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Please don't hurt me! I have done so much Tariq Drama that I had to throw in another and I knew my head would be on the butcher's block if I dared to think of making it Scream. LoL So here's another Tariq drama! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! Pleads for mercy!

Sunny days seem to hurt the most

I wear the pain like a heavy coat

I feel you everywhere I go

See your smile, I see your face

I hear your laughter in the rain

I still can't believe you're gone

It ain't fair you died too young

Like a story that had just begun

Your death tore the pages all away

God knows how I miss you

All the hell that I've been through

Just look, no one could take your place

Sometimes, I wonder, who you'd be today


Kenny Chesney

Staff Sergeant Silas sat shell shocked in the wheel chair as they wheeled him in. He'd been in intense firefights before, but even Somalia was a walk in the park compared to this. Not one of his men walked away without injury. The two that got it the worse were Dim and Tariq. Silas shook his head and that only served to make the injury worse.

The two young men had become close friends seemingly in an instant. When Tariq came to the squad to replace the injured Bo Rider, he and Dim connected and Scream swore sometimes that one could not move without the other. He wondered how things would be for the squad now, with one of their friends gone.

He heard nothing the doctor said as he was being examined. Scream knew his injuries would heal and he'd be back out on the frontlines, but there was an injury he didn't know if it would ever heal.

"Goddamnit! Where the fuck are they coming from?" Smoke bellowed as he shot off anther round. "It's like a flood, man."

Tariq never looked at Smoke but shook his head while letting a little laugh escape. "Bogged down Americans? Jesus, Smoke. That's what keeps these guys going." His Carbine never rested.

Scream kept barking at his men to continue to fire at anything moving.

"Sergeant?" Captain Callahan shook Scream out of his reverie. "You okay?"

Scream nodded. The sound of gunfire still echoed loudly in his head. "Yes, Sir."

Angel looked at Tariq. "Isn't there help on the way?"

Tariq shrugged. "Ask Scream."

Scream fired off his weapon. "They'll be here when they can. Should be in the next half hour."

Dim shook his head. "We'll all be dead in a half hour."

Scream quickly glared at Dim. "Thanks for your goddamned vote of confidence, Dim." The gunfire suddenly ceased. Scream knew that this was the calm before the storm. He'd been in that calm too many times before. He saw Dim start to stand. "Don't you fucking stand up, Dim. They're not done yet."

"INCOMING!" was the last thing Scream remembered hearing Tariq yell.

I know! What a way to end it! You're all hating me wondering what's next right? LoL Hope to update soon!