A Valued Employee?

By Cassandra Aisling

Chapter 1: Short on Galleons

Hermione looked at her bill again. "Why in the world do I owe 600 galleons to Blorish & Bolts?" she asked herself. All of the gang had graduated from Hogwarts two years earlier. In their seventh year, Harry had defeated Voldemort, and died from all the alcohol he had consumed at the celebration. Hermione worked for the ministry, but last year, they were overpowered, and Lavender Brown had been named queen. The reason why still puzzled her.

So now, she was living off the money she got for helping to defeat Voldemort. There were about 400 galleons left, which is why Hermione was worried about this debt. She decided to call Ron.

" 'Lo?" Ron answered groggily.

"Ron, I need help."

"The great Hermione Granger needs help? What a shocker!" he said, dripping with sarcasm.

"I need a job."


"I owe 600 g's to B&B..."

"Well, I think Fred and George had a job ope-"

"Ronald Weasly! You know I don't want to work at a joke shop!

"Suit yourself," Ron said, right before he hung up.

Hermione spent the next few days searching for a job. She checked everywhere, from The Leaky Cauldron to Eyelope's, but no one had a single job opening. Not even the ice cream shop had a job for her. She was getting desperate.

After ten days of searching, Hermione gave up. She picked up the phone, dialed, and said, "Fred, you have a job opening?"