Disclaimer: Mary isn't mine nor anything else from Supernatural, just borrowing.

Summary: Who was Mary Winchester?

Author's Note: I wrote a poem for some bizarre reason earlier in the week (The Rock) and then have been struck by another bolt of something (lightening or something supernatural? Who knows?) resulting in this one which is quite different from what I thought when the ideas first started appearing but it is what it is and that is this:-

Radiant, and incandescent,

Her blonde hair glorious in the sunlight

Her smiling glowing with love.

Warmth always

Mother, lover, friend

Listen, Soothe, Calm

Gentle hands and gentle words.

Luminescent features

Etched into a memory

Treasured for eternity.

Fire consumes

Hatred burns

Anger destroys

What remains?

The ash that remains

Was once family and home

Magnificent life force

Charred then extinguished.

Fire remains but changes

Flames oscillate

Feelings and beliefs vacillate

No longer the same

Constant change

Revenge seeks retribution.

Desolation seeks justice.

Children baptised in fire

Her legacy, her destiny

Children strengthened by conviction

Children certain of a mother's sacrifice.

Mother, lover, friend

Fire, Flame, Ash

Revenge, Retribution, Life.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading, hope it reads okay as cannot get site to accept section breaks, just runs it all together as one long piece. Please review and let me know what you think. Does it seem right for the little we know of Mary?