again, but that would cause me trouble. It's so hard to be Harvey especially when there's a flock of girls trailing after you."

Ginny and Blaise laughed. The continued to listen though seeming as it was almost done; they strained their ears and closed their eyes.

"I feel so bad. I wish didn't have to lie to him. I wish I could just get back to be the normal Hermione and help him."

"Please protect him."

Draco realized that this one was intended for him. He opened his eyes and smiled before closing it back, listening to the last secret.

"I'm no Harvey Wilson. I'm Hermione Granger. I killed the old me because I wanted a new life. I lied to my friends and made them believe that I'm dead. I lied to everyone and even to my new friends. I don't deserve anyone when all I do is lie. The biggest and most painful secret that I have is that…"

Everyone thought it was done so they opened their eyes; but the wind brushed past them for the last time and they listened.

"I think that I'm in love with my arch nemesis. Don't tell anyone."

They opened their eyes to stare at Draco's reaction. He held a straight face.

"Draco…" Pansy started but he held a hand.

"Hermione told me that the wind takes your wishes up to heaven. Maybe they can take your messages too." He said softly, he closed his eyes.

The four stared at him, they were curious of what he would be doing next.

"I love you Hermione Granger." He whispered to the wind. "Send it to her."

The others smiled at him. They approached him and pulled him in a group hug.


The day was ending people were finally leaving. Draco was walking at Hogsmeade for the last time. After that day, he would be journeying off to the real world. No more professors to guide him. No more Dumbledore to guard them. No more Hermione too…

Draco went inside the shrieking shack and sat where he used to with Hermione when she was still dressing up as Harvey. Somehow inside of him, he knew that Harvey was Hermione all along. He smiled. Hermione would always be there. In his memory, in his heart.

Draco closed his eyes for a moment and opened it abruptly. Tears were falling down his cheeks. The tears that he wanted finally came.

He felt the cold wind pass him and he strained his ears. He smiled at the voice of Hermione. More tears came out by this time when he heard,

"I love you too Draco, now and forever."