Chapter 12: Involuntary Slumber Party

That night, Hermione had regretted her decision. Lavender and Opal got along surprisingly well, and Lavender invited her over. And they both insisted that Hermione joined them.

Hermione had a DVD player & T.V. her parents had given her, and a couple of movies. Lavender and Opal, who had never seen a DVD player OR a T.V., were both mystified.

"Hermione, what's this big silver thing under the giant black box?" Lavender asked.

"That," Hermione said, her hand on her forehead, "is a DVD player. The giant black box is called a television."

"What'd they do?" Opal asked curiously.

Hermione sighed, mildly frustrated. "A DVD player plays movies on the T.V."


Hermione whacked herself on the head. 'I shouldn't gotten myself into this.'

"Well what is it?"

"T.V. is short for television."

The two other girls nodded in understanding.

"Well, do you want to watch a movie?"

Opal and Lavender both nodded again excitedly.

After what seemed like an hour of picking and asking (Who's Patrick Swayze? Why is this movie called Evita? What's with the dude with the long blond hair and the elf ears?), they finally settled on Dirty Dancing and The Princess Bride.

"OH MY GOD! THAT DUDE IS SO HOT!" Lavender screamed in excitement at the sight of Wesley in The Princess Bride.

"He's cute, but I thought John in Dirty Dancing was cuter!" Opal retorted. She then let out a fan girl squee. (A/N: Kind of like what I do when I hear Michael Crawford!)

Hermione left the room, and let them argue.

"If I have to hear any more of this, I think I'll explode!"

Then, there was a knock at the door. Lavender got there and said, "Oh, boss, what are you doing here?"

A/N: I guess I owe ya'll an explanation? Well, I just got out of whack, but I'm back, and ready to write! I hope you like this chapter!