Author's Notes/Disclaimer: I do not own Lost or any of the characters they belong to J.J. Abrams and everyone else who made Lost and Touchstone, ABC.
This is when they are off the island. And other characters might show up later on. If I get enough replies telling me to continue, I will start chapter one.
This is more of an intro than an actual chapter... it's kinda, setting the scene of what's to come and what not.


Chapter 1

They drove down the road, trying to escape the unexpected encounter of a person neither of them wanted to see ever, that managed to come by that day. They kept driving, hoping to avoid people, houses, and anything that could tip off the person that stepped upon the property, and give a hint of which way they are heading. Even they didn't really know which way they are heading; they just know they are getting far away from there, as far away as possible.

The humming of the engine and the slight whistling sound of the wind outside was the only thing the two heard during the drive. They didn't even try to make conversation. What would they talk about anyway? She glanced over at him, watching him as he kept his eyes fixed on the road, not even showing her signs he knew she was looking at him. Instead, he just had this look on his face. A look of annoyance, anger, mixed with another expression, which she couldn't exactly make out at that moment. She knew though, he was annoyed with having to leave his home, along with anger for the same thing, and even getting in the middle of things, and for what happened back at his house. Biting her lower lip, she tried to decide whether to say something or not. "Sawyer…"


She sighed at his reply. "We really should talk about this."

"Oh, now you want to talk about it?" he asked bitterly.

"Sawyer, come on, you know we didn't have the time back there. We didn't have the time for anything," she said matter-of-factly.

He kept quiet, making her sigh again. "Sawyer"


"Will you just talk to me?"

"Fine, you want to talk? Let's talk," he kept quiet again for another moment before speaking again. "You came to my house two days ago, for what, I still don't know because you won't tell me. Then the damned FBI show up at my house, and you tell me we have to leave. To climb out the damn window to make an escape, and you didn't give either of us a chance to grab things we might need. So I'm sorry if I'm not in the mood to talk."

"I thought I did tell you why I came to your house?"

"Don't ya think I'd remember if you did freckles?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"So, aren't you going to tell me, or what?"

"I came to you is because, well, we have similar backgrounds that I felt we have more in common than anyone else I know."

"Oh, I get it. Just because we have things in common, you think it's ok to drag me in the middle of your little getaway?" Sawyer looked over at her, eyes locked with hers. "Why couldn't you keep me out of it? Why not go to the doctor, huh?"

"You know as well as I do, I can't go to him. He doesn't exactly understand me like you do."

"I didn't ask to be part of this. I don't want to be part of this damn situation you got goin' on," he said with a slight tone. He saw out of the corner of his eye, her looking away from him, hurt written on her face. He sighed when he knew he just messed up by saying that. "Look," he started while pushing his hair away from his eyes. "As much as I'd love to help you out, Kate… You'll just drag me down with you when those sons-of-bitches catch you. I don't see how I could help anyway. What could I possibly do that could be of any help?"

"Drive," she said softly.

"What?" he glanced at her again with a somewhat confused look on his face

She met his gaze, her expression showed him how desperate she was in need of help. Her eyes filled with sadness, which made him realize how she depended on his help. "You could just drive. It does not matter where. Just… drive."

Sighing, he turned his gaze away from hers and fixed his attention back on the road. Licking his lips slowly, he just stared out in front of him, not speaking for several minutes, which made Kate wonder if he will help or not. "Sit tight, it's goin' to be a long road ahead of us," he finally said. She stared at him, not certain if she heard him right.


"Don't make me say it again, freckles."

A smile appeared on her lips, eyes filled with a hint of happiness. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet. I might change my mind later."

She kept her mouth shut, not wanting to change his mind now rather than later. She was happy she could count on someone. That is what she needed now more than ever… was to have someone to count on. Bringing her attention to her window, she watched as the trees went by, and the sun going down over the horizon.